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Great numbers by their inor- | ried on to suicide, and plunged dinate love of earthly objects, into endless perdition ! are kept from a compliance with We may learn the destructive the self-denying terms of the influence which the love of the gospel. When they hear the world has upon the souls of sina proposals of Christ, respecting ful men, from the repeated and the way in which they may ob- solemn cautions which Christ tain salvation, like the young hath given. “ Take heed and man in the gospel, they go away beware of covetousness! Take sorrowful. This has led people heed to yourselves, lest at any to the invention of numerous time, your hearts be overchargschemes and sentiments in reli- ed with surfeiting and drungion, which comport with a kenness, and the cares of this worldly spirit, that they might life, and so that day come upon pacify conscience, and bolster up you unawares." themselves with false hopes of There are like exhortations heaven. This leads to infidelity to Christians, in the epistles of as it blinds the mind, hardens the apostles, “ Let your converthe heart and sears the con- sation be without coretousness.' science. In proportion to the “ Covetousness, let it not strength of men's attachment to once be named among you, as the objects of time and sense, becometh saints.”+ “ Love not will be their aversion to divine the world, neither the things that things, and their enmity to the are in the world ; if any man doctrines of the cross in par- love the world, the love of the ticular. Such as mind earthly Father is not in him.”I things, as their chief portion, are We have also the aggravated “ enemies to the cross of Christ.and destructive nature of this sin

This evil has also occasioned set forth, by the sore judgments the apostacy of many, after they which have been sent upon india had apparently set out for the viduals, and upon nations, for the kingdom of heaven. Paul ob- punishment of their covetousserves in one of his letters to

An unlawful thirst for Timothy—“For the love of mo

wealth brought Achan and his ney is the root of all evil, which family to a disgraceful and fear

ful end. while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and

It was this sin, which brought pierced themselves through with the plague of leprosy upon Gemany sorrows.” He gives us an

hazi and entailed it upon his posinstance of this kind Demas terity for ever.

It was this prohath forsaken me, having loved

voked God to destroy the lives this present world.”

of Annanias and his wife Sapphi

ra, in a sudden and awful manIt was the love of money, that ner.--God told the people of Iscaused the apostacy and terrible ruin of Judas Iscariot. For the the iniquity of his covetousness

rael by the prophet Isaiah, “For sake of obtaining a moderate I was wroth, and smote him: sum, he betrayed the innocent I bid me and was wroth, and he blood of Christ, and through the horrors of conscience which fol

* Heb. xiii. 5.

* Eph. v. 3. lowed the bloody deed, was liur- 1 John ii. 15.


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went on frowardly, in his heart." pear as king Solomon represents Isa. lvii. 17.

them to be, “Vanity of vanities.” Covetcusness is a sin which is When the mind of one, who repeatedly mentioned in the word has led a careless and impeniof God, amongst those abomina- tent life, is struck with a deep ble things, which will exclude conviction of the reality of fupeople from the kingdom of hea- ture things, his first cry is, “The ven. And saith Paul, “ They

«« world is a vain and empty that will be rich, fall into tempt

place : it can afford no satisation and a snare, and into many

« faction to an immortal soul. foolish and hurtful lusts, which

" I must have a better treasure, drown men in destruction and or perish for ever.” perdition.' The persons re

In proportion to the greatness fered to in this passage are those of a person's faith respecting inwho make riches the chief ob- visible things, will his affections ject of their pursuit. They are be taken from things below, the rich men, who, Christ tells and placed on things that are us, can hardly enter into the king- above, where Christ sitteth on dom of heaven.

the right hand of God. I shall next point out the only the minds of people, with an af

2. A gospel faith will impres3 remedy for this fatal evil.

fecting sense of their accountaThere is nothing will prove bility to God, for the improvean effectual cure of an inordinate ment of all their worldly posseslove of the world, short of a sions. Believers in Christ view genuine belief of the doctrines of every temporal blessing they Christianity. To believe and enjoy among those talents which practise the religion of Christ, Christ hath committed to them, will regulate the desires of men to improve in his service. And respecting earthly objects. Be- that they are bound, “ whether cause a Christian faith leads to they eat or drink, or whatever the following things.

they do, to do all to the glory 1. An affecting sense of the of God.” Hence they will be weight and inconceivable im- solicitous to use this world as portance of invisible and eternal not abusing of it." realities. 66 Now faith is the 3. A genuine belief of the substance of things hoped for, great truths of God's word will and the evidence of things not dispose the subjects of it, “ to seen.” Nothing has such a ten- mortify their members which dency to place earthly things are upon the earth, inordinate in their native light, as a real- affection, and covetousness which izing belief that there is a place is idulairy." of consummate blessedness pre

Paul saith" I am crucified pared for the godly, and a hell unto the world, and the world unof most exquisite and endless to me." This must be the case misery, prepared for the wicked with every sincere Christian.after death. A right conception Tor“ they that are Christ's have of these things, will make the crucified the flesh, with its afobjects of time and sense ap- fections and lusts.” When the

doctrines of Christ are cordially +1 Tin. Yi, 9.

embraced by a person, he re

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ceives the Spirit of God to dwell consider them individually and in him, and to incline him to minutely would be a work very the denial of all ungodliness, and voluminous, will it not best corworldly lusts. He then renoun- respond with the design of this ces the idols of his heart, and publication to select only the chooses the living God for his most eminent, and to consider portion.

these only in their most promiLastly, faith in divine and eter- nent features ? This is the methnal realities, is accompanied with od which will be adopted in the an affecting view of the short present work. The types of the ness and uncertainty of life. No- holy scriptures may be considthing short of a gospel faith will ered, either as general, in which fix upon minds that deep con- the whole work of redemption viction of mortality, which will is prefigured and represented, cure them of an inordinate at- or particular, in which some spetachment to sublunary things. cial and distinct part of it is ex

Let all therefore who wish for hibited. Of the general kind are the enjoyment of true peace and the most of those which were comfort here, and for everlasting given before the days of Moses ; happiness hereafter, give up the of the particular, those which love of mammon, and make were instituted under his adminchoice of the true riches. Let istration. According to this hythem comply with the command pothesis they may now be conof our Saviour, “ Make to your

sidered. selves friends of the mammon of

PART I. unrighteousness, that when ye General types from Adam to Moses. fail, they may receive you

into everlasting habitations."

Adam a type of CHRIST.
AMATUS. If Adam be proposed as a

type of Christ, from the great An explanation of Scriptural Types.

dissimilarity, and even the con

trariety of their characters, our (Continued from p. 144.) minds would revolt from the NO. II.

idea, if the scriptures had not exTYPES are representations pressly assured us, Rom. v. that

of absent objects by sensible he was the figure (type) of him signs and tokens. All the types (Christ) that was to come. Should of the holy scriptures relate to Je- we however in this instance adsus Christ, in his whole character opt a peculiar (which indeed and work, as their grand object. may be the scriptural,) mode of There is good reason to believe interpretation, will not our minds that types were introduced im- be relieved of the embarrassmediately after the apostacy of ment? Let us consider Adam man and the design of saving as a type of Christ in the way of mercy was revealed, and the use contrast. Agreeable to this we of them was continued until the have, promised Saviour appeared to The first man, Adam, of the fulfil, and put them away by the earth, earthy ; the second man, sacrifice of himself.

Christ, the Lord from heaven. As the types of the holy scrip- We have the first, the head tures are very numerous, and to and representative of a numerous


carthy posterity; the second, An explanation of Scriptural Types. the head and representative of a

NO. III. numerous spiritual, holy seed. THERE is sufficient evidence

God making a covenant of qvorks with the first ; and a cove-fices, typical of the atonement by nant of redemption, or


Christ, were instituted immediwith the second Adam.

ately after the first transgression; The first violating, and the se: expositors that the garments,

and it has been the opinion of cond fulfilling, the covenant God

made for the sinning pair, were made with him. The first, by his disobedience, beasts which had been offered to

composed of skins taken from involving his offspring in sin and God in sacrifice according to his guilt; the second, by his right- immediate direction.

And it eousness, recovering his people is reasonable to suppose, that who are naturally depraved and while the blood of those beasts polluted to a state of rectitude and

represented the atonement which purity. We see the posterity of the his own most precious blood,

Christ should make for sin by first Adam, by their connection with their head, becoming heirs covering them with skins reprewith their head, becoming heirs sented covering his people with of ruin ; and the seed of the se- the white raiment of his rightcond, by their union with him, cousness, that the shame of their commencing heirs of salvation.

nakedness should not appear.-And as by the first Adam As sacrifices continued until the came deaih; so by the second dispensation of Moses commencomes the resurrection from the ced, and were incorporated as an dead.

important article in the Jewish And as we see the race of man economy, the consideration of by the first, sinking into sin, them may be suspended until guilt

, death and hell ; we see that system shall be the subject the seed of the second Adam, of particular explanation. through him, rising to right- ABEL a type of Christ. eousness, life and eternal glory. If Abel be considered as a See Rom. v. and 1 Cor. xv.

type of Christ, will not the repreHow gloriously in all things sentation principally consist in has Christ the pre-eminence ! the following particulars?

How admirably doth this con- 1. His name denoting his state. trasted representation exhibit the According to the course of person, character and work of nature and experience, before Christ Jesus !--Nor can we a- the birth of this holy martyr, his void remarking, how obvious it parents must have sensibly reis that God hath formed this alized the axvful alteration which world to be a theatre for introdu- nad taken place in their condicing and displaying the infinite tion, the effects of divine justice dignity and superiority of lisand veracity in the curse of the well-beloved Son, and for erect-round which brought forth to ing and manifestins the excel them thorns and thistles, in the lence and blessedness of his glo- toil of life, eating their bread rious and eternal kingdom ! with the sweat of their brows,

and the infirmities, pains and VOL. V. No: 7.

K k

sorrows of life ; and to commu- 3. In the acceptableness of his nicate a sense of their wretched offering. ness, when this son was born they And Cain brought of the fruit called his name Abel, vanity, of the ground an offering unte mourner, expressive of his frail- the Lord. And Abel he also ty and the misery of their con- brought of the firstling of his dition. Did he not in this pre- flock and of the fat thereof. And figure the humble state of our in- the Lord had respect to Abel carnate Redeemer, who descen- and to his offering ; but unto ded from his celestial mansions Cain and to his offering he had to dwell in an house of clay, ap- not respect. By faith Abel offerpeared as a root out of dry ed unto God a more excellent ground, was a man of sorrow and sacrifice than Cain, by which he acquainted with grief, which ter- obtained witness that he was minated his life in agony, groans righteous, God testifying of his and death?

gifts. Did not this firstling of 2. In his employment.

Abel's flock represent that lamb

of God who took away the sin Abel was a keeper of sheep, of the world, and who through and led a pastoral life. The flock the eternal Spirit offered himself occupied his attention and he without spot unto God, in which employed himself in protecting offering he took infinite satisfacit from ravenous beasts and de- tion and complacence ; which vouring wolves, in leading it to

was infinitely more acceptable to green pastures, to living foun- him than all the gifts and sacritains of water and conducting it fices of his Jewish brethren, than to the fold. In this did he not thousands of rams and ten thoutypify the good Shepherd, who laid sand rivers of oil? Sacrifice and down his life for the sheep offering thou didst not desire ; who left his father's bosom and then said I, lo I come to do thy came into the wilderness of this will, o God ; and he took away world to seek his sheep which the first that he might establish were scattered and lost in the the second. Of the acceptablemountains, and bring them home ness of his offering God gave to to himself, as the great shepherd all men assurance by raising him and bishop of souls; who gath- from the dead and seating him ers the lambs in his arms and at his own right hand, by sendcarries them in his bosom, and ing the holy Spirit in his gifts keeps his flock by day and by and graces and sealing his purnight, protecting and securing chased flock to the day of reit from ravenous

wolves and demption. roaring lions who go about seek

4. In being a subject of the ing whom they may devour; who envy and persecution of his bro-maketh it to lie down in green ther Cain. pastures, leadeth it beside the

The piety of Abel and the acstill waters, and maketh it to ceptableness of his offering exrest at noon, amidst the scorch- cited the envy, the malice and ing beams of the sun, under his resentment of his brother Cain. own refreshing shade, and will And Cain was very wroth and consummate his pastoral care his countenance fell, and he gratby giving it eternal life?

ified his rage by imbuing his

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