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in particular, it donoted that he ing, when he says, Now he was endued by the Spirit, with which stablisheth us with you in suitable gifts for the employ- Christ, and hath anointed us, is ment to which he was called. God.' And John the forerunner This was the case with Aaron ; of our Lord said, 'He shall bapSaul had another Spirit given tize you with the Holy Ghost, him, and Elisha had a double which appears to refer to the portion of the Spirit of Elijah same thing. The word unction resting upon him.

signifies anointing, and John, wriWe read of no consecrations ting to believers, says, ye in the New-Testament, by an- have an unction from the Holy ointings, with oil. These seem One, and know all things ;* and to have been typical of the an- again, ' But the anointing, which ointings of the Holy Ghost, which ye have received of him, abideth were given under the new dis- in you: and ye need not, that any pensation.-Jesus our Lord, who man teach you : but, as the same was constituted a prophet, a anointing teacheth you all things priest, and a king, was anointed and is truth, and is no lie, and of God by the Holy Spirit, which even as it hath taught you, ye was given him without measure. shall abide in him.'t His name Christ signifies The These words are very remarkanointed. We are informed that able, they declare, that by an

God anointed Jesus of Naza- unction from the Holy One, bereth with the Holy Ghost and lievers know all things, and that with power.' He had his pub- they need not, that any man lic anointing, immediately after teach them, but as the same anhis baptism. The Holy Ghost, ointing teachelh them all things, to render himself visible to men, and is truth, and is no lie assumed the appearance of a they assert, that it hath taught dove, and descended upon him them already.-It will be the defrom heaven, attended with the sign of this paper, to unfold the voice of God, saying, “This is meaning of these words, which my beloved Son, in whom I am will show the excellency of the well pleased.' And on the mem- anointings of the Holy Ghost. orable feast of pentecost, his a- It should be observed, that in postles were also anointed with connection with these words, the the Holy Ghost, and were at the inspired writer was speaking of same time miraculously furnish- anti-christ. The church had long ed for the ministry, which was been informed, by the writings committed to them.

of the apostle Paul, that that Believers are all consecrated man of sin would come, and to God, to be kings and priests John here tells us, that there unto him for ever. They are were already many anti-christs. his chosen vessels, appointed un- Though the principal one, deto honor, and they are according- scribed by Paul, had not made ly anointed, not with oil, but his appearance, yet there were with the Holy Spirit, unto this many who had the same spirit. use. They have the Spirit of The Jews had long looked for a God, and are,

Peter says, Messiah, to deliver them from made partakers of the divine nathire. Paul calls this an anoint- * 1 John ii. 20. 71 John ii. 27.

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the Roman yoke, which encour partakers of the Holy Ghost ; aged several impostors, to pre- the Spirit of Christ dwelleth in tend to his office, and they de- them. The Holy Ghost falleth ceived the people, as our Lord on them all, not in his miracuhad foretold, saying, “Many lous influences, to endue them shall come in my name, saying, with power to heal the sick, and I am Christ, and shall deceive speak with tongues, but in his many; and the time draweth gracious operations. He communear. And there were other nicates to them such graces, as judaizing teachers, who endeav- furnish them for their Christian ored to subvert the doctrine of calling ; as those who were anjustification by Christ alone, ointed with oil, in ancient times, teaching that men must keep were qualified for the offices, to the law of Moses, or they could which they were called. This not be saved. These were a spe- anointing is the renewal of their cies of anti-christs, for they ci- hearts, by which old things are ther denied that he had come done away, and all things bein the flesh, or opposed him income new. This gives them a his true character and office, as new heart-new desires-new the spiritual deliverer of his peo- enjoyments--new pleasures, and ple. The apostle was in this new objects of pursuit. It comepistle, cautioning the saints a-municates to them a new moral gainst these delusions, and per- taste, by which they are pleased suading them to continue in the with those things, which they principles of the doctrine of once disregarded and hated and Christ. And as a consideration are disgusted with those, in to establish them against all such which they once delighted above seducers, he refers them to the all others. The unction of the anointing from the Holy One, Holy One, has a transforming which they had already receiv- influence, on their hearts and ed, and by which they knew the lives. It produces very differtruth of Christianity, not mere- ent views of God, of the Rely by external evidence, but by deemer, of the divine law, of the the anointing which they had re- gospel, of sin and holiness, and ceived from God. This implies of their own characters ; and it and proves, that there is some- is known by these effects. The thing, which the real Christian nature of these effects, and of has received, which will effectu- this change, will be further conally preserve him from being sidered, seduced from the doctrines and II. In noticing what is imholiness of the gospel; and this plied, in this anointing, teaching is the unction from the Holy believers all things, so that they One.

need not, that any man should It, will be proper to notice more teach them, but as the same anparticularly, what this anointing ointing teacheth them. is,What is implied in its teach- By its teaching them all things, ing believers all things-And how must be meant, teaching them this teaching vill preserve them, all things respecting those matfrom being seduced from the faith. ters, of which the apostle was

I. This anointing is the Spir- then writing, and not teaching it of God. Belierers are made. them all things, respecting eve

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ry subjeet. The apostle was not the things of the Spirit of God,
speaking of astronomy, geogra- neither can he know them, for
phy, or chemistry, and therefore they are spiritually discerned.'
we are not to suppose, that he But believers know the things,
meant, that this unction of the which are freely given them of
Holy One taught believers those God. Thethings therefore which
sciences. The apostle was also are taught by this anointing, are
instructing them himself, and things, which none can know,
the word of God is given for in- but those who have the Spirit of
struction in righteousness, and God. Others may have their
surely we are not to conclude, understandings enlarged by the
that the instructions of this apos- scriptures, but they can know
tle, and of the holy scriptures, none of these things. And hence
are in vain to believers, and that it is, that when men are endued
if they had no access to them, with the Spirit, they are said to
they could know the things con- be brought out of darkness into
tained in them, by their anoint- marvellous light.
ing. On the contrary, believers The peculiar things, which are
are fed, and edified by the scrip- taught by the anointings of the
tures. The scriptures are pro- Spirit, are the glory of those
fitable to them, that they may things, of which only their be-
be perfect, thoroughly furnished ing can be known without it.
unto every good work.

The being of God can be known
The teaching of this anoint- by the natural man, but not the
ing is then a peculiar teaching, glory and amiableness of his per-
and it teacheth them all things fections—The being of Christ,
of that kind, for which it is giv- but no form or comliness is seen
en. It is the same kind of teach-in him, by unbelievers, why he
ing, which Paul speaks of, when should be desired. Those who

that • He that is spiritu- are taught by this holy unction, al judgeth all things.' Eye see the glory of spiritual things, hath not seen, nor ear heard, nei- and in the reverse, the deformither have entered into the heart | ty of sin. They see their own of man, the things which God vileness, and their desert of dihath prepared for them that love vine abhorrence, and they perhim ; but God hath revealed ceive the glory and fulness of them unto us by his Spirit.'—Christ, as a Redeemer. To Here the apostle speaks of a them that believe he is precious, revelation to believers, which the chief among ten thousother men have not, even though ands, and altogether lovely. This they are in possession of the ho- anointing leads them to trust in ly bible, and he adds the reason, the Lord, take up their cross, why this revelation is peculiar and follow him. The law of to believers. For the Spirit God appeared exceedingly glosearcheth all things, yea the rious to David, but it was disredeep things of God.' it is then garded and hated by Saul. Hobecause they have the Spirit, liness is spiritual beauty, and is which searcheth the deep things seen, and admired by the saints, of God, that they know what is but the wicked do not delight in whoily unconceived by others. it. The spiritual man judgeti • The natural man receiveth not all things; he sees the differVOL. V. No. 7.

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ence between sin and holiness that it is hateful. Beauty and moral excellency, and moral de- deformity are known by the senformity. He can judge between ses in natural things, according them, by the moral sense com- to one's taste, and the pleasure municated to him by the Spirit. or disgust they produce; and This enables him to discern mo- are perceptions, which can be ral glory, and moral turpitude, taught in no way, but by comby an intuitive view, as our nat-municating a taste, which loves ural eyes discern beauty and de- or abhors the things, which are formity. Believers may be very to be considered beautiful or deo limited in their knowledge of formed. People must decide acthose things, which are taught cording to their taste, and the in the scriptures, more so, than sight of their own eyes. And it some, who have no spiritual dis- is so also in spiritual things.cernment ; but those things of When a moral subject is prethe scriptures, which they do sented to the imderstanding of a understand, they know, as others good man, he will pronounce it do not know them. They are amiable or offensive, according taught the glory of divine things, to his taste, and this taste is com---they enjoy the comforts of municated by the Spirit, and them, which is called Joy in the leads him into all truth in these Joly Ghost,' because it is a joy things. imparted to them by the unction

III. We are to notice, how of the Holy Ghost. This revelation of divine amiableness, is

this teaching will preserve benot that which is usually called

lievers, from being seduced from

the faith, inspi:ation, for it does not consist in communicating the know- There are assurances in the ledge of things directly, but of scriptures, that believers will not their beauty.

be deceived, and seduced from Men, who have this anointing, the gospel faith. This is intimaneed not that any man should ted by our Lord, when he says, trach them these things. They · There shall arise false Christs, do not need any man to teach and false prophets, and shall them what moral beauty and de- shew great signs and wonders, formity are, for they know them insomuch that, if it were possiby their own spiritual discern-ble, they shall deceive the very inent.-Let the true character of elect.' This is an assurance, that God be set before them, which it is impossible that the elect has no glory in the eyes of those, should be deceived, and seduced who are not thus anointed, and by them. On this very subject, it will appear transcendently the words, which it is the purglorious and delightful, and they pose of this paper to unfold, are would need no one to teach them, plain. “Ye have an unction from that it is glorious, any more than the Holy One, and know all one, who sees the colors of the things, and need not that any rainbow, would need to be told man should teach you :' and this that it is beautiful. And let the is said by the apostle, in full asact of rebellion against God, be surance, that they could not be set before a spiritual man, and hc seduced. And he refers them to would need no one to teach him this anointing, that they might

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judge all things, and abide in the own works, in part, or in whole, truth.

could he persuade him, that his By this anointing, which is the own poor performances, deeply Spirit, and the love of God shed stained with sin, are worthy of abroad in the heart, the Christian divine approbation, so as to form sees the excellency of Christ, as in any measure, the meritorious he is revealed in the gospel.-ground of his pardon and acceptSuppose another-an anti-christ ance with God? And could he cometh, and proclaims himself a be seduced to relinquish his hold temporal Messiah, as the Jews on Christ, by such a snare ? Ingenerally expected, and works deed believers may be perplexlying wonders to support his ed by the cunning craftiness of claim; would the spiritual man those, who lie in wait to deceive. see a moral excellency in such They may be betrayed into misan one ? No, he would see that takes, in matters of inferior imhe needed a spiritual Redeemer, portance : But so long as they to save him from more than a are kept by the mighty power Roman Yoke, and that this false of God, in the anointings of his pretender could be of no value Spirit, to distinguish beauty from to him, in the concerns of holi- hatefulness, they never can be ness and of eternal life. The seduced from a sense of the gloanointing, which abideth in him, ry of God, the amiableness of would help him to distinguish holiness, the excellency of Christ, the true character of the Messi - the evil of sin, nor can they be ah, by his incomparable glory, seduced to deny Christ as their as readily as the eye would dis- Lord and only hope. In these tinguish a glowing diamond, things, their divine unction, from a dirty pebble, or beauty which abideth in them, is full from ugliness. Suppose a Juda- security, that they shall not be izing teacher should come, and perverted from the faith. tell one, anointed with the Spirit, But other men, who have not that he must depend on the Le- this anointing, are blind to moral vitical sacrifices for his justifica- excellence and deformity. They tion with Goci, could he deceive may have a natural conscience, him? Would he not see an in- but this does not affect the heart. finite glory in the redemption of Such may be led into errors. Christ, and none at all in the sac- The blind may lead the blind, rifice of an heifer with this in- but they cannot lead those, who tent? Would he give up all the have eyes, into the ditch. Acglory and blessedness of behold-cordingly, unsanctified men have ing and confiding in Christ, and been seduced into idolatry, to exchange this for a mere type offer children to Moloch, to give of him? If any one should now money to Roman Catholics to come to an experienced Chris- purchase pardons, and to go into tian,, who has great comfort many errors. But the saints in casting himself wholly upon cleave unto the Lord. If the Christ, with a clear view of his Lord open our eyes, we shall glory, as an all-sufficient Saviour, see wonderful things in his tesand endeavor to seduce him, and timonies. persuade him, that he must look From the truths exhibited wo for salvation to the merit of his remark, that the teachings of

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