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consecrated it in baptism and , gloomy, the divine conduct may gave it your name-five days we appear to sinful short sighted were permitted to enjoy it appar- mortals. ently in health--but where, dear If a little sparrow falleth not sister! where is it now? Yes. to the ground, but only pursuterday, we committed the little ant to God's eternal plan of opeperishable part to the grave.- ration, then surely the exit of For a fortnight we were exer- my babe, which was of more cised with alternate hopes and value than many sparrows, must fears, and I held it with a trem- have been in the wise plan of bling hand, sensible I had no God--therefore my soul must, right to it, in any sense of the and will say amen.

Not one word, which in the least preclud- pain did my poor distressed ined the absolute right of God ; fant suffer for which I had any my little seeming right, howev- right to impeach either the wiser, I trust I had given back to dom or justice of God-trifling the Lord long before its birth ; were the pains of the mother, it never, I think, has been so however, when it was brought much my desire, that it might into life, compared to those of live, as that it might be a sanc- seeing it suffer such agonies as tified one. Surely I have no were inflicted; but I repeat it, right to complain ; and I think that all was right. my heart cheerfully acquiesces Last week our parents came in the divine right to take it, and over to make us a short visit, and to dispose of it as seemeth good to rejoice with us, on the birth in his sight; and the event of my first born ; but alas ! they shows that the good of his king- found us in circumstances of dom demanded that it should be affliction. Our father being otaken from its mother'sembrace; bliged to return home, left mothand should then my heart with- er here, who has, however, rehold it for my own private com- turned to day ; so that I am as fort ? Had it been continued in it were alone, and yet, blessed life it might have proved a snare be God, I am not alone, for I and been an occasion more and enjoy, I hope, in some degree, more, and yet perhaps imper. the promissed comforter. ceptibly, of drawing off my af- How great are the consolafections from him on whom they tions of the blessed gospel ? ought supremely to be fixed; What can afford quiet to the or it might so have conducted mind equal to a confidence in in life, as greatly to dishonor the rectitude of the divine govGod and bring me in a more

ernment ? What can ravish the advanced age with sorrow to the heart more than a perception of grave; at any rate I know it the glorious, the beautiful charmust be best as it is; infinite acter of God, shining through wisdom cannot err, infinite all the pages of divine Revelagoodness must choose ; and in- tion ? But when we attempt to finite power must execute what | speak of the Christ of God, and is best. “ God is love," there- the astonishing grace manifested fore nothing can take place in through him to a rebellious his system but manifestations of world, we must be filled with love, however adverse, dark and astonishment at his condescenVol. V. No. 4.


sion and love. What rebellion, she was restored to you, and therefore, for me to murmur that in mercy I trust. You against God for what can he must, dear sister, and you will, inflict which I do not deserve ? consider your children as not Dear sister, let your prayers be your own, in any sense which in concert with mine, that this precludes the absolute right of dispensation of divine provi- him who has committed them dence may be sanctified, and to your care-a care how imabundantly made up by those portant! They are intrusted sweet consolations of God's holy with you under the sacred in spirit which are better, yea, junction, that you should bring far better than the unsanctified them up for God. I am ready enjoyment of sons and daugh- to tremble for myself, (as I was ters ;-let it serve to quicken us

married into the care of chilboth in the divine life, and may it dren) and for all parents in the excite you renewedly, to give up land of gospel light, especially yourself, your companion, your when I read what was said to children and your all, unreserve

them under a darker dispensaedly, and unconditionally to God; tion, when we enjoy the meridfor if with congenial hearts, we

ian sun-shine of the gospel-I possess full confidence in the allude more particularly to rectitude of all the divine con- Peut. vi. and vii.-Neglect a. duct, what can prevent such a rising from ignorance under dedication ? Eternity is just at that dispensation, might be hand-soon will the scene of winked at with respect to many ; life be closed-soon must we but ignorance under gospel light, appear at the tribunal of God betrays a heart alienated from and Oh, that we might appear on God, and must therefore be the right hand of the judge-considered wilful and inexcusa. and may we find our little Sally ble. O let us not, my dear there.

sister, follow the multitude, eiHe who took little children ther to do positive evil or omit in his arms and blessed them, known duty. announcing at the same time, I conclude you are now setthat of such was the kingdom of tlęd in Hd, and am much heaven, was able to wash away pleased that you are in so good the original pollution of this a situation to enjoy the means child, renovate its nature, and of grace and hope your worldly clothe it in robes of his own circumstances are eligible and righteousnessmif such was the sufficient for your comfortable grace bestáved it was taken support and usefulness in life. from the evil to come has es- You will not surely expect hapcaped all the trials, temptations piness from the things of the and sorrows of this life, and world, for all is delusory and therefore will be the happier vain. for the pains it endured in its short continuance here. You

I am affectionately yours, &c. 'Casily conceive of mother's anguish, when you call to mind the distressed situation your el

BBgest was in while an infant; but



Trox. To the COMMITTEE of the TRUS- T a time when eminent

TEES of the MISSIONART So- and successful exertions CIETT of CONNECTICUT. are making in the world, to

spread the knowledge of our GENTLEMEN,

dear Redeemer; it would be WILL you please to ac. ) who have formerly distinguished

pleasing to observe that sex, cept, and take the disposal of thirty-three dollars fifty-six cents,

themselves as his firmest friends, contributed by an Association of

now more generally among the

foremost to honor him. Females, in the first Society of this town. The object of the

Benevolent and devout wocontribution is specified in the

men ministered to our Lord's Constitution of this Associa

necessities, when he was here tion, a copy of which, we

upon earth great was their send you inclosed. It will be

faith in his promises, after his seen that the hint and princi

death. Many such there now pal part of the plan, was taken in heaven, by ministering to the

are, who minister to him, tho' from a similar institution in the county of Hampshire, Massa- spiritual and temporal necessichusetts.

ties of his disciples and friends; Should it be thought favora- and joy to that happy period,

and who look forward, with faith ble to the general promotion of when the knowledge and glory the same charitable disposition, and in this way be coincident

of the Lord, shall fill the earth. with the views of your Society,

Whatever is done by them, eiand to the advancement of the

ther to hasten his coming and cause of our common Lord,

kingdom, or to relieve or comthe enclosed can, if

fort his needy followers, he reproper, be submitted to the Edi.

ceives and rewards as a kindness

done to himself. tors for insertion in the Connec

It is believed that his cause ticut Evangelical Magazine.

would obtain material aid if the P. S. As Mrs. Eliza W. liberal and pious women of our Huntington, is by the Constitu- towns, would more generally ution, receiver for the Female nite among themselves, if only Association in Litchfield, she to raise a small sum, annually, will be considered their agent in to be employed, in sending the their transactions with your So truths of his life-giving word ciety.

where at present there is an un

happy destitution. THE Trustees of the Con

To give the good women of

the town of necticut Missionary Society, at

an opportunity

of thus knowing the Lord with their last meeting, passed a vote their substance, in a way too, of thanks to the Female Asso- which will be very little burdenciation in the first Society in the town of Litchfield, for the gene proposed—believing that the ap.

some, to most, a plan is here rous collection, which is mentioned in the preceding letter.

probation of their own conscien ces, and the tender mercies of

you think

our blessed Redeemer, will be son or persons, with whom it is their rich and abundant reward. left, to the Treasurer of the .

A PLAN of a FEMALE Asso- Connecticut Missionary Society, CIATION in the town of for All monies so paid, shall be the purpose of an annual contri- sacredly appropriated to the sole bution, for the purchase, and purpose of purchasing copies of charitable distribution of the Holr| the Holy Bible, and other pious, BIBLE, and other pious, Chris-Christian writings, according to tiar writings, among the needy | the best discretion of the Trusinhabitants of the new settlements, | tees, or their Committee, and by in the United States.

them be distributed amongst We the subscribers, animated the needy and least informed inby the successful exertions of habitants of the new settlements many benevolent persons in our of the United States. own country, and in other parts IV. Each subscriber is at liof the Christian world, to spread berty to discontinue her sub. the knowledge of the blood scription, at the end of each bought salvation," through the year, by notifying the receiver earth; tenderly affected with of their contributions, of such the spiritual embarrasments and discontinuance; and is to be perishing necessities of multi-considered a member of the Astudes of our fellow-immortals, sociation, until such discontinuin the remote, destitute settle- ance is regularly notified. ments of our own country ; and V. Regulations may be made desirous of casting our mite in- by the members of the Associto our Lord's treasury, for the ation as shall by them be found furtherance of his gospel-Do useful. associate together for the pur- Relying on the guidance and pose of mutual assistance and blessing of the dear Immanuel ; encouragement, in pursuing praying for the success of his measures for the extensive dis- kingdom ; and humbly waiting tribution of the Holy Scriptures, on him for a reward, we mutualand other pious writings of ly covenant together, and subChrist's faithful servants.

scribe our names severally to We unite ourselves by the the foregoing articles. name of the Charitable Female Association of

under the following articles :

I. This Association shall con. Religious Intelligence. sist of women, either married or single, who shall subscribe Mr. KICHERER's Mission to the our articles.

Hottentots, extracted from the II. Each subscriber shall pay Religious Monitor," &c. printo some suitable person or per

ted at Edinburgh. sons, belonging to the Society, one cent every week, or

distinguished cents by the year; the year to

appears to have end with the month of Septem- been prepared, in a peculiar ber.

manner for missionary labors. III. All monies, thus contri- | At an early period of life, he -buted, shall be sent by the per- I happened to read Cook's Vay



ages : his mind was then led to where Mr. Voss was then min. contemplate the miserable con- | ister. Here they met a hearty dition of the human race sitting welcome, and were set apart to in the region and shadow of the work of the ministry. death. His soul longed for On the 25th of June they left their salvation and he eagerly Rodezand, laden with the predesired, if possible, to be instru- sents from their friends. Their mental thereto. But he had no journey sometimes lay through conception of any means where- very difficult passes of the by this could be accomplished, mountains, so that it was necesnor did he know there was a sary to add fourteen oxen to missionary in the world. For their own, in order to climb the many years, however, the ardent steep ascents. Sometimes they desire of evangelizing the Heath- travelled for many days without en dwelt on bis mind. At length the sight of a human being, surthe Missionary Society rounded only by steinbocks and formed; when, being one after- ostriches. Here and there they noon at the house of a friend, a found a cultivated spot; and Dutch minister first informed were hospitably entertained by him that British Christians were the farmers, who occasionally devising means to send the gos- gave them sheep and other pel to the Heathen. It is im- stores, At other times they possible to express the joy af-slept in the open desart, exposed forded him by this intelligence. to the danger of lions and tiFrom this moment, Mr. K. ex- gers, which greatly abound in ulted in hope that he should one that country. The narrative, day gratify the dearest wish of which will shortly be published, his heart, in becoming the mes- contains an account of some senger of Jesus to the benighted special deliverances from the world. Application was soon attacks of lions, which were made to the Society; and he wonderfully providential. was accepted as one of their mis- About the end of July they sionaries.

passed the last inhabited house On the 5th of December, of Rockfield, and found the 1798, Mr. Kicherer, together country almost without a blade with Dr. Vanderkemp, Mr: Ed- of grass. The eggs of the osmond and Mr. Edwards, em

triches, however, contributed to barked for the Cape of Good their comfortable support. AfHope, where they arrived in ter travelling seven days withMarch, 1799. At the very time out meeting a human creature, of their arrival, a deputation of they arrived at a place where three Boschemen came thither, a few Boschemen resided, three earnestly desiring that

of whom came to them. Next good men might be sent to in- day they were visited by about struct them. The missionaries | twenty more. At length they considered this as a clear call to reached the spot intended for visit the poor wild Hottentots. their abode, which they called Messrs. Kicherer and Edwards Happy Prospect Fountain, and were appointed to this work ; immediately began to build a and leaving Cape Town, May house and plant a garden. 22, they proceeded to Rodezand, Here they commenced their


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