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duty to obey. Duty is in iola- | accept from any one under their ble and ought to be enjoined on command. There is, therefore, mankind, whether they are wil- no excuse for us, if we do not ling or unwilling to obey ; wheth- seek the Lord, and especially er they hear or whether they none from the consideration, forbear. If unwillingness to

that we

are such determined obey absolve from obligation, enemies to him, that we are inthere is an end at once to all flexibly opposed to this duty. authority and to all sin--for there is no authority where nothing can be enjoined, but TO THE EDITORS OF THE CONwith the consent of him who is NECTICUT EVANGELICAL MAto obey ; and there can be no crime if men are released from

Gentlemen, all obligation to do whatever they are unwilling to perform. Ad- The following is the copy of vocates for this sentiment, do in a letter I lately received from a effect insist, that God has no respectable Clergyman in your right to give law to his crea- neighborhood. It was not intures, until he first enquires of tended for publication, but I am them, or by some means finds induced to offer it to you, from a out, what commands they will belief that it will tend to awaken please to obey, and allow him the fears of such young persons, to enjoin. How impious this as may enter into the ministry and how contrary to the dictates from selfish motives, or worldly of common sense, which teach- views, as well as to induce all the es, that opposition of heart, ob- ambassadors of renew stinacy and perverseness, an inquiry into the state of their the only sins, instead of being own hearts. an absolution from all sin. This

I am, &c. idea might, without any greater absurdity, be carried into the

August, 1804. of family and civil

Dear Brother, government. But if men were not blameable for disregarding a law which they were unwilling to obey, and were not punisha- you, in your present unsettled ble, for disobedience to such state, was contemplating the commands, where would be the study of divinity. I rejoiced at authority of the parent or ma- the information, and take the gistrate ? The representation, liberty to suggest a few things therefore, that there is no pro- for your serious consideration. priety in directing sinners to There are undoubtedly two seek the Lord, so long as their classes of Ministers.--One, hearts are opposed to him, is a whose hearts are under the govmere cavil, is an excuse for sin- erning influence of those glorining against God, which no par- ous truths they preach, and ent, magistrate or person in who lead their flocks to heaven. any office, or authority, would The other, who have not the accept from an offender, and spirit of Christ abiding in them, which none, that offer it, would' tho they preach perhaps for



father informed" me, that

first verses.

many years, with great applause directeth his steps."_“I will to others, are themselves finally be enquired of to do it for them," cast away.

« Let a man ex• saith God. amine himself," and particular- Earnestly wishing you all that ly when he is entering into the direction you need, I subscribe ministry, and see that his heart your affectionate friend and brois right with God. John xxi. ther. 15, 16, 17, 18.

You will find the character of a Minister described in the first CHRISTIANS CALL UPON God. of Timothy 3d chap. the seven Every word is full

O what of meaning-read the passage,

article of ponder and apply it. Then se- upon God is neglected or obriously ask yourself whether served in a land of gospel light, you can assume and maintain is not in the power of the writer the character? You know that to determine ; but this is cerbenevolence, meekness and hu- tain, that true Christians, thro' mility are three distinguishing the whole period of their somarks in the Christian character, journing in this world, call upon and very essential in the Chris- God as their Father and impar. tian Minister.

tial Judge. This part of their Do you feel in your own heart character is so plainly taught in any considerable measure of that every part of the sacred volume, benevolent temper, which mov

that it is needless to attempt to ed our blessed Lord to

prove it. Nevertheless, a few down from heaven, and suffer words in the way of explication, and die for sinners ? Unless may give advantage for self-ex. we have the spirit of Christ we amination. are none of his. Are you wil- When it is said, that the Chris. ling to do and suffer for others ? tian calls upon God, the same is Have you a real love for the meant as that he is a man of souls of your fellow mortals, and prayer. So much is he taken a real desire to be an instrument up in this holy and devout emin God's hand of bringing them ployment, that it becomes one to a saving acquaintance with part of his distinguishing charthe Lord Jesus Christ?

acter. The man that habitually I do not say these things to neglects it, or carelessly perdiscourage you ; but because I forms it, or feels it a burden and have an earnest desire that you disagreeable task to him, or unmay begin right, and build on able, and therefore unwilling, to the only sure foundation. It is engage in it, has no claim to the a serious and important under- | Christian character. Jesus will taking, and should not hastily not own him as such in the great be resolved on.

reckoning day. Let me recommend it to you,

Christians also call upon God my brother, to be often at the as their Father. They approach throne of grace, and plead with him not with the familiarity of your Maker to enlighten and equals, but with the reverence,

“A man's heart humility and affection of a dutideviseth his way, but the Lord 'ful child, who feels his obliga


direct you.


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tions to and dependence on his gentleness and love. Thus he Father. With a humble boldness calls upon God as his Father. they approach, yet with rever. He also addresses him as an ence and holy fear. The thought impartial Judge, that will render of the Psalmist, “God is great to every man according of his ly to be feared in the assembly works, without respect to persons. of his saints and to be had in Hence he is one that dares not reverence of all them that are | indulge himself in sin of any about him,” fills them with so- kind. He feels himself an aclemnity and awe, so that they countable creature, and rememrush not heedlessly into his pre-bers that for all things done by

himself, whether good or evil, The Christian approaches the he must give an account to God, throne of his Father, God, in the and be rewarded accordingly. appointed and only acceptable Under this impression, knowing way. There is such a mixture of that “the prayers” as well as imperfection, both of knowledge plowing of the wicked is sin," and affection, in his most solemn how careful will he be that when and ardent prayers, that he feels he attempts to pray, this dread. the necessity of being accepted ful evil be not found in him !through the righteousness and And as he has occasion daily to intercession of another. He feels address the throne of grace and that for his own sake he never must pray without ceasing," can be accepted or his petitions he feels the importance of being granted. Hence he comes in watchful every moment. He the name of Christ, he intreats cannot say, « Father forgive for Christ's sake, and owns him me," and retain revengeful feelto be the only “way to the Fa- ings towards his fellow-menther, the truth and the life.” He cannot say, “lead us not

Hence also he prays in faith into temptation,” without care not alone with that exercise to guard against all of them, or which some call faith, in which while he runs in the way of a man believes that God, for them. The vanities of the world, Christ's sake, will accept and the perverse passions of human save him, (for this is not the nature,, and the praying heart, scripture faith) but in that which can never reign in the same receives and admits into the person.

The Christian knows heart all the truths of Revela- that he can never be entitled to tion, concerning hin self and his favor, from his Judge, by his ruined and helpless state, con- best services--yet he knows he cerning the fulness of the Re- will be rewarded with bliss or deemer--the glory of the gos- misery according to them. His pel method of salvation, and the religious services will be evinecessity of being renewed and dences of the strength and powsanctified by Almighty Grace. er of divine grace within him, These excrcises together with consequently, for what degrees their concomitant effects of hu- of Beatitude in heaven he is premility, penitence and submission pared. to God, are daily in him as the life Thus the Christian calls upon of faith, and are manifested in God, his Father, with filial redevotion, meekness, forgiveness, verence and Godly fear, bearing

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on his mind, constantly, that his, there should be a place in which
future portion will be dealt out the work might be effected, and
to him, justly, by that God to a subject or an occasion for it.
whom he prays without res- The creation of the world and
pect of persons, accordingly as the formation and apostacy of
his works testify his experience, man made the necessary pre-
or want of experience of the paration.
grace of God. Pause, reader, 2. A theatre being erected in
and see if thou dost thus call the creation of the world, and an
upon God, as thy Father and opportunity being given by the
impartial Judge.

formation and apostacy of man, ALANSON. the mysterious scene began to

open, and the wonderful work

commenced. But whether the Messrs. EDITORS,

work should be immediately ef.

fected or referred to a future DOUBTING whether some

period, may be considered as a leisure hours can be better em

subject of divine deliberation, ployed, I have contemplated ex

to be resolved by infinite wis. plaining the types in the holy scriptures, for the perusal of ed a suspension of the accomscriptures, for the perusal of dom, and infinite wisdom directyour readers, and send first number. If the design re

If the design re- plishment of it to a future periceives your approbation, you work of redemption being re

od. An accomplishment of the will please to insert it in your im- ferred to a distant period, it may proving Magazine.

be considered as a subject of Ia I am, &c.

divine consultation, whether TUPIKOS,

God should retain his merciful Explanation of Scriptural Types or communicate them to sinful,

designs in his own eternal mind, No. I.

fallen man, and divine wisdom

proposed a revelation of them as General introductory remarks on

peculiarly desirable and useful. typical representations.

3. It being determined to O make the most illus- communicate the designs of re1. dorable perfections, appears to as a subject of divine deliberahave been the grand object of tion, whether the work and the God's eternal counsels and de- various parts of it should be signs. For such a display, it communicated by explicit dewas essentially necessary, that claration, and the nature, dethere should be a medium. Of signs and effects of it be fully all the media or means, conceive explained, or, some intelligible able by the divine, infinitely intimations being given of it, it comprehensive mind, the work should be exhibited to, human of redemption appeared to be understandings by significant the best adapted and the most signs, immediately addressed to glorious. But for the accom

the senses. To preserve uniplishment of this, some prepara-formity throughout all his works, tives were essentially necessary. God having recently commen. It was absolutely necessary that ced his operations, the creation



being in its infant state, and the instead of edifying, will confuse human mind considered as un- and disgust the mind. prepared for more direct and This arduous and difficult clear discoveries, the mode of work we are now attempting, revelation by external, visible not without many suspicions and signs and figures was preferred fears of the issue; but God can as better adapted to the state of lead the blind in the way that the system and the condition they know not, make darkness and capacity of man.

light before them, rough places 4. The mode of exhibiting smooth, and perfect his praise subjects by typical representa- out of the mouths of babes and tions is very instructive and plea- sucklings. If any man lack wissing. The general object be- dom let him ask it of God who ing suggested and the type pro- giveth liberally and upbraideth not. duced, it is an agreeable exercise for the mind to investigate the subject, apprehend the myste- TO THE EDITORS OF THE CONrious signification of it, and dis- NECTICUT EVANGELICAL MA. cern the consent between the type and the substance. Hence communicating instruction by GENTLEMEN, types, metaphors, allegories and

SHOULD think the fol

you parables, hath always been grateful and pleasing to the lowing letter from a lady in Ver

mont to her sister in Connectimind.

5. The work of redemption, cut,, on the death of her first the great object of all scriptural religion, I am authorised to pre

child, of any use to the cause of types, is so very complicated, that it cannot be fully exhibited

sent you the copy—tho' it was

not originally designed for pubby any one individual type, and

lication. this hath given occasion for a great variety, each of which hath

My dear Sister, its peculiar object, and they col

exhibit wonderful Y mind is so filled with a work in its importance, beauty

variety sensations and glory most attentively.-- so many things crowd upon it But hence,

at once, that I have been some 6. To explain the types be- time deliberating in what manner comes a work very arduous and to begin my letter. dificult, requiring great skill When I received your kind and judgment to discern their favor by Mr. F I thought nature and object, and, not ex- best to omit writing you until I ceeding their proper limits, to knew how divine providence apply them according to their would dispose of me, in an hour original design. While this ex- which I then expected would hibits their propriety and utility, soon take place—the hour arand makes them an happy mean rived just three weeks ago this of important and pleasing in- morning, when I was made the struction, to misunderstand and mother of a lovely daughter misapply them, will distort and myself and babe remarkably divest them of their beauty, and well-without any hesitancy we

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