Catalogue of a Collection of Historical Tracts, 1561-1800, in DLXXXII Volumes


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Página 491 - An inquiry into the share, which King Charles i. had in the transactions of the Earl of Glamorgan, afterwards Marquis of Worcester, for bringing over a body of Irish rebels to assist that king, in the years 1645 and 1646.
Página 500 - Every man acquainted with the common principles of human action will look with veneration on the writer who is at one time combating Locke, and at another making a catechism for children in their fourth year. A voluntary descent from the dignity of science is perhaps the hardest lesson that humility can teach.
Página 351 - The difficulties and discouragements which attend the study of the scriptures in the way of private judgment...
Página 477 - A Letter from Rome, showing an Exact Conformity between Popery and Paganism; or, The Religion of the Present Romans derived from that of their Heathen Ancestors, Lon., 1729, 4to; 1733, 4to; 4th ed., with a Prefatory Discourse and Appendix, 1741, Svo; new ed., with Addit.
Página 66 - Truth, its Manifest; or, a Short and True Relation of divers main passages of things (in some whereof the Scots are particularly concerned), from the very first beginning of these unhappy Troubles to this day.
Página 183 - Mercurius Rusticus ; or the Countries Complaint of the Barbarous Outrages committed by the Sectaries of this late flourishing Kingdom...
Página 577 - Letters of the Late Rev. Mr. Laurence Sterne, to His Most Intimate Friends. With a Fragment in the Manner of Rabelais. To which are prefixed. Memoirs of His Life and Family. Written by Himself. And Published by His Daughter, Mrs. Medalle.
Página 432 - Dispute better adjusted about the proper Time of applying for a Repeal of the Corporation and Test Acts, by shewing that SOME TIME is proper; in a Letter to die Author of the Dispute adjusted, viz. the Right Rev. Dr. Edmund Gibson, Lord Bishop of London.
Página 438 - THE FIRST SATIRE OF THE SECOND BOOK OF HORACE, Imitated in a Dialogue between ALEXANDER POPE, of Twickenham, in Com. Midd., Esq., on the one part, and his Learned Council on the other.
Página 274 - A History of English Councils and Convocations, and of the Clergy's sitting in Parliament, in which is also comprehended the History of Parliaments, with an account of our ancient laws.

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