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Lucio. Ohy did you fo di and do you remember what you faid of the Duke cd es eii 33: < 1 2 3 4

Duke. Moft notedly, Sir. 211 ni ago The

Lucio. Do you fo, Sird and was the Duke a hefty 1. monger, a fool, and a cowardy as you then reported him to be a sdi to 9198 dimsi od: 1991 of go'902.03

Duke. You mult, Siri change persons with meb ere you make that my r¢port a you fpoke fo of him and much more, much worse. slimme voy 170191 01 2011

Lucio, Oh ithou damdable fellowl did not In pluck thee by the nose, for thy fpeeches 90. ti

Duke. I protest, I love the Duke as: I love myself.) Ang. Hark! how the vilain would clold now, after his trea fonable abuses.'oill tills001 d3009 100 142

Escals. Suchl a fellow is inot to be talk?d swithal away with him to prison: where is the Provost? caway with him to prison, lay bolts enough upon him. let him speak no more ; away with those giglets too, and with the other confederate companion.

1 31.
Duke. Stay, Sir, iftay a-while w
Ang. What! refifts her help him, Lucian in 11:21
si Lucio. Come, Sir ; come, Sir 3 comey: Sir; fob,
Sir; why, you bald-pated, Iyingi rascal; you must be!
hooded, mult you? show your knave's visage, with AI
pox to you, thow. your theep-bįting face, and ben
hang'd an hour : willit not off

[Prills of the Friar's bood, and discovers the Duke.
Duke. Thou art the first kpave, that e'er mad'f a Duke.
First, Aroroi, let me bail these gentle shree. sbs
Sneak not away, Sir; for the Friar and you ; 1.100
Must have a word anon: lay hold on him, ali 2.73
Lucia This may prove worse than hanging.

33 Duke. What you have spoke, I pardons fit you down:

5o Escaluso We'll borrow place of him. Sir, by your leave : Haft thou or word, or wit, or impudence That yet can do thee office ? if thou hast, wodoo Rely upon it till my tale be heard, monst sami! And hold no longer outacl: 19 i la 03 napo is

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Than that which live othet, rabinho

Ang. O my dread Lord,
I should be guiltier than my guiltinefs, ...3
To think I can be undiscernable;
When I perceive yoer Grace, like pow'r divine,
Hath look'd upon my pares: then, good Prince,
No longer sedion hold upon my shame ;" **ww Tuot
But let my trial be mine owo confeffion : 1. 107
Immediate fentence then, and fequent death, 2015
Is all the grace I beg.

io Duke. Come hither, Mariana: -20ob 105190T Say; waft thou e'er, contracted to this womantsi esi!

Ang. I was; my Lord, vei p90") solitua foli

Duke. Go take her hence, and marry her inftantly Do you the office, Friar ; which coniummate, uti Return him here again: go with him, 'Provotobud

(Exeunt Angelo, Mariana, Peter, and Provost Escal. My Lord, I am more amaz'd ac his dishonoary Than at the frangeness of it. 1, 12стр2 г) з

Duke. Come hither, Ijabel;. Gufi ya 97
Your Friar is now your Prinçe: as I was then 75&A
Advertising, and holy to your business, 0,
Not changing heart with habit, I am fillcoy 9911
Attornied at yoar service.

Ijab. Oh, give me pardon, stora li oj stanimo)
That I, your valsal, have employd and pair'duo.: I
Your unknown sovereignty.

Duke: You are pardon'd, Ifadel to the broj
And now, dear raid, be you as froe to usio 'oth: A
Your brother's death, I know, fits at your heart: *
And you may marvel, why I obscurd myself,kai 7
Labouring to save his life and would not rather
Make rash remonstrance of my hidden power, 916111*
Than let hiin be so loft: Ob, most kind maids
It was the swift celerity of bis death, 13
Which, I did think, with flower foot came on, I
That brain'd' my purpose : but, peace be with him !
That life is better life, paft fearing death,

fear: make it your comfort ; 60 bappy is your


Enter Angelo, Mariana, Peter, and Provokt.
Psab. I do, my Lord lidhiwlib.17 od aub im OT
Duke. For this new marry'd many approaching herea
Whose fale imagination yet hath wrong d bool dixit
Your well-defended honqur, you mpk pardon rol on
For Mariana's fake a but as he adjudg/d your brothers
Being criminal, in double violation 21935sisibemal
Qf sacred chastity, and of promise-breachy sd: ila ai
Thereon dependant for your brother's life,
The very mercy of the law cries out, voita flavt ; 762
Moft audible, even from his proper tongues
An Angela for Claudio's death for deathes vosal
Hafte still pays balte, and leisure answers leilare
Like doth quit like and Mep/ure till for Menfurtes

Then, Angelog thy faults are manifeftedi]
Which tho thou would't deny, devies thee vantages.
We do condemn thee to șhe very block, der
Where Claudio stoop'd to death and will like balle;.
Away with him. oma luoY WOD divis 100%

Mari. Oh, my molt gracious Lords quibjargvb A.
I hope, you will not mock me with a bubando son

Duke. It is your husband mock'd you with a husband,
Consenting to the safeguard of your honouro dai
1 thought your marriage fit; elfe imputation, lot
For that he knew you, might reproach your life,
And choak your good to come: for his pofseffions,
Altho’ by confiscation they are ours, 120 ekor info
We do enftate and widow you withal, 2 1990Ü zur
To buy you a better husbaud, 19715w Your SOY DA.

MariOh, my dear Lord, il sing ninaan
I crave no other, Doe no better 167,90
Duke, Never crave him we are definitive.

Mari. Gentle, my Liegenswipes i

Dukeo You do but lose your labour :
Away with him to deathi, :Now, Şir, to you., jest

Mari. Oh, my good Lord. Sweet Yabel, take my part;
Lend me your knees, and all my life to come oud's
I'll lend you all my life, tp do you service

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agus. Dukio


look on me; since it is load

Duke. Against all sense you do importune her Should she kneel down, in mercy of this fact,

01 Her brother’s ghost his paved bed would break, And take her hence in horror. A

Mari. Ifabel, aqui cool 30 19 din mid 1939) 09
Sweet Isabel, do yet Bat kneel by mexirol arlos
Hold up your hands," say nothing: fil speak att. A
They say, beft men are moulded out of faults toda
And, for the

e moft, become mach more the better
For being a little bad: lo may my husband
Oh, Ifabel! will you hot lend a knee asb ol bna
Duke. He dies for Claudio's death.

ningb. 9V613 I asdT Ifab. Moft bounteous Sir, DIE <gaivism AT

[Kneelinga Look, if it plcase you, on this many condema'd As if my brother liv’d: I partly, think.doidW słuc A due fincerity governd his deeds, *Till he

2014 Let him not die. My brother had but justice, In that he did the thing for which he dy diagoa edT

a doria his act did not a’ertake his bad intent And be bury'd but as an intent,

en bra That perifh'd by the way, thoughts are no lubjects. I

opdi, 191 tu Intents, but merely thoughts

: 90209 of aorain 13119d 101 Date Your Kuida unprofitable; tand up, I say

I have bethought me of another fault.
Provolt, how came it, Claudio was beheaded uls alil A

even pluod or w At an unusual hour ?

Prov. It was commanded for salil sd 9 21.sslar
Duke. Had you a special warrant he deed e ad al
Prov. No, my good Lord it was by private

message, Duke. For which I do discharge you of your office Give up your keyscuta! huid meid $2157 00 (0)

Prov. Pardon me, noble Lord. La nottert's Vlynimest ei Yet did repent me, after more advice; si ji seds ovisido sa I thought, it was a fault

, but knew it not'js sd ni b'n193 For testimony whereof, one in th' prison, vzorodlib əd: 101 That should by private order elle have dy'd, brit 9xitq I have teservd alive, 5151 394 gr gablere to vindtoeqoshi

euriy bus 3

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2 Prown

brother too; but fiater tiine for chine, o

Duke. What's hey oh boy las lle faisgA A39

Prov. His name is Barnardino wob isa sa bloode
Go, fetch kim hither ; let me look upon him. (30)

Duke. I would, thou had'd done fo by Claudio! -H
Efcal. I'm sorry, one fo learned and fo wife

As you, Lord Angelo, have fill appear’d,
Should flip so grossly both in heat of blood,


And lack of temper'a judgment afterward.

107 bnA
ring. I'in forry, that such forrow. procure zuisd 101
And so deep sticks s it in my penitent heart mi do
That I crave death more willingly than mercy:
'Tis my deserving, and I do intreat ised Hoi ALL

Enter Provost, Barnardine, Claudio, and Julietta
Duke. Which is that Barnardine?

istotu um ad Proy. This, my Lord.

isvog va insont oub A
Duke. There was a Friar told me of this man :
Sirrah, thou’rt said to have a stubborn soul,

non tard
That apprehends no further than this world ;
And squarn thy life accordingly, thou’rt condemn'd;
But for those earthly faults, , quit them all:

insiosta : For better times to come: Friar, advise him ;

ud ammoni is another prisoner, that I sav'd Who hould have dy'd when Claudio loft his head ; Duke

. If he be like your brother, for his fake ni Is he pardon'd; and for your lovely fake,

11 Give

hand, and say, you will be 391100V

doy gisest ona bb (30) Goz, fetch bim bither : -] The introducing Barnardine here, is, seemingly a matter of no consequence; as he is no person conquent, as the French call of the plot : but, to our Poet's praise, let; ine observe, that it is not done without double art; it gives a handle for the discovery of Claudio being alive, and so heightens the furo prize; and, at the same time, by the pardon of Barnardiner gives al fine opportunity of making the Duke's character more amiable, botky for mercy, and virtue.


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