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them: the better for it; and indeed, what can I do elle! Must I plunge into metaphysics? Alas, I cannot see in the dark; nature has not furnished me with the optics of a cat. Must. I pore upon mathematics ? Alas ;; I cannot see in too much light; I am no eagle. It is very pollible that two and two make four, but I would not give four farthings to demonstrate this ever so clearlys and if these be the profits of live, give me the amusements of it. The people I behold all around me, it seeins, know all this and more, and yet I do not know one of them who inspires me with any ambition of being like himn. Surely it was of this place, now Cambridge, but formerly known by the name of Babylon, that the prophet fpoke when he said; „, the wild beasts of the desart shall dwell there, and their houses shall be full of doleful creatures, and owls fhall build there, and satyrs shall dance there; their forts and towers shall be a den for ever, a joy of wild asses; there shall the great owl make her nest, and lay and hatch and gather under her shadow; it shall be a court of dragons; the screech owl also shall rest there; and find for herself a place of rest.“ You see here is a pretty collection of desolate animals, which is verified in this town to a little, and perhaps it' may also allude to your habitation, for

you know all types may be taken by abundance of handles; however, I defy your owls to match mine.

If the default of your spirits and nerves be nothing but the effect of the hyp, I have no more to say. We all must submit to that wayward Queen, and I do in no small degree own her sway.

I feel her influence while I speak her power, , But if it be a real distemper, pray take more care of your health, if not for your own, at least for our sakes,

I 5


and do not be so soon weary of this little world: I do not know what refined friendships you may have contracted in the other, but pray do not be in a hurry, to see your acquaintance above; among your terreftrial familiars, however, though I say it that should not say it, there positively is not one that has a greater esteem for you than


Yours most sincerily, etc.

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This day being in the palace of his highness the Duke
of Modena, he laid his most serene commands upon me
to write to Mr. West, and said he thought it for his
glory, that I should draw up an inventary of all his
most serene pofleffions for the said West's perusal,
Imprimis, a house, being in circumference a quarter
of a mile, two feet and an inch; the said house com
taining the following particulars, to wit, a great room.
Itern, another great room, item, a bigger room; item,
another room; item, a vast room; item, a sixth of
the same; a seventh ditto; an eigth as before; a ninth
as above faid; a tenth (see No. I.); item, ten more
such, besides twenty besides, which, not to be too
particular, we shall pass over. The said rooms contain
nine chairs, two tables, five stools and a cricket. From
whence we shall proceed to the garden, containing two
millions of superfine laurel hedges, a clump of cypress
trees, and half the river Teverone, that pifles into
two thousand several chamber - pots. Finis. Dame
Nature desired mne to put in a list of her little goods and
chattels, and, as they were small, to be very minute
about them. She has built here three or four little
mountains, and laid them out in an irregular semi-cir-
cle; from certain others behind, at a greater distance,
she has drawn a canal, into which fhe has put a little
river of her's, called Anio; she has cut a huge cleft
between the two innermost of her four hills, and there


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she has left it to his own disposal; which she has no sooner done, but, like a heedless chit, it tumbles headlong down a declivity fifty feet perpendicular, breaks itself all to shatters, and is converted into a shower of rain, where the sun forms many a bow, red, green, blue and yellow. To get out of our metaphors without any further trouble, it is the most poble fight in the world. The weight of that quantity of waters, and the force they fall with, have worn the rocks they throw themselves among into a thousand irregular craggs, and to a vast depth. In this channel it goes boiling along with a mighty noise till it comes to ans other Iteep, where you see it a second time come roaring down (but first you must walk-two miles farther) a greater height than before, but not with that quantity of waters; for by this time it has divided itself, being crossed and opposed by the rocks, into four several streams, each of which, in emulation of the great one, will tuinble down too, and it does tumble down, but not from an equally elevated place; so that you haveall one these cascades intermixed with gro. ves of olive and little woods, the mountains rising behind them, and on the top of one that which form the extremity of one of the half - circle's horns) is seated the town itself. At the very extremity of that extremity, on the brink of the precipice, stands the Sybils temple, the remains of a little rotunda, surrounded with its portico, above half of whose beautiful Corinthian pillars are still standing and entire; all this on one hand.

On the other the open Campagna of Rome, here and there a little castle on a hillock, and the city itself on the very brink of the horizon, indistinctly seen (being 18 miles off.) except the dome of St. Peter's; which, if you look out of your window, wherever you are, I suppose, you can see. I did not



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tell you that a little below the first fall, on the fide of the rock, and hanging over that torrent, are little ruins which they show you for Horace's house, a curious situation to observe the

„Praeceps Anio, et Tiburni lucus, et uda

Mobilibus pomaria rivis." Maecenas did not care for such a noise, it seems, and built him a house (which they also carry one to see) so situated that it sees nothing at all of the matter, and for any thing he knew there might be no such river in the world. Horace had another house on the other fide of the Teverone, opposite to Maecenas's; and they told us there was a bridge of communication, by which „andava il detto Signor per trastullarfi coll istesso Orazio.“ In coming hither we crolled the Aquae Al. bulae, a vile little brook that stinks like a fury, and they say it has stunk fo these thousand years. I forgot the Piscina of Quintilius Varus, where he used to keep certain little fshes. This is very entire, and there is a piece of the aqueduct that supplied it too; in the below is old Rome, built in little, just as it was they say. There are seven temples in it, and no hou. ses at all; they say there were none.

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