A Complete Collection of the Genuine Papers, Letters, &c. in the Case of John Wilkes, Esq: Late Member for Aylesbury, in the County of Bucks..

Chez J.W. imprimeur, rue du Colombier Fauxburgh, St. Germain, à l'hotel de Saxe., 1767 - 272 páginas

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Página 197 - Excise. A hateful tax levied upon commodities, and adjudged not by the common judges of property, but wretches hired by those to whom excise is paid.
Página 22 - His lordship paid me the highest encomiums on my courage, and said he would declare everywhere that I was the noblest fellow God had ever made. He then desired that we might now be good friends, and retire to the Inn to drink a bottle of claret together, which we did with great good humour and much laugh.
Página 159 - I have formerly received, which are ftill frefh in my mind, will, I hope, give a full propriety to this addrefs, and I am fure, a heart glowing with the facred zeal of liberty, muft have a favourable reception from the Duke of Grafton.
Página 20 - Bagshot to settle articles of faith, but points of honour, that indeed I had no fear of dying, but I enjoyed life as much as any man in it, that I was as little...
Página 208 - ... committee, and has been generally canvassed with the utmost freedom, when the minister of the crown has been obnoxious to the nation. The ministers of this free country, conscious of the undoubted privileges of...
Página 22 - We stood about eight yards distant, and agreed not to turn round before we fired, but to continue facing each other. Harris gave the word. Both our fires were in very exact time, but neither took effect.
Página 120 - I lament to see it sunk even to prostitution. What a shame was it to see the security of this country. in point of military force, complimented away, contrary to the opinion of royalty itself, and sacrificed to the prejudices and to the ignorance of a set of people the most unfit, from every consideration, to be consulted on a matter relative to the security of the house of Hanover!
Página 30 - Wilkes, esq. herewith sent you, for being the author and publisher of a most infamous and seditious libel, intitled, The North Briton, No. 45, tending to inflame the minds and alienate the affections of the people from his majesty, and to excite them to traitorous insurrections against the government...
Página 16 - I was too well bred to have given his lordship and colonel Berkeley the trouble of coming to Bagshot. I observed, that I was a private English gentleman, perfectly free and independent, which I held to be a character of the highest dignity, that I obeyed with pleasure a gracious sovereign, but would never...
Página 31 - Stratton conftable of his majefty's Tower of London, or to the lieutenant of the faid Tower or his deputy.

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