Waverley Novels..., Volumen11


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Página 50 - Ah, fields beloved in vain, Where once my careless childhood stray'd, A stranger yet to pain ? I feel the gales that from ye blow A momentary bliss bestow, As waving fresh their gladsome wing My weary soul they seem to soothe, And, redolent of joy and youth, To breathe a second spring.
Página 166 - Atlantic wave ? Is India free ? and does she wear her plumed And jewell'd turban with a smile of peace, Or do we grind her still ? The grand debate, The popular harangue, the tart reply, The logic, and the wisdom, and the wit, And the loud laugh, — I long to know them all ; I burn to set the imprison'd wranglers free, And give them voice and utterance once again.
Página 409 - The music and the doleful tale, The rich and balmy eve ; And hopes, and fears that kindle hope, An undistinguishable throng, And gentle wishes long subdued, Subdued and cherished long...
Página 324 - Two summers since, I saw at Lammas Fair The sweetest flower that ever blossom'd there, When Phoebe Dawson gaily cross'd the Green, In haste to see, and happy to be seen: Her air, her manners, all who saw admired; Courteous though coy, and gentle though retired; The joy of youth and health her eyes display'd, And ease of heart her every look convey'd...
Página 285 - IF I were to choose a spot from -which the rising or setting sun could be seen to the greatest possible advantage, it would be that wild path winding around the foot of the high belt of semi-circular rocks, called Salisbury Crags, and marking the verge of the steep -descent which slopes down into the glen on the south-eastern side of the city of Edinburgh.
Página 258 - The unhappy object of this remarkable disturbance had been that day delivered from the apprehension of public execution, and his joy was the greater, as he had some reason to question whether Government would have run the risk of unpopularity by interfering in his favour, after he had been legally convicted by the verdict of a jury, of a crime so very obnoxious.
Página 242 - With treble walls, which Phlegethon surrounds, Whose fiery flood the burning empire bounds, And, pressed betwixt the rocks, the bellowing noise resounds. Wide is the fronting gate, and raised on high With adamantine columns threats the sky ; Vain is the force of man, and heaven's as vain, To crush the pillars which the pile sustain. Sublime on these a tower of steel is...
Página 117 - Yet could he not his closing eyes withdraw, Though less and less of Emily he saw: So speechless for a little space he lay, Then grasp'd the hand he held, and sigh'd his soul away.
Página 219 - I ken, when we had a king, and a chancellor, and parliamentmen o' our ain, we could aye peeble them wi' stanes when they werena gude bairns — But naebody's nails can reach the length o
Página 347 - All school-days' friendship, childhood innocence? We, Hermia, like two artificial gods, Have with our neelds, created both one flower, Both on one sampler, sitting on one cushion, Both warbling of one song, both in one key ; As if our hands, our sides, voices, and minds...

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