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Triton, a sea god of Roman mythology. He is usually

represented as blowing a horn. Trojan war, a famous war of antiquity, the subject of

Homer's great epic, the Iliad.
Troubadours, a school or body of poets and singers of France

in early days.
Trucking, exchanging, bargaining.
Tumultuous, noisy.
Turbulency, confusion, discord.

Ultimate, final.
Uncontaminated, unspoilea.
Uncos, news (Scotch).
Unobstructed, with nothing in the way, clear.
Urim, supposed to have been a very brilliant stone set in
Wake lights, lights for the dead.
Wales, chooses (Scotch).
Warded, guarded.
Whilom, formerly.
Widowed, deprived.
Without day, a term used in courts, meaning finally, not to

the breastplate of the Jewish high priest. Usurpation, unlawful seizure of power.

Vantageless, without advantage.
Varlet, rascal.
Vassalage, dependent position.
Venus, the Roman goddess of love.
Vert, green.
Vermilion, bright red.
Via, by way of.
Vicinity, neighborhood.
Visage, face.
Voltigeurs (võl-ti-jurs'), leapers.
Vortices, whirling masses of water.
Vulcan, the smith of the Roman gods who made their

He is said to have been lame.


be again assembled. Wrack, ruin, wreck.

Yeoman, rustic, farmer.
Yeomanry, body of farmers.
Yule log, log for the Christmas fire

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