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Phantom, spirit, ghostly creature, fancy.

Philanthropists, lovers of men.

Phoenix, a fabulous bird, said to destroy itself by fire and then to rise again from its ashes,

of immortality.

used as a symbol

Pibroch, a tune played on the bagpipe, which was the national

musical instrument of Scotland.

Piscataqua, a river in New Hampshire.

Pittance, very small allowance.

Pleugh, pronounced "plooch," plow (Scotch).

Plutonian shore, shore of Pluto, the Roman god of the under


Pomatumed, fastened down with grease.

Ponderous, heavy.

Port, manner, presence.

Posterity, coming generations, children, descendants.
Powwow, an Indian conjurer, also a noisy gathering.

Precarious, dangerous.

Precipitated, threw.

Precipitous, very steep.

Premises, conditions.

Pressed, compelled to serve, "drafted."

Preux Chevalier (preŭ she-val-Ĭ-ā), the especial champion.
Primeval, early.

Privy postern, private gate.

Prodigious, very large, immense.

Proffered, offered.

Profound (as a noun), depth.

Profusion, great number.

Prognosticating, foretelling.

Prohibitive, preventive.

Promulgating, making known.

Proportionate, at an equal rate.

Protruding, sticking out.

Provant, food, provender.

Providence, provision, instruction.

Pugnacity, disposition to fight.

Puissance, might.

Puncheons, casks.

Pungently aromatic, having a strong, pleasant fragrance.

Puppet, something moved and controlled by another.

Purvey, make provision, provide.

Pygmy, dwarf.

Queintise (quaint-ēse), quaintness, beauty.

Queue (cue), a "pigtail."

Quotha, forsooth.

Rack, cloud substance.

Radiance, brightness.

Radical, complete.

Ravelin, embankment.

Recesses, depths.

Rede, counsel, lesson.

Redoubt, defense.

Reflection, thought.

Regenerated, born again, made over, new.

Régime, order, condition of life.

Relevancy, fitness.

Reminiscences, recollections.

Replenish, fill again.

Repugnance, dislike.

Respite (rès-pit), relief.

Restrictive, limiting.

Retrospection, looking backward.

Reviewers, those who write criticisms of books.

Ribald, ill-mannered.

Rick, a long covered pile of hay or grain.

Riddling triplets, three-line stanzas containing a riddle.
Rubicund, ruddy, red-faced.

Ruminating, thinking quietly (literally, chewing the cud).

Sacerdotal stole, priestly vestments.

Sagamores, chiefs.

Salutary, healthful.

Samite, a thin gauze silk material often interwoven with gold.

Samuel, the religious head of the Jews.

Sanguine, bloody, red.

Saturn, a Roman god, who was supposed once to have ruled the world in great peace and happiness. This time the ancients called the "Golden Age."

Scimeters, short swords used by Arabs.
Sconce, head.

Scripture, writing.

Sea-maid, a sea nymph, a fabled creature, the lower part being that of a fish and the upper part that of a woman. Semblance, likeness.

Seneschal, chief marshal, watchman.

Sequestered, separated, secluded.

Seraphim, angel of high rank, the plural of "seraph."

Serried, dense, crowded.

Shealing fires, cottage fires (Irish).

Sheer, perpendicular.

Shekel, a coin; a golden shekel weighed about one ounce. Significance, importance.

Similitude, likeness.

Siren, a fabled evil being resembling a beautiful woman, who by her wonderful singing lured sailors to the island where she lived and then changed them to beasts. Slashed, slit.

Smack, a boat.

Smallclothes, breeches.

Somnolent, sleepy.

Soupe, small portions of milk, sop (Scotch).

Spiers, inquires (Scotch).

Spinsters, unmarried women.
Spontaneous, natural, undirected.
Stacher, stagger, toddle (Scotch).
Starboard, the right side.

Stark, dead.

Status, fixed condition.

St. Cecelia, a Christian martyr of the third century, the patroness of music; in legend said to have invented the musical staff and to have developed music into a more exact science and nobler art.

Storied urn, the urn containing the ashes of the dead, "storied,"

or distinguished by tales of their greatness.

Struck, struck colors, surrendered.

Subsided, settled.

Substituted, put in place of.

Subversive, overturning.
Successively, in turn.

Surcease, relief from.
Surge, billows.

Table Round, the famous group of knights who gathered about King Arthur and fought his battles.

Tabrets, small drums.

Tacitly, without avowed consent.

Targe, shield.

Tartans, plaids (Scotch).

Teemed, brought forth abundantly.

Tenor, course.

Tentie, heedful (Scotch).

Tenure, holding power.

Terrestrial, earthly.

Themistocles, a noted Athenian general.

Timotheus, a famous musician.

Titans, fabled giants, enemies of Jupiter.

Titillation, tickling.

Tobit, a character in one of the books of the Bible, not regarded as authentic and not found in all editions.

Tophet, a place defiled by burning sacrifice to heathen gods. Totem, guardian spirit, worshiped by certain Indian tribes, notably the Alaskans.

To Thee-ward (toward thee). The preposition "toward" was frequently in olden times divided, the second syllable, "ward," being placed after the object of the preposition. Tournament, a war game in which knights are opposed to one another.

To wit, to find out.

Towmond, twelvemonth (Scotch).

Tranquillity, peace, quiet.

Transcended, gone beyond, exceeded.

Transformation, complete change.

Translucent, clear, allowing light to pass through.

Travail, suffering.

Traversed, passed over.

Trenchant, cutting.

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