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Holp, helped.

Holy Elders, the "Three Wise Men" who visited the Infant


Hoyden, rude, noisy.

Humblebee, more commonly called "bumblebee."

Husbandry, farming.

Ignominious, disgraceful.

Illumine, light.

Immemorial, beyond memory.
Impetuosity, violent force.

Implicit, complete.

Import, meaning.

Impregnable, too strong to be taken.

Impressment, taking Americans by force and compelling them to serve on British ships; one of the causes of the War of 1812.

Incarnate, in the flesh, embodied.

Incongruous, badly assorted.

Inconsiderable, small.

Incontestable, beyond question.

Incorporated, mingled with, as a part.

Indiscriminately, treating all alike, without difference.

Indubitable, not to be questioned.

Ingenuous, honest, simple.

Ingle, fire (Scotch).

In lieu, instead.

Innovators, those who start new things.

Innumerable, more than can be counted.

In perpetuity, for all time.

Inscrutable, beyond comprehension.

Insidious, secret, wily; tempting, deceptive.

Instinctively, naturally, without thinking.
Interim, meanwhile.

Interior, inner part.
Interposition, interference.

Intestine, inner; intestine shock, civil war.
Intruding, forcing oneself upon others.

Inundation, flood.

Invariable, unfailing.

Invariably, always.

Inviolate, uninjured.
Irised, tinted like the Iris.

Irretrievable, beyond remedy.

Jack, leather coat for defense.

Jamaica, rum.

Jargoning, making confused sounds like speech.

Jeopardy, danger.

Johannes, John.

Jove, the king of all the Roman gods.

Juno, queen of the Roman gods.

Jupiter, the king of the Roman gods, the same as Jove.

Just, also joust, a game or tilting match of two knights on


Justs, a meeting for justing.

Kebbuck, cheese (Scotch).
Kennel, gutter (Irish).
Kern, tramp (Irish).

Labyrinths, paths turning in many directions so as to be hard to follow. Laithfu', bashful (Scotch).

Larboard, the left side of a boat.

Laudable, praiseworthy.

Lave, others (Scotch).

Lay to, turned, head toward the wind (of a boat).
Lazarus, a poor man named in Scripture.

Let, ordered, allowed.

Lethargic, dull, sleepy.
Lint, flax.

Livelihood, possessions, estates.
Locrian, a Grecian tribe.

Loose-locked, with hair flying loose.

Lost, missed.

Louis le Grand, French emperor, Louis XIV.

Lubricated, oiled.

Lyart, gray (Scotch).

Macaronies, fops.

Madrigals, songs.
Mage, magician.

Manifold, of many sorts.

Manito, an Indian deity.

Mare Tenebrarum (Mā'-rē Ten-e-bra'-rum), the sea of shadows. Maritime, of the sea.

Mars, god of war.

Mason and Dixon's Line, a boundary established during slavery times between slave territory and free territory. Maugre, regardless of, in spite of.

Medicine man, a sort of wizard of great influence among the


Mediocrity, the state of being ordinary, or commonplace,
Meneaska, an Indian name for white people.
Mercenary, hired.

Merlin, the wizard (wise man) of the courts of King Uther and King Arthur. He was esteemed a mighty magician.

Metaphorically, using a figure of speech, not literal.
Methought, it seemed to me (an old form).

Metropolis, chief city.

Michal, Saul's daughter, David's wife.

Miscalculation, mistake.

Minerva, the Roman goddess of war and of wisdom.

Miniature, small.

Minster, church.

Miry, dirty (Scotch).
Miscellaneous, of all sorts.

Moil, disturbances.

Multifarious, numerous and varied.

Municipality, town or city.

Muse, one of the several goddesses frequently addressed or
prayed to by Roman writers, the goddess of poetry.
Mussulmans, Moslems, followers of Mohammed.
Mutual admiration, admiration of each other.
Myriad handed, having ten thousand hands.
Myriads, tens of thousands.

Myrmidons, soldiers.

Nepenthe (ne-pen'-the), a drug used by the ancient Egyptians to give relief from pain or sorrow.

Neutrality, indifference, neither very good nor very bad. Nightmare, a bad dream accompanied by a feeling of pressure on the chest. "Mare" is an old word, meaning incubus. The nightmare was supposed to be a fiend. Noblesse, nobility.

Nourished brother, step-brother, cared for by the same mother.

Obdurate, hard hearted, obstinate.

Obeissance, control, a low bow.

Oblivious, forgetful.

Obsequiousness, deference, extreme politeness.
Officiously, importantly, with unnecessary fussiness.
Offing, distance (a sailor's term).

Oligarchy, government by a few.

Omniscient, all knowing.

Opulent, rich.

Oracle, the wise speaker, spokesman for the gods.
Orgies, wild feasts.

Orifice, opening.

Osiers, willow.

Ostentatiously, noticeably, for the purpose of being noticed. Ox-eyed, a title given Juno because of her beautiful eyes.

Pacific, peaceful.

Pæan, a war song of triumph.

Pageant, show.

Palisade, a defense made of upright stakes.

Palpitating, beating in pulses, like the heart.

Panorama, wide view.

Parian, marble from the isle of Paros.

Parting, departing.

Patois, an incorrect form of a language, used in some par

ticular locality.

Patronizing, "talking down," as a superior.

Patroon, patron, proprietor.

Pavilions, tents.

Pericranium, skull.

Perpetual, continual.

Peruke, wig with a "pigtail."

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