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Copse, thicket.
Corbel, bracket.

Corporeity, body.

Corpulent, stout, fat.

Corvette, a wooden ship of war.
Counter, the after part of a boat.
Counterpart, double.

Counters, betting, gambling.
Counterscarp, embankment, wall.
Courier, messenger, mail carrier.

Coxcombs, fops.

Cracks, talks (Scotch).

Credibility, what may be believed, trustworthiness.
Cross, crucifix.

Crypt, a secret place or cell, frequently used for a tomb.
Cuisses (queeses), armor for the thighs.

Curfew, a bell tolled at the evening hour to end toil, and in obedience to which people left the streets and retired within their houses.

Curricle, two-wheeled chaise.

Darius, King of Persia.

Decapitated, cut the head off.

Decemviri, "The Ten Men" who at one time ruled Rome.

Declivity, descent.

Decorum, good manners, propriety.

Degenerate, inferior to the past.

Deluged, flooded.

Delusions, false notions.

Demon, fiend, devil.

Designated, told, pointed out. erogates, takes away.

Dexterity, skill.

Diagnosis, examination, as by a physician.

Dialect, language of a particular region or class.

Diana, Roman goddess of hunting.

Discernible, capable of being seen.

Discriminating, particular, noting differences.

Disembogues, empties.

Disparagement, disgrace, expression of an unfavorable judg


Disquietudes, disturbances.

Dissipated, scattered.

Distempers, diseases.
Divers, several.

Divertisements, amusements, tricks.

Divest, rid.

Dolce (dōl-che), comfort, peace.

Domesticated, having made a home.

Domestic Economy, household management.

Dominique, a character in Paul and Virginia.

Dooms Day Book, book of judgments.

Dorimant, a character in an old play. The man of mode, a

brilliant, witty person of low character.

Doublets, coats.

Dubric, archbishop, Primate of England.

Dulcet, pleasing.

Dulcified, sweetened.

Dutch courage, gin.

Ebb, low tide.

Ecstasy, intense feeling.

Eerie, wild, weird.

Effulgence, brilliancy, glory.

Egypt's wave, the Nile River, w. ch in the Bible story parted to allow the children of Israel to pass. Elapsed, passed.

Elegy, a poem in praise of the dead.

Eligible, desirable.

Elysian gates, gates to Elysium and the "Abode of the

Blessed" in Greek mythology.

Emergency, immediate need.
Encompassed, surrounded.

Enow, enough.

Entrée, right to enter.

Epicurean, follower of an ancient philosophy advocating happiness as the aim of life.

Equable, even.

Ethereal, airy.

Euphony, musical sound.

Exaggeration, over-statement.

Exalting, lifting.

Excalibur, the sword of King Arthur.

Excelsior, higher.

Exclusive, shutting others out, sole, only.
Exemplarily, setting a good example.
Expedient, plan, device.

Expiated, paid, atoned for.

Expostulation, prayerful protest.

Extempore (ex-tem'-po-re), offhand.
Extremity, very great peril.
Evinced, showed.

Eydent, diligent.

Eyed, looked upon with suspicion.

Fairy changeling, a babe changed in its cradle for another, by fairies.

Falstaff, a famous fat man in several of Shakespeare's plays. Fantasies, fancies.

Fantastic, fanciful, unreal.

Fardel, pack, bundle.

Faubourg St. Germain, a famous aristocratic street in Paris. Felicity, happiness.

Fell, gloomy, cruel.

Fellowship, companions.

Female Eld, old womanhood.

Feudal, belonging to a state of society in which a few lords owned all the land, while the rest served these lords in various ways, especially in war, and were defended and supported by them.

Fire Draught, drink of fire water, alcoholic liquor.

Flankered, having fortified defenses on the sides, or flanks. Flichterin, fluttering, birdlike (Scotch).

Flood, high tide.

Forest crypt, a dark, gloomy place, formed by the forest trees, resembling a crypt, or deep cell.

Frenzied, mad.

Fretted, ornamented with fretwork.

Furbished, put in order.

Furies, in the Roman mythology, deities who punished evildoers. They are represented as having snakes for hair. Fusillade, many shots together.

Gaberdines, frocks.
Galligaskins, breeches.
Gars, makes (Scotch).

Genii, mythical beings supposed to control many natural forces.

Gibberish, unmeaning talk.

Gilead, a town in Judea. The phrase "balm of Gilead" is used in the Bible for relief from sin and suffering.

Glacis, a bank of earth, a fortification.

Glaive, sword (Scotch).

Gleeman, minstrel.

Goede vrouw, good wife (Dutch).

Gout, a painful disease supposed to be commonly caused by high living, especially by drinking inflaming liquors. Grape, shot.

Greaves, armor for the legs.

Groined his arches, constructed them in a regular way.
Grotesque, absurdly odd.

Guise, dress, fashion, appearance.

Gyrating, whirling.
Gyratory, whirling.

Ha, hall (Scotch).

Habituated, having acquired the habit.

Haffets, temples (Scotch)

Hafflins, half (Scotch).

Hallan, wall (Scotch).

Haman, a character in the Book of Esther.
Hardkoppig, hard headed (Dutch).

Harlequin, a clown.

Harness, armor.

Hawkie (Dutch).

Hebe, a Grecian goddess, the cupbearer of Jove.
Heraldry, noble rank, "blue blood."

Herod, the King of Jews in the time of Jesus.

Hesiod, a Greek poet.

Hippocrates, a famous physician of Greece.
Hollands, gin.

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