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should remain united as we have been for sixty years, citizens of the same country, members of the same 265 government, united all, united now, and united forever. There have been difficulties, contentions, and controversies, but I tell you in my judgment:


"Those opposed eyes,

Which, like the meteors of a troubled heaven,
All of one nature, of one substance bred,
Did lately meet in th' intestine1 shock,
Shall now, in mutual, well beseeming ranks
March all one way.""



This oration by a Southerner, before a Northern audience, moved them greatly. Can you see why? What part of the oration is most fitted to stir the feelings?

What does the orator say shows the spirit of the New South?

What does the soldier do after the war is over? What proofs are given of the prosperity of the new era?

What is the change of attitude toward work?
What does he say of slavery?

1 Intestine, inner; intestine shock, civil war.

Ablutions, washing of the body.

Accelerated, quickened.

Accouterment, furnishing.

Achilles, a Grecian king and warrior.

Acme, highest point.

Actium, the famous battle between the great Roman rivals,


Cæsar and Pompey.

Actuates, directs.

Additaments, additions.
Adepts, persons skilled.
Adulation, flattery.
Advert, refer.

Aggrandizement, gain.
Aggravation, increase.

Aidenn, a fanciful spelling for Eden, the "Garden" of Genesis, the home of Adam and Eve, a word used in general for paradise.

Allah, the Arabs' name for God.

Alternate, in order, in succession.

Amphibious, living in two elements, as air and water.

Anathemas, curses.

Animated bust, bust of marble so perfect as to seem alive.

Annihilated, blotted out.

Annal, record.

Anomaly, a seeming contradiction.

Anon, in due time, soon.

Anticipate, see beforehand.
Apex, highest point.
Apparition, ghostly sight.

Appomattox, the scene of the closing event of the Civil War.
Apprehension, fear.

Arabesque, a kind of ornamental work, taken from the Arabs, or Moors.

Arduous, very difficult.

Aristi'des, a famous citizen of Athens, known as "The Just." Artifice, device, something made up.

Artificer (art-if'-I-cer), builder.

Artillery, weapons.

Assayed, tried.

Assumption, judgment assumed, or taken for granted.

August, dignified, impressive.

Autocrat, absolute ruler.

Averse, opposed.

Avilion, the name of an English peninsula, used in the story of Arthur for a mythical "Isle of the Blest." Avouching, asserting.

Auxiliaries, allies.

Bacchus, the Roman god of wine.

Balm, balsam, a healing and soothing medicine.
Bane, poison, danger.

Banshee, a warning spirit (Irish).

Bastions, a part of a fortification.
Beets, adds fuel.

Beldame, an old hag, cross and ugly.
Bell, flower.

Belligerent, warring.

Belyve, by and by (Scotch).

Ben, into the room (Scotch).

Benedicite, blessing.

Benign, bestowing blessing.

Bereaved, taken away from, having suffered loss.

Bivouac, an encampment on guard.

Blackmail, forced tribute under threat.

Blanderon, a famous giant, who used an oak tree for a weapon. Blate, diffident.

Bracken, a plant of Scotland.

Braggadocio, display of bravery.

Brobdingnag, an imaginary land of giants in Swift's Gulliver's


Broom, a plant of Scotland.

Bruit, sound, noise.

Burgomaster, city councilman.

Burnished, polished.

Ca', drive (Scotch).

Cabal, conspiracy.

Cairn (kârn), a heap of stones used as a landmark.

Calumet, peacepipe.

Calumnious, false, slanderous.

Cameliard, one of the mystical kingdoms of Arthur's realm. Canine, of a dog.

Cannie, careful.

Cap and bells, the badges of the fools, or jesters, of medieval


Caravansary, stopping place, hotel.

Caricatures, bad pictures.

Casque, helmet.

Catastrophe (căt-ăs'-trō-phē), disaster.

Cavalierly, rudely, thoughtlessly.

Celerity, quickness.
Cenotaph, tomb.

Cerebellum, brain.
Certes (sur'-tez), truly.
Cessation, stopping.

Chaos, complete lack of order.
Charlatans, tricksters.

Chastisement, punishment.
Chine, the backbone.

Chivalric, generous, courteous.

Clean, purified for some religious ceremony.

Clerkly, scholarly or pious.
Clomb, climbed.

Cognac, brandy.

Coincidences, agreements, events occurring together.

Combustible, easily burned.

Commodious, convenient, easy.

Community of privilege, the same privilege.

Composed, quiet.

[blocks in formation]

Consummate, supreme.

Contemplated, planned.

Conventional, agreed upon, generally accepted

Convulsion, tumult.

Convulsive, irregular, uneven.

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