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Convent of Air el Warka,
Convent of Hareesa, ..
Return to Antoura,
Return to Beirout,
Deir el Kamr,
Conversation on the Druses,.
Interview with the Emir Bechir,
Palace of Ebtedin,
Interview with a young Abyssinian,
Return to Deir el Kamr,
Return to Beirout,
Fashion of splendid dresses,
Gandolfi, the Pope's Apostolic Vicar,
Return to Antoura,.
Course of Studies at Ain el Warka,...
Luigi Assemanni,..
Difficulty of traversing Mount Lebanon,.
Convent of Deir el Shafi,..
Convent of Yozumar,
Discussion with an Armenian ecclesiastic,
Return to Antoura, .
Convent of Mar Michael,
Return to Beirout, ....
Some account of Beirout, ..
State of the winds at Beirout,..
State of the Christians of Beirout,
Manner of reading in Syria,..
Frank Roman Catholic missions,..
Decayed state of these missions,
Departure from Beirout for Jerusalem,
From Saide to Sour, .......

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Convent of Der Mhalles,..

37 Sour,

37 Ruins of ancient Tyre,....

39 Ancient and modern Tyre,

39 Khan Nahoura,.....

40 Fine view of Mount Carmel,

40 Acre,....

41 Scene in the khan at Acre,...

41 Prophetical picture of the Holy Land,. 42 Mosque of Djezzar in Acre,..

42 Abilene,..

43 Sephoury, Nazareth,

44 Remarks on the site of Nazareth, illustrative of Luke iv. 29, and John i. 46,

46 Tiberias,

47 Safet,

50 Hattyn,

51 Mount of the Beatitudes,

52 Cana of Galilee,.

52 Return to Nazareth,

53 Plain of Esdraelon,

53 Gennyn,

53 Nablous, or Napolose, .

53 Conversations with the Samaritans,

54 Remarks on the Samaritans,.

56 Departure from Nablous,.

56 Sangyi,

56 Bethel,

57 Approach to Jerusalem,

57 Jerusalem,

57 First feelings and reflections in Jerusalem,... 57 Greek monks,

58 Abyssinian priest,

58 Greek convent,

59 Abyssinian convent,.

60 Ysa Petros, a Greek priest,

60 Reflcctions on holy places,

61 Conversations with Ysa Petros,

61 Monastery of the Holy Cross,.

61 Armenians,

62 Church of the Armenian convent,.

63 Jews,

63 Oppressions suffered by the Jews,.

63 Jewish place of weeping,...

64 Oppressions suffered by the Greeks,

64 Tract by the author on the Holy Spirit,

65 Population of Jerusalem, .

65 Cæsarius, a Greek ecclesiastic,

65 Conversation with the bishop of Nazareth,... 65 Reflections on the state of the Christians, 66 Jews in Abyssinia,

67 Mosque of Omar,

68 Church of the Holy Sepulchre,.

68 Mount of Olives, ...

69 View of Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives, 69 Probable scene of the Ascension,.

70 Bethany, ....

70 Vineyards and flocks near Jerusalem,. 71 Pool Of Siloam,

71 Valley of Hinnom,

71 Burial grounds, Disturbances at Bethlehem, Aspect of the Sabbath in Jerusalem, Departure from Jerusalem, Reflections on leaving Jerusalem,


Page Ain Yabroud, 74 D. State of the Jews at Safet,....

79 Return to Nablous,

75 E. Enmity of Samaritans to Jews and Christians, 79 From Nablous 10 Beirout,. 75 F. Population of Jerusalem,

80 Itinerary of the Author,.. 76 G. Number of convents in Jerusalem,

80 H. Rigor of the Advent fast,

80 NOTES TO THE JOURNAL. I. Jews in Abyssinia,

80 A. Ilustrations of Scripture:


76 NATURAL, CIVIL AND RELIGIOUS. Gen. xviii. 6, 10, and xxvii. 14, 17,. Pov. xi. 21, Natural state,

81 Isaiah xiv. 8,

77 Civil state : Isaiah lii. 2, 10,

Commerce, Matt. vi. 3, and Prov. vi. 13,


85 Matt. xxvi. 23, and John xiii. 25, 27,.... 78 Moral and religious state,

87 B. The Tantoor, a female head-dress in Syria, 78 Image-worship, and invocation of saints, 91 C. On Tyre, 79 The Jews......



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The author did hope, that this volume would have embraced the Varieties of Female Character, as well as of Female Piety, because character and piety are so identical. He has, however, found it impossible to trace the developement of both, under the name of Martha. THE Lydias, or the Developement of Female Character," will, therefore, follow this volume, and complete the first section of the Closet Library.

The author gratefully acknowledges, that he has not appealed in vain to the Mothers or the Daughters in British Isracl.”




Martha and the Marthas, 1. Varieties, from Timidity,

ALLEGORY, No. 1-Rachel's Leprosy, II. Varieties, from Oversight,

ALLEGORY, No. 2–Rachel's Exile, III. Varieties, from Mistakes,

ALLEGORY, No. 3—Rachel's Cure, IV. Varieties, from Inattention,

V. Varieties, from Mistrust, VI. Varieties, froni Modesty, VII. Varieties, from Fretfulness,


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MARTHA AND THE MARTHAS. heavenly things have any real place in their affecThe key to the second volume of the Lady's Clotions. Others, again, have so much to contend set Library, must be taken from the fact, that with, either from temperament or condition, from pious females, who have not exactly the spirit of

trials or temptations, that they are almost the creaMary, are usually ranked with Martha. Indeed, tures of circumstances, and vary in their feelings they regard themselves as Marthas, and are some

with all the variations of their bealth or prosperiwhat doubtful whether they have really chosen ty. They are the good part, which shall not be taken from"

Every thing by turns, them. It is, therefore, because these who are not

And nothing long." very like Mary, class themselves, and are classed, with Martha, that I bring under her name, “The It would be easy (and as useless as easy) to deVarieties of Female Piety.” Many of its varie- pict these faults and defects. It would be still ties are almost as unlike her, as she was unlike easier, and more useless, to condemn them. They her sister : but all of them, so far as they are oc- can only be reproved with effect, by what can casioned by faults or defects of character and cure them effectually. Nothing but the remedy temper, require the same treatment which Martha provided for them in the gospel, can bring home received from Christ ;-tenderness enough to pre- their sin or folly to the heart. It is only when we vent despair, and reproof enough to check pre- see, from the designs of grace, and from the chasumption.

racter of glory, what we ought to be, and what we Martha's faults are not the only faults, which may be, that we acknowledge, even to ourselves, the Saviour rebukes and chastises, in all whom what we really are. It is when confronted with He loves. His object is, to have all his real disci- the image of Christ and the image of the Heaples conformed to His own image; and, therefore venly, that we become alarmed at the earthy" he contends against whatever, in each of them, is features of our own image. No light, but the most unlike himself. Whatever had been the be- light of eternity, can expose our faults fully, and setting sin of Martha's character or spirit, his re- yet set us to correct them willingly, at the same buke,—“ Martha, Martha !would have been time. We may yield partly to human influence ; equally pointed and unequivocal. It applies, there but nothing less than Divine authority, and that fore, to all those varieties of piety which, like only in its paternal spirit and eternal sanctions, hers, leave some doubt upon all minds (the pos- can sway our inclinations. sessors not excepted) of its present reality, or of Convinced of all this by my own experience, its future issue. The rebuke bears directly, not and from the contact or correspondence into which indeed upon all imperfection, but upon all impru- my“ GUIDES” have brought me with so many of dence and oversight, negligence and self-will. the varieties of male and female piety, at home Accordingly, it is applied to themselves, by many and abroad, I have not confronted the peculiaripious females, who never went Martha's lengths in ties of men and women “ professing godliness ;" ill-temper. There are meek and amiable women, nor contrasted the Marthas with the Marys; nor who feel instinctively that they have more of Mar- even compared the sexes : but have brought all tha, than of Mary, in their character. Some of the varieties of piety, to the one standard by them, although not " cumbered about much serv- which they will all be tried at last,—the image of ing," are yet so cumbered about something, that Christ ! And where there is not conscience their hearts are almost divided between God and enough to take lessons there—I certainly do not the world. Others, again, although not “careful include such characters amongst the varieties of and troubled about many things,” are yet so ab- Christians. They vary too little from the world, sorbed with some earthly good or evil in their lot, to have any identity with the Church. In a word, that it is very doubtful to themselves, whether! I have nothing to say, in this volume, to any female

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