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training, I should have no hesitation in combating, with whom is the residue of the spirit, that He if necessary, the whole Zoolu army.

will incline the hearts of many of his faithful serTo these brief remarks, far too cursory for the vants willingly to offer themselves as laborers in importance of the subject, which, I trust, will find the vineyard he has so graciously opened," I should an abler advocate, I will only add my sincere hope then feel assured, not only that the blessing imthat, for the security and permanency (under the plored would descend in abundance upon that Divine blessing) of the missionaries about to be parched and thirsty soil, “ making the wilderness sent to that country, the appeal to his majesty's to blossom as the rose,” but also that you yourgovernment, contained in the petition inserted selves would experience the refreshing dews in above, may not have been urged in vain; but con- your own souls. tribute to such a result as may conduce, not only Let us never forget the wild shouts of our foreto the well-being of that infant settlement, but to fathers who immolated their offspring at the foot the manifestation of the Gospel of grace, and the of their idols ; and, as we have so freely received, extension of the Redeemer's kingdom from the let us also freely give, not our money only, but esshores of Victoria to the very confines of Abyssi- pecially our prayers, and (when the path of duty nia.

seems clearly evident) our very selves, a living, One word to British Christians, and the patient holy, acceptable sacrifice-always bearing in mind reader who has followed me thus far is released. the injunction of an inspired apostle Ye are

The Committee of the Church Missionary So. not your own, for ye are bought with a price; ciety, to whom application for succor was imme- therefore glorify God in your own body and your diately made on my arrival in England, have, I spirit

, which are God's.”—(1 Cor. vi. 19.) am thankful to say, accepted the two stations of Berea and Culoola as they now stand, as well as

THE ZOOLU'S PRAYER. the entire management and control of the Zoolu mission in future; but from their absolute inability Hark!-a voice on Albion's shore, to supply the laborers for the work, it is very Mingling with the ocean's roar, doubtful whether they will be enabled to carry A wild, but mournful plaint ; their purpose into execution.

'Twas raised on Afric's sunny strand, To appeal to you, under such circumstances, is

And echoes now throughout our land, a duty which you will readily admit; and, although In accents low and faint. it should touch a string which has often been strained before, and is still vibrating to the latest

It is the blood-stained Zoolu's prayer, call of Christian philanthropy, I feel assured that The first that e'er was offered there it is only to make known the circumstances and For mercy and for peace ; urgency of the case to meet with your cheerful It claims the Christian's fostering hand and warmest support.

To cheer a dark and ruined land, Let it not be said that teachers are reluctant And bid her thraldom cease. to go when nations are willing to be taught—that injured, benighted Africa, groping through the

Haste ! haste !—to us direct your way, thick darkness, calls unheeded for your aid, and We perish if you now delaystretches out her hands to you in vain. Much as God's word we long to hear ! there is undoubtedly to be done at home, are there Gladden our hearts with that good news, none willing to spend and be spent in the cause

Nor fear that we will e'er refuse of their ever-blessed Redeemer abroad? Is the What now we hold so dear! path, once so humbly and so holily pursued by a Schwartz, a Brainard, and a Martyn, become too We love to hear the white man tell hard and too self-denying for the modern disciples How Jesus ransomed souls from hell, of Him, who, though he was rich, yet for our sake And suffered in their stead! became poor-who bore our griefs and carried And when our surf-girt shores you reach, our sorrows—who not only loved us, but gave him We 'll pray to Him of whom you preach self for us?

For blessings on your head. Melancholy, indeed, would be the condition of that people, who (calling themselves Christians) As you were once bereft of light, could calmly sit down to count the cost, while Oh, think upon our cheerless night, millions were perishing for lack of knowledge; but Without one star to guide! far less enviable is the state of that heart, which Heed not the land you leave behind cares not to respond when the ministers of the Another home with us you 'll find, most high God point themselves to the path of Your God will all provide ! missionary labor.

It is to you, then, my fellow-Christians, that And when your day of trial 's o'er, (under the guidance and blessing of God) we look And you shall join those gone before for support; and could I but hear you reply, “Al In realms of light above; though we cannot of ourselves go forth, we will You will not deem your labor lost, plead the poor African's cause at the throne of Nor wish that you had weighed the cost grace, and make special supplication unto Him, Of this your work of love.


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1823 & 1824.










In the following pages, many of the author's gether with the nations more immediately in relaobservations are given in the form of a Journal. tion with them—MODERN GREECE-TURKEY IN EUIt would not, indeed, have been difficult to sub- ROPE AND ASIA-ARMENIA, and the neighboring re. divide the volume into parts, cach furnishing a gions—PERSIA, SYRIA, and PALESTINE (the review separate account of the different classes of society of which is, in the present volume, in a consider, to be found in Syria and Palestine. Since, however, able measure, executed)--ARABIA-EGYPT and that small country does, in faet, present an epitome NUBIA-ABYSSYNIA--and the BARBARY STATES. of nearly all the bodies of men existing around the An intelligent investigation of the condition of Mediterranean, it is evident, that, in such a parti- these various regions, prosecuted by the different tion of subjects, some would have been found too missionaries in a truly Christian spirit, with accuinconsiderable to form by themselves a detached racy of observation, sound judgment, meekness chapter.

of temper, and a practical determination of mind, 'The want of lucid order, incidental to this mode would furnish to the conductors of missionary of publication, will appear, however, to be, in a and Bible societies, and to missionaries actually considerable measure, remedied by the introduc- on service, an invaluable depository of information, tory section of the work; in which, by means of on which to form their opinions and direct their an extensive compilation from a variety of authors measures. there is presented to the reader a classified view It is however fully to be borne in mind, that of the different bodies of men existing in Syria and such a system of research forms only a part-a Palestine.

small, and continually decreasing part of the work In the sections which follow the journal, the of a missionary. Enough has, indeed, been already author has aimed at developing more fully than effected, to open an introduction to immediate and his journal had done, the condition of the people; important labors. The various Christian societies not without an ardent hope, that the picture exhi- of our own country, of the continent, and of bited may be the means of rousing the public to a America, would probably all of them concur in this deeper sense of their obligations to prosecute Chris- judgment, and many of them are acting upon it. tian missions in this part of the world. Various But the spirit and the measures of all need a vast suggestions, the result of frequent communication enlargement. It is high time for the faithful memwith the men of intelligence and piety, are like-bers of Christ to be instant in their supplications wise offered, in reference to character of missio- to Him, who is the great Head over all things to naries and the measures of missionary and Bible the church—that He would vouchsafe to pour out societies.

the gift of His Holy Spirit more abundantly than The Church Missionary Society has felt the ad- ever, preparing all the nations by a feeling of anxvantage of the system of research thus far conduct- ious expectation of some great event, and at the ed, with sufficient force to desire that it should be, in same time sending forth a numerous company of its proportion, steadily pursued. It would be desir. Evangelists to visit all the dark places of the able for the public to be furnished with an exact earth in the fulness of the blessing of the Gospel view of the circumstances and opinions of the fol- of Christ. lowing principal countries—the PAPAL STATES, to

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are the sects of the Spanish and Polish Jews, the

Hassidim, &c. of which some notice will appear RABBINISTS- ARAITES-SAMARITANS. in that part of the following Journal which de

scribes Tiberias. In describing the different classes of people who pt present dwell in Syria and the Holy Land, it is natural to give the first place to that nation, which, in the most ancient periods of history, pos

CHRISTIANS. sessed so considerable a portion of this territory, by the title of a special gift from heaven. What If pure Christianity consists in the enjoyment of we might almost term, the Divine Nobility of this the light of Revelation; in the exercise of faith, race, is briefly and energetically sketched in those hope, and charity; and in the maintenance of the words of Scripture :-"Who are Israelites ; to unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace—then must whom pertaineth the adoption, and the glory, and it be mournfully admitted, that the professors of the covenants, and the giving of the law, and the our most holy faith have, in Syria and Palestine, service of God, and the promises ; whose are the wandered very far indeed from the truth and simfathers, and of whom, as concerning the flesh, plicity of the Gospel. Darkness and discord share Christ came, who is over all, God blessed for ever. the dominion here. It is true that there is no Amen.” (Rom. ix. 4, 5.) No Master of Heraldry part of the Christian world into which these foul ever pronounced such a majestic train of titles: spirits have not in various degrees, found entrance: no country, not the proudest, can present, in a but, in our present survey, the sight of them is condensed form, such a splendid record of its pri- doubly painful; while we contemplate the intenvileges and distinctions. There does not, nor sity of their influence, and the melancholy fact, ever did there exist, such a remarkable nation as that they should be here ruling in that very sphere, that of the Jews—a people terrible from their be- where the religion of light and love was first proginning hitherto!

mulgated. This family of the children of Abraham-attaint We must not shrink, however, from faithfully ed and despoiled of its heritage, but not extinct- delineating the picture. If the scornful feelings still lingers, a small part of it at least, upon the of the infidel should begin to kindle at the descrippaternal estate ; anxious to be found on the spot, tion, let him reflect that here is no triumph over at the moment of the appearance, daily and hourly Christianity, but a developement of erring human expected, of their Deliverer and Restorer; or, in nature. That professing Christians have departed the event of their death, fondly deeming it meri- from the purity of the faith, no more tends toward torious to be gathered to the grave of their fathers. a refutation of Christianity, than the errors of

From Aleppo to Jerusalem, Jews are to be found idolatry and polytheism to deprave the doctrine of in all the principal cities : in Mount Lebanon there the eternal Godhead. Does a reflecting man are but few. The author, in a future part of this doubt the truth, that there is One God, because volume, gives an account of them, principally in the myriads of the heathen have worshipped stocks, those places which he visited.

and stones, and beasts, and reptiles ? Neither The distinction between the two leading divi- ought the faith of any Christian man to be shaken, sions of the Jews is extremely simple-the Rab- by seeing that the professors of Christianity have binical, who are attached to a multitude of human multiplied schisms and heresies. All these facts traditions and commentaries; and the Karaites, serve but to prove the infirmity and sinfulness of who adhere to the simple text of the Scriptures human nature : they cannot shake the truth of of the Old Testament.

Revelation. Although the evidence of the docBesides this leading distinction, there is an- trine be not apparent in Palestine, yet there is, in other, which is of a national kind ; that between the Christian Church, “one body, and one Spirit, Jews and Samaritans. It may, indeed, very rea even as we are called in one hope of our calling : sonably be doubted how far the Samaritans have One Lord, one faith, one baptism ; One God and a claim to be classed with the descendants of Father of all, who is above all, and through all, Abraham. A fuller discussion of this point than and in us all.” (Eph. iv. 46.). He who prays could be allowed in this preliminary chapter, will for a spiritual participation of the blessings exbe found in a subsequent part of this volume. It pressed in that passage, and he alone, may, with seemed, however, not improper to class under this safety and with painful profit, contemplate the folhead, a body which professes to ground its religion lowing details. entirely upon the five books of Moses.

The professing Christians of Syria and Pales.. There are, further, distinctions among the Jews, tine may be thus classed :arising from differences in their modes of worship, Greeks, of the proper Oriental Church or from refinements of speculative opinion. Such! Armenians, proper

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