Transactions and Proceedings of the American Philological Association

Beginning with v. 31, the proceedings and papers of the Philological Association of the Pacific Coast are included.

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Página 41 - Epic poetry agrees with Tragedy in so far as it is an imitation in verse of characters of a higher type. They differ, in that Epic poetry admits but one kind of metre, and is narrative in form. They differ, again, in...
Página 14 - Regumque matres barbarorum et Purpurei metuunt tyranni, Iniurioso ne pede proruas Stantem columnam neu populus frequens »Ad arma«, cessantis »ad arma...
Página 111 - O Publi, o gurges, Galloni, es homo miser,' inquit. Cenasti in vita numquam bene, cum omnia in ista Consumis squilla atque acipensere cum decimano.
Página xxix - Committee of ten, composed of the above officers and five other members of the Association. 3. All the above officers shall be elected at the last session of each annual meeting. ARTICLE III. — MEETINGS. 1. There shall be an annual meeting of the Association in the city of New York, or at such other place as at a preceding annual meeting shall be determined upon. 2. At the annual meeting, the Executive Committee shall present an annual report of the progress uf the Association.
Página 112 - It is played between two sides, each numbering from five to eight persons. Each of the players is armed with a bracciale, or gauntlet of wood, covering the hand and extending nearly up to the elbow, with which a heavy ball is beaten backwards and forwards, high into the air, from one side to the other.
Página 41 - Tragedy endeavours, as far as possible, to confine itself to a single revolution of the sun, or but slightly to exceed this limit; whereas the Epic action has no limits of time.
Página xxix - Assori*. tion." 2. Its object shall be the advancement and diffusion of philological knowledge. ARTICLE II. — OFFICERS. 1. The officers shall be a President, two Vice-Presidents, a Secretary and Curator, and a Treasurer. 2. There shall be an Executive Committee of ten, composed of the above officers and five other members of the Association.
Página 107 - Sic palmam tibi de trigone nudo Unctae det favor arbiter coronae, Nee laudet Polybi magis sinistras.
Página xl - ... secretary of the association to the President of the United States, President of the Senate, and to the Speaker of the House of Representatives in Washington; to the presidents and secretaries of the societies affiliated with the association, and of other similar organizations in the United States. Resolved, That the president of the association appoint a committee of five on the conservation of resources, this committee to take such further action in carrying out this resolution as from time...
Página xiv - GEORGE N. OLCOTT. Thesaurus linguae latinae epigraphicae. A dictionary of the Latin inscriptions ; I, fasc.

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