The works of Alexander Pope. With his last corrections, additions, and improvements; together with all his notes: pr. verbatim from the octavo ed. of mr. Warburton, Volumen6


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Página 148 - Lords and Commons, nemine contradicente; and the whole town, men, women, and children, are quite full of it. Perhaps I may all this time be talking to you of a book you have never seen, and which...
Página 116 - I was confident our liberty could never be placed upon a firm foundation, until that ancient law were restored among us. For who sees not that while such assemblies are permitted to have a longer duration, there grows up a commerce of corruption between the ministry and the deputies, wherein they both find their accounts, to the manifest danger of liberty — which traffic would never answer the design nor expense, if Parliaments met once a year.
Página 269 - Dr. Delany is the only gentleman I know who keeps one certain day in the week to entertain seven or eight friends at dinner and to pass the evening, where there is nothing of excess, either in eating or drinking.
Página 175 - ... is not founded upon weak appearances. Upon his return from the Bath, all peccant humours, he finds, are...
Página 4 - I am, when every day the performances of others appear more beautiful and excellent, and my own more despicable.
Página 128 - Augustus : but envy, and party, and pride have hindered it among us. I do not include the subalterns, of which you are seldom without a large tribe.
Página 189 - As to this country,* there have been three terrible years dearth of corn, and every place strewed with beggars; but dearths are common in better climates, and our evils here lie much deeper. Imagine a nation the two thirds of whose revenues are spent out of it, and who are not permitted to trade with the other third...
Página 175 - As to the return of his health and vigour, were you here, you might inquire of his hay-makers; but as to his temperance I can answer that (for one whole day) we have had nothing for dinner but mutton-broth, beans and bacon, and a barn-door fowl.
Página 147 - Gulliver, which hath been the conversation of the whole town ever since : the whole impression sold in a week ; and nothing is more diverting than to hear the different opinions people give of it, though all agree in liking it extremely. It is generally said that you are the author : but I am told, the bookseller declares, he knows not from what hand it came.
Página 302 - THOUGH you were never to write to me, yet what you desired in your last, that I would write often to you, would be a very easy task ; for every day I talk with you, and of you, in my heart ; and I need only set down what that is thinking of.

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