Roots of Scientific Thought: A Cultural Perspective

Basic Books, 1957 - 677 páginas
Pt. 1. Classical heritage. Problems and methods of early Greek science / Heinrich Gomperz -- Scientific origins of the protoplasm problem / Thomas S. Hall -- Discovery of form / John Elof Boodin -- Aristotle's conception of scientific method / Richard McKeon -- Recent trends in the interpretation of ancient science / Ludwig Edelstein -- Pt. 2. From rationalism to experimentalism / A.C. Crombie -- Scientific method in the school of Padua / John Herman Randall, Jr. -- Galileo and Plato / Alexandre Koyré -- Galileo and Avempace : dynamics of the leaning tower experiment / Ernest A. Moody -- Place of Leonardo da Vinci in the emergence of modern science / John Herman Randall, Jr. -- Origins of Gilbert's scientific method / Edgar Zilsel -- Genesis of the concept of scientific progress / Edgar Zilsel -- Copernicus and mechanics / Edgar Zilsel -- Zilsel, the artisans, and the idea of progress in the Renaissance / A.C. Keller -- Ramus-Rheticus correspondence / Edward Rosen -- Pt. 3. Scientific revolution. Kepler, the Somnium, and John Donne / Marjorie Nicholson -- Gresham College : precursor of the Royal Society / Francis R. Johnson -- History of trades : its relation to seventeenth-century thought / Walter E. Houghton -- Bacon's man of science / Moody E. Prior -- Unity of the sciences : Bacon, Descartes, Leibniz / Robert McRae -- Newton's "mathematical way" / E.W. Strong -- Aristotle, Newton, and the theory of continuous magnitude / Melbourne G. Evans -- Newness and novelty in seventeenth-century science / Lynn Thorndike -- Bacon and Gilbert / Marie Boas -- Leibniz's project of a public exhibition on scientific inventions / Philip P. Wiener -- Pt. 4. From the world-machine to cosmic evolution. Crucial experiments : Priestley and Lavoisier / S.E. Toulmin -- Trembley's Polyp, La Mettrie, and eighteenth-century French materialism / Aram Vartanian -- Scientific background of evolutionary theory in biology / Maurice Mandelbaum -- Darwin's theory and nineteenth-century philosophies of science / Alvar Ellegard -- Benjamin Peirce : mathematician and philosopher / Sven Peterson -- One universe or many? / Milton K. Munitz -- Sir James Jeans on physics and philosophy / Philip P. Wiener -- Henri Poincaré : from Science and hypothesis to Last thoughts / Andre Lalande -- Some recent books on the history of science / I. Bernard Cohen.

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