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-Thy Lore Is Better than Wine" ...
Lrssons and Pictures, especially for
Young Men, from the Book of Pro-
verbs. By the Rev. Andrew Thom-
son, :> It Edinburgh

S'.y Christians. By the Rev. Theodore


i'-; V.j Marriages

The Ixcairaloess of Sin. By the Rev.

Theodore U Cuyler

Suit's Wlujesses

"Slippery Place*"

The Wedge with a Crack In it


"Because of the Savour of thy Good
Ointments thy Name is as Ointment

poured forth"

The Traveller's Paalm

Self-Dedication to God. By the Rev.

Charles J. Brown, D.D., Edinburgh

The rocket-Book, and its Uses In the


** He giveth His Beloved Sleep"

The Golden and the Gilded

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Hoen in Eastern Hospitals By sn

ladian Missionary—

No. r 11

Ko. II 110

On Both Sides of the Ses: A Story of

the Commonwealth and the Restore,

rion—A Seqnel to "The Draytona

and the Davenanta." By the Author

of the " Chronicles of the Schtfnberg-

Cotta FsmUy " 18, 65, 129, 215, 282,

321, 385, 457, 597, 646, 705

Whs* are Ton going to do To-morrow f 48

The Old Norse 48

Sketches of Church History—

I. The Urea of the Apostles ... 80

II. Trails and Stories of the Infant

Church 168

III. Chequered Scenes 23"

IV. Stars in the Firmament ... 277

V. A Cloud of Witnesses 373

VI. The Peace-maker, and the Mar-
tyrs of Carthage 419

VIL Tho Man of Genius 536

What I have Learned among the Tombs 176

The Blind Eyes Opened 179

The Story of a Huguenot GAlley-SIavc

237. 297

My Alpine Friend 214

Let Him that Heareth say, Come ... 218

Birthday Musings 251

Arthur Ersklne's Experiences—A Tale

of the Sixteenth Century, 257, 314,

435, 487, 546, 615, 692, 743

A Starr)- Night 356

* Lord, let It alone tills year also, till

I shall dig about it" 363

Work In the Wynds 867

'ITie Missing Receipt ,., 402

Leaves from an Hospital Visitor's Note-

Book 4!I, 497, 698

Another Starry Night 442

How the Grain of Mustard-Seed sprung

np 480

Memory and the Final Judgment ... 563

Autumn Trees 594

"Freely—Freely" 612

A Soldier's Conversion 626


The Child whose Name Is the Mighty

God 57

The Still Watersof the Valley. By tho

Author of the "Chronicles of the

SchSnberg-Cotta Family ■ 97

"At Evening-Time it shall be Light" 120

The Power of Life. By the Author of

the "Chronicles of the SchSnberg-

Cotta Family"

Winter Thoughts

Wonders of Day and Night ...

"Redeeming the Time"

Savonarola ... ... ...

By the Way ...

The Parting at Tyre

Tho Night Service

Biow upon Blow ... ...

In the Glen

A Song of the River

The betrayal of the Yucatan Islanders

The Church of Pentecost From tho
German of Karl Gerok.


"Every Scribe Instructed." By the
Rev. Alexander Yulll, Carglll

The Memory of the. Lost. By the Rev.
D. B. Coe, of the American Board

Ordination Charge. By the Rev. A. L.
R. Foote, Brechin ...

Heaven the Scene of Christ's Priest-
hood. By the Rev. Hugh Martin,
M.A.. Free Greyfrtars', Edinburgh—

Part First

Part Second

The Two Antagonistic Principles; or,
Perfect Love Casting out Fear. By
the Rev. A. L. R. Foote, Brechin ...

The Preaching of Another Gospel Ac-

The Rose of Jericho. A Sermon for

Children. By the Rev. Hugh Mac-


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No. III. The Psalms of David ...

No. IV. The Davidic Ordinances

for the Service of Song

No. V. Psalmody under Solomon

and the Later Kings ...

No. VI. The Psalms of the Cap-

tivity and the Retarn

Ancient Jewish Chamber—Damascus

Gate (with Engraving)

Old Testament Difficulties—

1.—Samson ...



An Anglican on Union

Christianity and Natural Science

Sir S. Baker on the Nile Tribes

The Deceivableness of Unrighteous-


Faithful in that which is Least

Thoughts In Trial

Notes on " Ecce Deus" ... 336,

What of the Tide-Is It Ebbing or


Rationalism and Ritualism—How they

kit I to meet the Sinner's Case
The Modem Apotheosis of Doubt

In Paris

M. Guizot's Testimony to the Christian
itevivol in France ... ... ...

Goulbourn on Personal Religion
Miscellanies by T. L. Cuyler—
I. The Cross of Christ First
IL Cloudy Christians


Winter Emblems

The River Divided. By A. L. 0. E. ...

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[NE of the greatest spiritual champions of the last century, whom I wish to introduce to my readers in this paper, is one who is very little known. The man I mean is the llev. Daniel Rowlands of Iinngeitho in Cardiganshire. Thousands"of my countrymen, I suspect, have some little acquaintance with Whitefield, Wesley, and Romaine, who never even heard the name of the great apostle of Wales.

That such should be the case need not surprise us. Rowlands was a Welsh clergyman, and seldom preached in the English language. He resided in a very remote part of the principality, and Wdly ever came to London. His ministry was almost entirely among the middle and lower classes in about five counties in Wales. These circumstances alone are enough to account for the fact that so few people know anything about him. Whatever the causes may be, there are not many Englishmen who understand Welsh, or can even pronounce the names of the parishes where Rowlands used to preach. In the face of these circumstances, we have no.right to be surprised if

his reputation has been confined to the land of his nativity.

In addition to all this, we must remember that no biographical account of Rowlands was ever drawn up by his contemporaries. Materials for such an account were got together by one of his sons, and forwarded to Lady Huntingdoa Her death, unfortunately, immediately afterwards, prevented these materials being used, and what became of them after her death has never been ascertained. The only memoirs of Rowlands are two lives, written by clergymen who are still living. They are both excellent and useful in their way, but of course they labour under the disadvantage of having been drawn .up long after the mighty subject of them had passed away.* These two volumes, and some very valuable information which I have succeeded in obtaining from a kind

* The memoirs of Rowlands to which I refer are two small voluniea by the Rev. John Owen, Rector of Thrusslngton, and the Rot. E. Morgan, Vicar of Syston, both lu the county of Leicester. The private information which I have received has been supplied by a relative of the great Welsh apostle, though not in lineal descent, the Rev. William Rowlands of Fishguard, South Wales. Some few facts, it may be interesting to my readers to know, come from an old man of eighty-live, who, when a boy, heard Rowlands preach.

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