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George Melville and Thomas F. Griswold determine that “Old Sassy”

had better look out.

“ COME in !” said George Melville, in reply to a triple knocking upon his study room door, at the same instant rising to greet his visitor.

“Ah, Tam!” continued Melville, “is that really you at last? I had settled it for a finality that you were growing sickly.”

I have grown sick of lying to that impudent candy peddler. He has dunned me three times today; and you know our necessary expenses do not admit of any liquidation at present. The ball at Bridgewater severely punished an X and V; the two rides to Utica whipped $11 75; the Christy Minstrels and two suppers at Baggs's made away with $10 25; and then the general effort to satisfy the inner man at Austin's. However, the score for that is charged in account. Austin is the only sensible man in this community. There is but one course left. George, you must help me pay off Old Sassy. The bare

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