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From dogs a wolf, from wolves a dog, he fled,
And, like a spy,, to both sides false, he perished. 450

It quick'ned next a toyful ape, and so

Gamesome it was, that it might freely go

From tent to tent, and with the children play:

JJis organs now so like theirs he doth find,

That why he cannot laughand speak his mind

H£ wonders. Much with ail, most he doth stay

With Adarn's fifth daughter, Siphatecia;

Doth ga2e on her, and where she passeth pass,

Gathers her fruits, and tumbles on the grass;:

And, wisest of that kind, the first true lover was. 4*0

xcvir. He was the first tha{ more desir'd to have One than another; first that e'er did crave Love By mute signs, and had no power to speak; First that could make love.faces, or could do. , The vaulter's sombersalts, or us'd to woo With hoiting gambols, his own bones to break, To make his mistress merry, or to wreak Her anger on himself. Sins against kind Theyeas'ly do that can let feed their mind With outward beauty: beauty they in boys and beasts xivm. [do find.

By this misled, too low things men have prov'd, 471 . And too high; beasts and angels have been lov'd:

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