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Tit* FkKWH or tax Soul. I4 5

But that they fishes were, and could not speak.
How shall a tyrant wise strong projects break,
If wretcnesican on them the common anger wreak?
'.'0 (is.O'>l •i\wrMXVI. . •• . A.ruiH :j . *
The fhil'd.tiaYd thresher, and steel-beak'd
Oniy attempt to do what all do wish:. .. 35*

The thresher backs hire, and to beat begins;
.Die sluggard whale yields to oppression,
And, to hide himself from shame and danger, down
Begins to sink: the upward spins,
And gores him with his beak; his tins
So well the one, his sword the other, plies,
That, now a scoff and prey, this tyrant dies,
And (his own dole) feeds with himself all companies.

ft..' . ■ XXXVII.

Who will revenge his death? or who will call lfil
Those to account that thought and wrought his fall'?'
The heirs of slain kings we see are often so
Transported with the joy of what they get,
That they revenge and obsequies forget;
Nor will against such men the people go, ...
Because he's now dead to whom they should show
Love i n that act. Some kings by vice, being gtown
So needy' of sub;ec:s' love, that of their own .
TJiey think they lose if love be to the dead prince
xxxvi 11. .:,. -.t*howji.

This Soul, now free from prison and passion, : . j.t
Hath yet a little indignation

rdumt 11. N

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