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Than tliey are. Thus her, doubtful of bet wajr.

For game, and not for hunger, a sea-pie ..."*r"»

Spy'd thro' his traitorous spectacle from high

The silly fish, where it disputing lay, .

And, t; end her doubts and her, bears her away;

Exalted, she 's but to th' exalter'sgoodi

(As are by great one; men which lowly stood)

it'srais'd to be the rui er's instrument and i


1s any kind subject to rape like fish?
Ill unto man they neither do nor wish;
Fishers they kill not, nor with noise awake;
They do no! hunt, nor strive to make a prey
Of-beaits, nor their young sons to bear away;
Fowls they pursue not, nor do undertake
To spoil the nests industrious birds do make;
Yet them all these unkind kinds feed upon;
To kill them is an occupation,
And laws make fasts and lents for their destruction.. -.
.,.... xxx. . ... 2

A sudden stiff land-wind in that self hour .. aft

To sea-ward fore'd this bird that did devour ;„^>
The fish; he cares not, fpr. with ease he flies., We 3^
KatgluttpnyVbest orator: st last, .. . - ^^
So long he hath flown, and hath flown so fast,
That, leagues o'erpast at sea, now tir'd he lies, j j»
And with his prey, that till then languish'd, ,d^ss,, .a
The Souls, no longer foes, two ways did err.

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