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Thro' which this Soul from the tree's root did draw

Life and growth to this apple, fled,away

This loose Soul, old, one and another day.'"" .

As lightning, which one scarce dare say lie saw,

'Tis so soon gone (and better proof the law

Of sense than'faith requires)'swiftly she flew

T' a dark and foggy plot; her fates threw

There thro' In earth's pores, and in a plant hcni'dhi

xiv. [a:

The plant, thus abled, to itself did force 'Ii

A place where no place was by Nature's course, -- -i

As air from water, water fleets away

From thicker' bodies; by this root throng'd so

His spungy confines gave him place to grow:

Just as in our streets, when the people stay , , ,.

To see the prince, and so fill up the way

.» . J . . .' ioll

That weasels scarce could pass; when he comes neat

They throng and cleave up, and a passage clear,

His right arm he thrust out towards the east, jr^*

Westward his left; th' ends did themselves digest"

Into ten strings, these fingers were:

And, as a slumb'rer, stretching on his bed,

This way he this and that way scattered . . *

His cither leg, which feet with toes upbear;, ,, ,,

Grew on his middle part, the first Ld;iy, hair, ',,, ". ,

As if for that time their round bodies flatten'd w xv.


tqjt Fsogress or tni SOUL. Ki.

To show that in love's bus'ness he should stflt
A dealer be, and be usrd, well or ill: '49

His apples kindle, his leaves force of conception kill.


A mouth, but dumb, he hath; blind eyes, deaf ears,,

And to his shoulders dangle subtle hairs;

A young Colossus there he stands upright;

And, as that ground by him were conquered,'r

A leafy garland wears he on his head

Enchas'd with little fruits so red and bright,

That for them ye would call your love's lips white;

So of a lone unhaunted place possest,

Bid this Soul's second inn, built by the guest

This living buried man, this quiet mandrake, rest. 160


No lustful woman came this plant to grieve,
But 'twas because there was none yet but Eve,
And she (wiih other purpose) kill'd it quite:
Her sin now brought in infirmities,
And so her cradled child the eyes
Had never shut, nor slept, since it saw light:
Poppy she knew, she knew the mandrake's might, ,
And tore up both, and so cool'd her child's blood.
Unvirtuous weeds might long unvex'd have stood,
But he's short liv'd that with his death can do most
xvm. tij00^.

To an unfetter'd Soul's quick nimble baste 171

Are falling stars il:d hearts' thoughts but slow pac'd,

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