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. A . >i METEMPSYCHOSIS.^*0'."^ y''

POEMA 5ATYRICON', .'-1-* ttUl 00 I

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,. . *. EPISTLE. . awa^fidiic^

OTHERS at the porches and entries of their buildings 'set. . their arms » ( my picture, if any cohurs can'deliver a mnfi so plain and flat, and thorough-light as mine. -Naturally

''at.a new author J doubt and stick, and do not say d'iiclity Good. I censure much and tax; and this liherty costs me .. more than others .' yet J would not he so rebellious agathst myself as not lo do it since / love it, nor so unjust to others U do it sine talione. As long as I give the'm as good hold .upon me they must pardon me my bt.hgs. I forbid no'kprehender but bim chat, like the Trent Council, forbids not: books, hut authors, damning whatever such a name bath or . shall write. None write so ill that he gives not something exemplary to follow or fly. Now, when i hegin »bis book, J have no purpose to come into any man's debt: how my stock Viill hold out J know not; perchance waste, perchance increasein use. If I do borrow any tbing of Antiquity, hesides tloat J make account that I pay it to postenty with as much

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That swimming college and free hospital

Of all mankind, that cage and vivary

Of fowls arid beasts, in whose womb Destiny

Us and our lafest nephews did install,

(From thence are all deriv'd that fill this all)

Didst thou in that great stewardship embark

So diverse shapes into that floating park,

As have been mov'd and inform'd by this lieav'nly

iv. [sparfc.

Great Destiny, the commissary of God, 31

That hast uiark'd out a path and period
For every thing; who, where we off.spring to»V;L' *
Our ways and ends seest at one instant: thou.J: 3iiT\
Knot of all causes; thou whose changeless broiv^''' *
Ne'er smiles nor frowns, O! vouchsafethou to look,""
And shew my story in thy eternal book,
That (if my prayer be fit) I may understand
So much myself as to know with what hand,
How scant or liberal this my life's race is spann'd. 4a

To my six lustres, almost now out.wore,
Except thy book owe me so many more;
Except my legend be free from the lets

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