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12. When they hadcry'd unto their mothers, Where
Shall we have bread and drink? they fainted there;
And in the street, like wounded persons, lay,
Till 'twixt their mothers' breasts they went away.

I j. Daughter Jerusalem, oh! what may be
A witness or comparison for thee? Jo

Sion, to ease thee, what shall I name like thee?
Thy breach is like the sea; what help can be?

14. For thee vain foolish things thy prophets sought,
Thee thine iniquities they have not taught,
Which might dis-turn thy bondage; but for thee
False burthens and false causes they would see.

15. The passengers do clap their hands and hiss,
And wag their head at thee, and say, " Is this
"That city which so many men did call

"Joy of the earth, and perfectest of all?" 60

16. Thy foes do gape upon thee, and they hiss, And gnash their teeth, and say, " Devour we this; "For this is certainly the day which we

"Expected, and which now we find and see.

17. The Lord hath done that which he purposed,
Fulfill'd his word, of old determined J

Ke hath thrown down, and not spar'd, and thy foe
Made glad above thee, and advanc'd him so.

18. But now their hearts unto the Lord do call; Therefore, O walls of Sion! let tears fall 70 Down like a river day and night; take thee

No rest, but let thine eye incessant be.

19. Arise,, flry in the night, pour out thy sins,
Thy heart, like water, when the watch begins;
Lift up thy hands to God, lest children die,
Which, faint for hunger, in the streets do lie.

20. Behold, O Lord! consider unto whom

Thou hast done this; what, shall the women come

To eat tlieir children of aspan? shall thy

Prophet and priest be slain in sanctuary? 80

21. On ground in streets the young and old do lie; .
My virgins and young men by sword do die;
Them in theday of thy wrath thou hast slain,
Nothing did thee from killing them cautajn.

22. As to a solemn feast, all whom I fear'd
Thoucall'st about me: when thy wrath appear'd,
None did remain or 'scape; for those which I ,
Brought up did. perish by mine enemy. $8


1.1 Am the man which have affliction seen, Under the rod of God's wrath having been.


2. He hath led me to darkness, not to light,

3. And against me all day his hand doth fight.

4. He hath broke my bones, worn out my flesh and

5. Built up against me; and hath girt me in [skin; With hemlock, and with labour; 6. And set me

In dark, as they who dead for ever be.

7. He hath hedg'd me, lest I 'scape, and added more" To my steel fetters, heavier than before. 10

8. When I cry out, he'ouisliutsmy prayer; 9. And hath Stopp'd with hewn stone my way, and turn'd my path.

i'' .' * .,

10. And like a lion hid jn secrecy,

Or bear, which lies in wait, he was to me.

1i. He stops my way, tears me, made desolate;

12. And he makes me the mark he shnoteth at.

1?. He made the children of his quiver pass

Into my reins. 14. I with my people was

All the day long a song and mockery.

15. He hath fill'd me with bitterness, and he 26

Hath made me drunk with wormwood. 16. He hath

burst My teeth with stones, and covered me wilh du-t. 17. And thus my soul far off from peace was let. And my prosperity I did forget,

IS. My strength, my hope, (unto myself I said)
Which from the Lord should come, is perished.

19. But when my mournings I do think upon,
My wormwood, hemlock, andafBicticn,

20. My Squi is humbled in rememb'ring this;

21. My heart considers; therefore hope there is. ja

22. 'Tis God's great mercy we're not utterly Consum'd, for his compassions do not die;

23. For every morning they renewed be; For great, OLord! is thy fidelity.

24. The Lord is, saith my sou!, my portion, And therefore in him will X hope alone; . .r'

25. The Lord is good to them who' on him rely. And to the sovkthat seeks him earnestly.

26. It is both good to trust, and to attend

The Lord's salvation unto the end. 40

27. 'Tis good for one his yoke in youth to bear: 2*. He sits alone, and doth all speech forbear, Because he hath borne it: 29. And his mouth he lays Deep in the dust, yet then in hope he stays.

30. He gives his cheeks to whosoever will Strike him, and so he is reproached still.

31. For not for ever doth the Lord forsake;

32. But when he hath struck with sadness, he doth take

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Compassion, as his mercy's infinite.

33. Nor is it with his heart that he doth sinite, 50

34. That under foot the prisoners stamped be,

35. That a man's right the judge himself doth see

To be wrung from him; $6. That he subverted is
In his just cause, the Lord allows not this.

37. Who then will say that ought doth come to pass' But that which by the Lord commanded was;t'

38. Both good and evil from hismiuih proceeds;' 31. Why then grieves any manforhis misdeeds?

40. Turn we to God, by trying"6ut our ways; 55

41. To him in heav'n our hands with hearts upraise.

43. We have rebell'd, and fall'n aVvay from thee;' Thou pardon'st not; 43. Usest no clemency; Pursu'st us, kill'st us, cover*st us with wrath;

44. Cover'sl thyself with clouds, that our prayer hath

No pow'r to pass; 45. And thou hast made Us fail'
As refuse, and off-scouring, to them all,
46. All oar foes gape at us. 47. Fear and a snare,
With rnih'ahd with waste, upon us are.

48. WJtri W4t'ry rivers doth mine eye o'erflow,

For ruin of my people's daughters so: 70

49. Mine eye doth drop down tears incessantly, jo. Until the Lord look down from heav'n to see.

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