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6. from Sion's daughter is all beauty gone,
like harts, which seek for pasture and find none,
HeTprinces are; and now before the foe,

Which still pursues thefn, without strength they go.

7. Now in their days of tears, Jerusalem

(Her men slain by the foe, none succouring them)
Remembers what of old shecsteem'd most,
Whilst her foes laugh at her for which she 'ath lost.

8. Jerusalem hithsinn'd, therefore is^lie . .•.
Remov'd, as women in uncleanness be: lo
Who honour'd, scorn her; for her foulness they
Have seen: herself doth groan, and turn away.

9. Her foulness in but ifiif ts was »e*n, yet she
Remember'd not her witl; miraculously
Therefore she fell, none comforting. BehoM,
O Lord I my' affliction, for the fae grows bold.

10. Upon all things, where her delight hath been,
The foe hath siretoh'd his hand; for she hath seen
Heathen, whom thou commarid'st should net da so,
Into her holy Sanctuary go. 40

11. And all her people groan and seek for bread;
And they have given, only to be fed,

All precious things, wherein their pleasure lay. How cheap I'm grown, O Lord! behold, and weight


12. AH Ihis concerns not you, who pass by me;
O! see, and mark if any sorrow be
Like to my sorrow, which Jehovah hath
Done to me in the day of his fierce wrath.

15. That fire, which by himself is governed, ;,
He hath cast from heav'n on my bones, and spread
A net before my feet, and me p'erthrown, ... -- ,$!
And made me languish all the day alone.

14. His hands hath of my sins framed a yoke, . r; Which wreath'd, and ca6t upon my neck, hath broke My strength. The Lord unto those enemies

Hath given me, fiom whom I cannot rise,

15. HeiUflderrfoot hath trodden in my sight :"i .,.. My strong men; he did company accite

To break my young men; he the wine-press hath Trod upon J uda's daughter in his wrath. 60

16. For these things do I weep; mine eye, mine eye Casts water out; for he which should be nigh

To comfort me is now departed far;
The foe prevails, forlorn my children are.

17. There's none, tho' Sion do stretch out her hand, To comfort her: it is the Lord's command

That Jacob's foes girt him: Jerusalem

Is as an unclean woman amongst them.

Donne] K ij iS. But yet the Lord isjust and righteous still;

I have rebell'd against his holy will; 7°

O hear, all people! and my sorrow see,

My maids, my young men, in captivity.

19. I called for my lovers then, but they
Deceiv'd me, and my priests and elders lay
Dead in the city; ftr tHey sought for meat,
Which should refresh their souls, and none could get.

20. Because I am in straits, Jehovah! see
My heart o'erturn'd, my bowels muddy be;
Because I have rebell'd so much, as fast

The sword without as death within doth waste. to

21. Of all which here I mourn, none comforts me;
My foes have heard my grief, and glad they be
That thou hast done it; but thy promis'xl day
Will come, when, as I suffer, so shall they.

j2. Let all their wickedness appear to thee;

Do unto them as thou hast done to me

For all my sins. The sighs which 1 have had

Are very many, and my heart is sad. St

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1. How over Sion's daughter hath God hung

His wrath's thick cloud! and from heaven hath flung
To earth the beauty of Israel, and hath
Forgot his footstool in the day of wrath!

2. The Lord unsparingly hath swallowed
All Jacob's dwellings, and demolished

To ground the strength of Juda, and profan'd
The princes of(the kingdom and the land.

J. In heat of wrath the horn of Israel he

Hath clean cut off; and, lest the enemy IO

Be hinder'd, his right hand he doth retire,

But is t'wards Jacob all.devouring fire.

4. Like to an enemy he bent his bow, ..'•.. •'.,

His right hand was in posture of a foe;

To kill what Sion's daughter did desire,

'Gainst whom his wrath he poured forth like fire,

J. For like an enemy Jehovah is,

Devouring Israel and his palaces;

Destroying holds, giving additions

To Juda's daughters' lamentations. . ft

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6. Like to a garden-hedge he hath cast down
The place where was his congregation,
And Sion's feasts and sabbaths are forgot;
Her king, her priest, his wrath regarded not.

7. The Lord forsakes his altar, and detests
His sanctuary; and in the foes' hands rests
His palace, and the walls, in which their cries
Are heard, as in the true solemnities.

8. The Lord hath cast a line, so to confound

And level Sion's walls unto the ground: 30

He draws not back his hand, which doth o'erturn
The wall and rampart, which together mourn.

9. The gates are sunk into the ground, and he
Hath broke the bar; their kin.s and princes be
Amongst the Heathen without law, nor there
Unto the prophets doth the Lord appear.

10. There Sion's elders on the ground are plac'd.
And silence keep; dust on their heads they cast;
In sackcloth have they girt themselves, and low
The virgins towards ground their heads do throw. 40

it. My bowels are grown muddy, and mine eyes
Are faint with weeping; and my liver lies
Pour'd out upon the ground, for misery
That sucking children in the streets do die.

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