A Year Among the Circassians, Volumen1


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Página 59 - I am not yet of Percy's mind, the Hotspur of the north ; he that kills me some six or seven dozen of Scots at a breakfast, washes his hands, and says to his wife, — Fie upon this quiet life ! I want work.
Página 125 - To found an argument for the value of Christianity on external evidence, and not on the condition of man and the pure idea of God, is to hold up a candle before our eyes that we may better see the stars. The religion of all Pagans indiscriminately has often been written of by zealous Christians in the worst spirit of Paine and Voltaire.
Página 109 - Of all nations under heaven, the greatest and most powerful, is England ; she takes precedence of all, and is never guilty of falsehood. How do you presume to say she is false ? We know that when France invaded Egypt, and attacked the Mamelukes, she was expelled from it by England, who thus earned the gratitude of Circassians. You speak too loftily when you talk of destroying this country; such language becomes the Almighty alone. You seem to think you can do all you please, but though we be but...
Página 125 - More than once the path was so steep that we had to dismount and lead our horses. The shades of evening had begun to deepen around us when we reached the beautiful hamlet, " navelled in woody hills,'' called Aboon Bashi, or the Sources of the Aboon.
Página 106 - What is it you look for? Are you not aware that if the heavens should fall, Russia, could prop them with her bayonets ? The English may be good mechanics and artizans, but power dwells only with Russia. No country ever waged successful war against her. Russia is the most powerful of all nations. If you desire peace you must be convinced that there are but two powers in existence — God in heaven and the emperor upon earth.
Página 59 - So jealous, indeed, is this sovereign people of their power, that no individual will trust his share of it out of his own hands, or even formally delegate it to any particular or any given number of representatives for a moment.
Página 125 - Kodosh, as they call them, are still objects of a veneration far more real and sincere than the mosques, and the festivals still solemnized in them draw much greater multitudes than the Namaz. Islamism, countenanced and practised by the chiefs and the effendis, is respected ; but paganism, from its associations with their customs, habits, and feelings, is much more popular. At least, this is the case as regards these two provinces and the sea-coast, where, not forty years ago, the whole population...
Página 31 - I could convey it to my mouth in a tolerable stale of purity. The ensuing courses were, for the most part, composed of pastry, caimac, or cream, cheesecakes, forced meat in vineleaves, and finally a large bowl of yoghort, or curdled milk, which last, like the pilaff in Turkey, invariably crowns the repast. I was at first surprised to see no vegetables on the table, but I afterwards learned that although abounding in the country in every variety, the Circassians seldom or never eat them. A native...
Página 35 - I had occasion for it myself in my travels. In answer to this, he suggested, that as he intended to accompany me in all my peregrinations, he would carry it for me. I consented to this arrangement, and he accordingly attended me on my route for three days, at the end of which time, he begged I would give him a pistol, which being flatly refused to him, he immediately disappeared with the telescope. It is needless to add, that though I now saw clearly through the one, I was never destined to see through...
Página 38 - Circassians, no doubt inspired by the loct genius, would burst involuntarily into a wild and plaintive lament over some fallen chieftain ; one of the party singing in a subdued tone a hurried sort of chant or recitative, not unlike our litanies, the dirge answered at the close by the full and mellow chorus of his countrymen, while "Ay! A-ri-ra!

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