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one and the same, unchanged and unchangeable, from the moment I entered public life to the present moment.

4. I have the strongest reason to think that Judge Story and myself agreed entirely as to some of the more ultra doctrines of your address, and, unless I have been greatly misinformed, he expressed himself without reserve as to their impracticable and extravagant character.

5. You cite the opinions of many anonymous persons in favor of your views of my vote. I am quite willing that its propriety should be tested pondere non numero. And opportunities may still occur, when it may be seen, whether there was not a weight of character in my favor, against which the gross charges of “lie," "falsehood,” “immorality,"

" " wickedness," and the rest, will strive in vain to prevail. And now I must repeat the expression of my sincere regret at being compelled to address you in such terms. I had no purpose of entering into any public controversy with you, or any one else, in relation to my vote; nor have I now. Nor should I have written to you at all, but for your own letters to me. I will still hope that the day may not be distant, when you may realize that you have wronged me, and when our old relations may be resumed without the sacrifice of our own self-respect.

Yours respectfully,


P.S. As I am just leaving home for a week's relaxation at Newport, it is impossible for me to rewrite this letter. I might otherwise have omitted a sentence over which I have drawn my pen, as I am as little disposed to give offence as to take it.


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