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Variety, and more in Souls than Bodies, forasmuch as they are of a more supple Substance, and more susceptible of Forms) I find it much more rare to fee our Humours and Designs agree: And there never were, in the World, two Opinions any more alike, than two Hairs, or two Grains: Their most universal Quality is Diverfitv.

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Of the most

Remarkable Matters

Contained in the Second Book

ABsurdities, what is the greatest Page 361

Abydean'/ rajh Death 39

Occidents more intolerable than Death 23

Actions, good, to be judged of by the Intention 7

external, no sure Index os the Mind \ o

animate Words 423

Admire nothing 342

Adoration 247

of one God made Man 337

Advocates < 326

Ægineta'j Thumbs cut off by the Athenians 489

Æmilianus ScipkA Character 570

Æsculapius struck with Thunder 586

Æsop's Fables and Mythology 103

Affection of Parents towards their Children 68, 70, &c.

natural, of Mothers very iveai 89

adulterate ib.

of Wives, towards their Husbands, till they have hjl them 554.

loyal and vehement, of a Wife towards her Husband 555

Affinities of the Sun with the Divinity 249

Age fit for Marriage 76

Ages of the World 334

Agesiiaus canonized by the Tracians .. 273
mulcted by the Ephori, for insinuating himself into the Hearts of the

People 531

Agis, King of Sparta'* Answer to an Ambassador from Abdera 160

Agrigentines Regard to their favourite Animals 136

Inconstancy 4

Agrippian'.r living without offensive Arms 395

Albucella'j Suicide 383

R r Akibiade*

Alcibiades'/ Character Pace trio

Alcimus'/ Armour oo

Alexander'/ Valour deseclive g

Sacrifice to ThetJs 2-q.
excellent above all the bther Kings and Emperors 566 to 569

Actions that may fall under Censure -g_

Alexander the Tyrant, o/Pheres, why be -would not see Tragedies 490

Akxia, two extraordinary Events at the Siege of it rAn

Almanacks Lyars \~}?

Alva, Duke, compared to the Constable ofMontmorency ,,,

Amadis des Gaules despised - , j^

Ambition, its Power _

mere untameable than Lover ejr

Daughter to Presumption i-,%

the only Ruin of Cæsar'/ ASHoni eyr?
_ of Cite full of Mischiefs - \fa

Ambraciota'/ Suicide out of Impatience to enjoy the Life to corns 40

Amestris, Wife of Xerxes, cruel/y pious 2eq

Am:ot'/ Language commended «,

Anaxa'goras, the first Philosopher who owned an infinite Creatov 249

Anaxarchus pounded in a Stone Mortar Zl

Ancients good Fellows . t r-

ufed to go open breased 162

Andrew, St's Cross 33^-

Androdus of Dacia'/ grateful Treatment by a Lion. toj

Anger, indiscreet, of Parents , 516
transports Men from their Judgment 51 7, r \ g

is pleased with, and flatters itself 520

is incorporated by concealing it 522

how it ought to be managed in Families 523.

arms Valour 52c

Anguian, M. de, makes two Attempts on his awn Life %\

Animals Free Agents \(>j

taken Care of by Mem 170

stronger than Men tjt

capable of Discipline *7\
more temperate than Maniincs 1,83,, 185-

choice in their Amours \ 84

Society lg?

Senses operated differently from those of Mart 569

Anti-Cato'/ of Cæsar r,,

Antinous'/ Advice, to the Besieged in Passaro, to kill themselves 32-
Antiochus stopped in his Conquests by a Letter from the Roman Senate 434.

Antips.ter's Menace of the Lacedæmonians 24
Antisthenes'/ Answer to the Questiony What was the best Thing to learn? 126

Antoninus, Marcus'/ Treatise "x6

Ants Conference y yq

Fore-knowledge 186

Apollo, the Priests of his Temple Ccci-Bawds 27 >

ApollodorusV Dream ^_yT A&

Appearances, contrary, maintained in all Subfcts 35a



Appearances of Senses thought to he false Page 374

in hutnan Things 375*

Appetite contemns what it has in Possession 39!

Appetites springing from Love the most violent, why 533

residing in the Soul uncapable of Society 534

Appion'^ Character 19*

Apprehenfon, quick, of Danger 124

Approbation, public, desirable 412-

Arcesilaus, what hastened his End 19
Arcesilaus'.; Answer to a Reproach that Us Scholars left his for Epicurus'* School


Arcesilaus gouty 21 z-

Archer refusing to try his Art to save his Life 439
Archias, Tyrant, as Thebes, killed by a Plot, for delaying to open a Letter 45

Archytas, Moderation of his Passion 5 20

Ariosto not to be compared to Virgil 104

ivhen born 216

Ariib'ppns'j Opinions in Favour of Pleasure and Riches 126

acceptance of the perfum'd Robe from Plato 347
Aristippus, why he suffered Dionysius the Tyrant to spit in his Face ibid.
Aristippus'j Answer to Diogenes, <wbo reproached him for not being content

to live upon Cabbage rather than follow the Court ibid.

Gain by Philosophy 437

Aristotle'* filly Compliment on Man 211
Principles 237, 292, 331

Opinion about the Principle of natural Things 287

Contempt of Slander 492

Armies, monstrous, of no great EffecJ 550

Armour of the Parthians 94, 98

of the French 95

despised 95, 96

of the French more burdensome than defensive ibid.

of the Medes 96

of the Roman Infantry, and their military Disciplim 97

very heavy 98

Arms, natural, of Men 164

Arrests of Parliament 241

Arria'j Suicide to encourage her Husband's 556

Art, liberal, despised 239

Artaxerxes, how he mollified the Rigor of some Persian Laws 132

Arts taught to Men by other Animals 174

Aruntius Lucius'* Suicide 35

Assassins think thcymerit Heaven 513

Allapa, ill Spain, the rash Death of the Citizens 39

Ataraxy of the Pyrrhonians 231, 34a

Atheism, nuhat it is 147, 148
Atheists reduced to acknowledge the Divine Power by Force or by Reason ibid.

Athens City's Antiquity 33;

its Air and Situation « 338

Atoms of the Epicureans,- what 29j

Attalus made Pausanias drunk , 13

R r 2 Atticus
Atticu* Pdmponius'/ Death by resolute Abstinence from Food Page 385, 388


Augury the most certain Way of Prediction 181

Augustus'/ Inconstancy uncensured by the boldest Criticks 2

Temples , 373.

obscene Epigram 189

Aurat ranked among the best Latin Poets 453-

Aurelius Marcus'* Book 16

Authors Works, -when first burnt by the common Executioner 91
fond of their own Works 96, &C. 419

modern^ that are stmply pleasant, merely entertaining 102

Avarice's Power 9

Axiochus, a Dialogue 103.

BABEL, Confusion there 307

Bacchus'/ Name 18
Bajazet'/ ripping up a Soldier to be certain of his eating what he had no Right

to '50

Balls, Dancers, and Tumblers 106

Barbarian Kings Way of binding themselves to each other 488

Barbels ° * *" 195

Basia, Epigrams on Kissing Ioz

Baths particularly used by every Nation 5 9^

and drinking the Water 589, 595

Beasts alter their natural Affeclion 90

revered for Gods 13 5

intitled to some Regard from Men 136, 137

impart their Thoughts to one another 15^

free Choice and Inclination to Work 160, 161

have a Language 165

subtle Way of thinking 171

Knowledge and Prudence in curing their Diseases ibid.

Justice in serving their BenefatTws' '83

Inclinations have an Analogy with those of Men 184, 187

inclined to Avarice 185

Friendship more lively than Mens 188

Faculty of Imagination 199

Faculties more perfeS than Mens 369

Beauties masked, <why 392

Beauty of the Body, what it it zoi

of the Indians ibid.

amongst the Mexicans 202

Beauts s Preference ibid.

Beauty a Thing of great Recommendation 424
first Advantage that gave Pre-eminence to Men
and Stature regarded in the Persons of Princes and Magistrates
required in Governor's of Places

of Stature the only Beauty of Men ibid.
singular, of Spurina, stajhed and disfigured by himself with Wounds

and Scars, and why 541


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