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Then let my right hand quite her skill forget,
Then let my voice and words no passage find;
Nay, if I do not thee prefer in all,

That in the compass of my thoughts can fall.

Remember thou, O Lord, the cruel cry

Of Edom's children, which did ring and sound, Inciting the Chaldean's cruelty,

"Down with it, down with it, even unto the ground." In that good day repay it unto them, When thou shalt visit thy Hierusalem.

And thou, O Babylon, shalt have thy turn
By just revenge, and happy shall he be,

That thy proud walls and tow'rs shall waste and burn,
And as thou didst by us, so do by thee.

Yea, happy he, that takes thy children's bones,
And dasheth them against the pavement stones.


O SING a new song to our God above;

Avoid profane ones, 'tis for holy quire:

Let Israel sing songs of holy love

To him that made them, with their hearts on fire: Let Sion's sons lift up their voice, and sing Carols and anthems to their heavenly King.

Let not your voice alone his praise forth tell,
But move withal and praise him in the dance;

Cymbals and harps let them be tuned well :
'Tis he that doth the poor's estate advance:

Do this not only on the solemn days,

But on your secret beds your spirits raise.

O let the saints bear in their mouth his praise;
And a two-edged sword drawn in their hand;
Therewith for to revenge the former days
Upon all nations that their zeal withstand ;

To bind their kings in chains of iron strong,
And manacle their nobles for their wrong.

Expect the time, for 'tis decreed in Heaven,
Such honour shall unto his saints be given.



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