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METEOROLOGICAL TABLES, extracted from the Register kept at Edinburgh, in the

Observatory, Calton-hill.

N.B.-The Observations are made twice every day, at nine o'clock, forenoon, and four o'clock,

afternoon. The second observation in the afternoon, in the first column, is taken by the Register Thermometer.


M.45 l\cble.

Apr. 1 {

Apr. 162

2 SM.36




very cold.





.226 A. 45



Ther. Barom. Ther. Wind.

Ther. Barom. Ther. Wind.
M.36 29.862

Morn. frost,
M.40 28.996 M.51

Rain morn.
A. 45
790 A. 46) day sunsh.

A. 47 .996 A. 51


day fair. 875 NW. Fair, with

M.37 .999 M.47

A. 43
.955 A. 46

Dull, and some sunsh.

A. 42 29.312 A. 47 )


very cold. M.33 .804 M.45} N.

Frosty, fair,

M.37 .313M.48
A. 38

Ditto, and .762 A. 437

A. 43

NE. .396 A. 47

rain night. M.34 .622 M.43|N. Cold, with M.41 .525 M.46

Rain morn.
A. 39
.602|A. 43
showers hail.

A. 44 .743 A. 45

aftern. cold.
-559 M.43

Cble. aftern. snow
For. sh. hail,

.840 M.45

Rain morn.
A. 38
•330 A. 42 )

A. 42

NE. .858 A. 42

day fair. M.32

Frost morn.
•350 M.42


.856 M.42
day fair, cold,

Dull, shwrs.
A. 35

A. 40 .610 A. 41

rain, cold.
.265 M.47
Cble. Ditto.

M.36 22

.392 M.41

NE. Heavy rain,
A. 42
.155 A. 47

A. 38 .367 A. 41 ) and cold.
M.30 28.975 M.49
Cble. Ditto.

M.39 .336 M.42

Dull, with

1.979 A. 47)

A. 41
.336 A. 42

showrs. rain,
.996 M.46

Foren. fair,

M.39 .250/M.45

Hail aftern.

A. 45

after. h.rain.
.850 A.47)

.250 A. 45

rain even.
.819 M.50

H. shrs. rain.

M.40 .192 M.46

w Dull, showrs.
aftern. cold.
A. 47 .916 A. 48 )


rain, aftern. M.40 29.175 M.50

Fair foren.

M.38 .434 M.50

A. 45
rain aftern.

sw. Morn. dull, .125 A. 49

A. 48 .590 A.52

day sunsh. M.40 .246 M.50|sw.

Day fair, sun.


.739 M.56 27{


Morn. mild, A. 48

rain night. .141 A. 37 )

A. 53 .605 A. 56

day cold. M.46 28.951 M.51

Dull, shrs.


.666 M.59

28 A. 46

rain. .951 A. 50

A. 60 .690 A. 55

M.41 29.203 M.50

Rain morn.

M.50 .681 M.59

Foren. sunsh.

A. 46 .310A.51

day fair.

A. 56
.784/A. 59

after. sh.rain, M.41 .310 M.52)

Heavy rain

.999 M.55

Fair, with
A. 49

.289 A, 51

.999 A. 55

sunshine. Average of rain 2.241.


A. 45


A. 42

[blocks in formation]


Ther. Barom. Ther. Wind.

Ther. Barom. Ther.
M.41 29.999 M.62|sw. Fair, with

May 17{M.43 29.816 M.542
A. 58 .930 A. 59

A. 19


.725 A, 56



-774 M.60 A. 56 .820

A. 36


.740A. 57 )
M.45 .810

Foren. fair,


.472 M.570
dull aftern.
A. 30 .725 A. 56

SM.46 •389

Rain morn.

.675 M.54

Dull, but
A. 50

day fair.

A. 48 .530 A. 53 )


Rain most of


M.13 .485 M.50 1 Clear, and day.

A. 46

.526 A. 50)

Rain foren.


M. 12 .460 M.41
A. 45
fair aftern.
A. 46 .398 A. 44


Rain morn.

M.44 .430 M.661
A. 46 •790

fair day.
A.53 .421A.58)


Fair, but

A. 50

.338 M.52


A. 57

.120 A. 50) Heavy Rain.

Frost morn.

A. 51

294 M.54

25 fair.

Cloudy, with

A. 47 .375 A. 55

Foren. shrs.

M.19 .555 M.60

rain aftern.
A. 52 .472 A. 59

Heavy Rain.
W. Fair.

M.48 .304 M.58

27 A. 54

Morn. dull,

A. 56 .304 A. 56)
M.48 .998 M.58w.

day rain. Foren. dull,

M.46 .304 M.56


Foren.sunsh. aftern.sunsh.

A. 52
.306 A.58

rain aftern.

Fair, with


.330 M.39
.915 A: 563 sunsh.

A. 46 .414 A.57

Cloudy. .915 M 58



.375 M.59 UA. 42 .916|A. 58

aftern. sunsh.



.409 A. 59
.912 M.58

A. 54

M.59 .325 M.60

Cloudy, shrs .911 A 58

A.58 .4201A. 55 rain night. .833 M.61

W. Foren. sunsh. .864A.51) aftern. dull.

Average of rain, 1.717.

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16 |M.43

A. 56

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3 Apr.

h. p.

3 Apr.

26 Apr.




3 Apr.

1 Dr. Gds. Lt. Manning, Capt. by purch. vice

T. G. M. Edden, Ens. vice Birch 2TApr. Quicke, ret. 3 Apr. 1828

J. T. Grant, Ens. vice Reignolds 28 do. Cor. Smith, Lt.

do. 53 A. F. Bond, Ens. vice Prettijohn, dead W. Locke, Cor.

do. 1 Dr. Bt. Lt. Col. Allen, from ret. full p. R. 54 Lt. Kennedy, Capt. by purch. vice Irish Art. Paym. vice Hanbury, ret.

Kelly, ret.

27 Mar. 27 Mar.

Ens. Mellis, from 66 F. Lt. by purch. 7

As. Surg. Beavan, from 86 F. As. Surg.
vice Chermside, cancelled do. 55

Capt. Nicholson; from h. p. Capt. vice
Gren. Gds. Lt. and Capt. Dirom, Capt. and Lt.
Col. by purch. vice Fead, ret. do.

G. A. Robertson, Ens. vice Richard. Ens. and Lt. Sir F. H. Bathurst, Bt.

son, 49 F. Lt. and Capt.

do. 56 Hosp. Assist. Bradford, Assist. Surg.vice J. Balfour, Ens. and Lt.

Allmann, canc.

23 Mar. 3 F. Maj. Maclean, from h. p. Maj. paying 57 Lt. Col. Allan, from h. p. Lt. Col. vice diff. vice Gillman, 69 F. 20 do.

Cathcart, 3 F.

do. 8 Lt. Col. Hon. G. Cathcart, from 57 F.


Lt. Morphy, Capt. by purch. vice Hon.
Lt: Col vice Duffy, ret. h. p.

H. M. Upton, ret.

27 do. H. Paynter, Ens. vice Murray, 12 F.

2d Lt. Churchill, 1st Lt.

do. 26 Apr. Lord E. Thynne, 2d Lt.

do. 12 Lt. Bradfute, Capt. vice M.Kedy, dead

Qua. Mast. Ottey, from h. p. 56 F. Qua. 27 Mar.

Mast. vice Mitchell, rev, to his for-
Ens. West, Lt.

mer h. p.

20 do. Hadfield, from 10 F. Ens. do. 65 C. E. Gold, Ens. by purch. vice Max16 Bt. Lt. Col. Bird, Lt. Col. 25 Apr.

well, 37 F.

do. Bt. Máj. Turner, Maj.

G. F. Murray, Ens. vice Ponsonby, 76
Lt. Bwand, Capt.


26 Apr. Strode, from 31 F. Lt.


J. Haining, Ens.vice Foley,16 F. 27 do. Macfarlane, from h. p. 91 F. 66 N. D. Lane, Ens. by purch. vice Mellis, Deakins, from Ceylon Rifle Regt.

54 F.

3 do. Lt.

do, 67 W. Gomm, Ens. vice Heming 26 F. Ens. O’Dwyer, Lt. do.

26 do. Munro, from 26 F. Lt. 26 do. 69 Maj. Gillman, from 3 F. Maj. vice Bell, from 83 F. Lt.


Downing, ret. h. p. rec. diff. 20 Mar. Hudson, from 17 F. Lt. do. 72

Hosp. Assist. Malcolm, Assist. Surg. Foley, from 65 F. Lt. do.

25 do. F. Crumpe, Ens. vice O'Dwyer 25 do. 73

Capt. Lloyd, Maj. vice Kenny, dead D. M. Cameron, Ens. vice Hannagan,

20 do. 26 F.

26 do.
Lt. Dawson, Capt.

do. 17 E. B. Owen, Ens. vice Hudson, 16

Ens. Bamford, Lt.

do. R. Silver, Ens. vice Dwyer, 49 I do.

W. H. Kenny, Ens. 19 Ens. Bernard, Lt. vice Atkins, dead 76 Ens. Ponsonby, from 65 F. Ens. vice

25 Jan.
Ffrench, 26 F.

26 do. G. Landman, Ens.

3 Apr.

G. Bell, Ens. by purch. vice Bristow, 25 Ens. Bristow, from 77 F. Lt. by purch.

25 F.

27 Mar. vice Stanton, ret.

27 Mar. 83

C. T. Egerton, Ens. vice Bell, 16 F. 26

Maj. Campbell, Lt. Col.
Capt. James, Maj.

do. 86 Hosp. Assist. Gordon, Assist. Surg. vice - Marshall, from h. p. Capt.

Beavan, 7 Dr.

27 Mar. Lt. Thompson, from 6 F. LE do. 87

Lt. O'Brien, Capt. by purch. vice Mas. · Kelly, from 38 F. Lt.

terton, ret.

20 do. Ens. Campbell, Lt.

2 Lt. Wood, 1 Lt.

do. Thomson, from 42 F. Lt. 26 do.

Ens. Maxwell, from 65 F. 2 Lt.

do. Ffrench, from 76 F. Lt. do. 93

J. M. Grant, Ens. by purch. vice ArHeming, from 67 F. Lt. do.

thur, ret.

do. Hannagan, from 16 F. Lt.


Lt. Eyre, Capt. by purch. vice Baron A. E. Shelley, Ens.vice Campbell 25 do.


3 Apr. G. S. Fitz Gerald, Ens. vice Munro,

Ens. Edwards, Lt.

do. 16 F.

26 do.
G. D. Blakiston, Ens.

do. 31 Ens. Primrose, Lt. vice O'Leary, Adj.

· Adye, Ens. vice Halpin, 19 F. 13 Sept. 1826

26 do. White, Lt. vice Douglas, dead 99

P. Smyly, Ens. by purch. vice Macdo. 3 Apr. 1828 nald, 30 F.

27 Mar. A. Dickson, Ens. vice Primrose 2 do. 1 W. I. R. Hosp. Assist. Ingram, Assist. Surg. vice J. C. Kelly, Ens. vice White 3 do.

Brown, h. p.

25 do. 12 Ens. Hon. D. H. Murray, from 9 F.

Ens. Russell, Lt. by purch. vice DickEns. vice Thompson, 26 F. 26 Apr.

inson, Adj.
Maj. Bentley, Lt. Col.

25 do.
J. Findley, Ens.

do. Bt. Lt. Col. Dennis, Maj.

do. Lt. Blyth, Capt.


Henderson, from 54 F. Lt. do. Bt. Maj. Mitchell, from h. p. Sub-Insp. of Mil. in

MacAndrew, from 40 F. Lt. do. Ion. Isles. vice Knox, dead 27 Mar. 1828
Ens. Sparks, Lt.

Lt. Col. Fitz Roy, from h. p. Insp. F. o. of Mil. Wightman, Lt.


in Ion. Isles.vice Col. Sir C. Sution, dead 3 Apr. Birch, Lt.

do. A. G. Grubb, to be Hosp. Assist. to the Forces, Reignolds, Lt. do. vice Ferguson, prom.

20 Mar.
Sealpin, from 98 F. Lt. 26 do.
Richardson, from 55 F. Lt. do.

Dwyer, from 18 F. Lt. do. Bt. Col. Neyno, 84 F.with Lt. Col. Macalester, h. p.
J. L. Dennis, Ens. vice Sparks 25 do. Bt. Maj. Sir J. S. Lillie, 46 F. with Capt. O'Meara,
J. Malcolm, Ens. vice Wightman 26 do. h. p. 31 F.

25 Apr.

26 Apr.

' do.

3 Apr.


Capt. Calcraft, 66 F. with Capt. Wingfield, 95 F. Douglas, h. p. 30 F.

3 March Lt. Petit, 22 F. with Lt. Ross, 50 F.

Burghaagen, h. p. York Light Inf. Vol. Mar. 28 Heathcote, 53 F. rec. diff. with Lt. Sargeant, Charlton, late Roy. Art. Drivers, Exeter 19 do. b. p. Cape Cav.

Lieutenants. Mac Ñair, 67 F. rec. diff. with Lt. Robinson, Amiel, 3 F. h. p. Cape Cav.

Bruce, 3 F. Booth, 88 F. rec. diff. with Lt. Benyon, h. p. Rawlins, 4 F.

22 March 1828 Resiynations and Retirements. Atkins, 19 F. Barbadoes

24 Jan. Lieutenant-Colonel.

Douglas, 31 F.
Fead, Gren. Gds.

Ashurst, 46 F. Secunderabad 21 Nov. 1827
Croker, 48 F. Madras

6 do. Quicke, I Dr. Gds.

Holmes, 84 F. Clifton

19 Mar. 1828 Kelly, 54 F.

Smith, 93 F. Antigua,

22 Feb. Hon. H. M. Upton, 60 F, .

Walton, 1 W. I. R. Trinidad

26 do. Masterson, 87 F.

W. Smith, h. p. Roy. Art. Drivers, Weymouth Baron, 98 F.

5 March Lieutenant. Le Quin, late Foreign Art. France

25 do. Stanton, 25 F.

Armstrong, h. p. 27 F. Lisnaskie, Fermanagh Cancelled.

8 Nov. 1827

Singlehurst, h. p. 3d Prov. Bn. of Mil. Assist. Surg. Chermside, 7 Dr.

31 Jan. 1828 Allman, 56 F.

2d Lieuts. and Ensigns.
Gordon, 11 F.

Turton, 3 F.

Prettijohn, 53 F.
Lieutenant General.

Lindsay, late 9 Roy. Vet. Bn. 29 Jan. 1828 Skene, Aberdeen, 6 April, 1828 Ensor, Roy. Engineers

1 April Colonel.

Sir C. Sutton, K.C.B. Insp. F. Off. of Mil. in lon. Bailes, 47 F. at Fort William, Calcutta

I Nov. 1827
Lieutenant Colonels.

Innes, h. p. 83 F.

25 March 1828 Scott, 6 F. Bombay

8 Oct. 1827 Marutti, h. p. Corsican Rang. 17 Sept. 1827 A. Macdonald, Adj. Gen. in the East Indies, Ben Jackson, h. p. Perth Fen. Cav. Galston, North gal 24 Nov. Britain

26 Oct. Majors.

Commissariat Dep. Kenny, 73 F.

Dep. Com. Gen. Haden, Gibraltar 13 Mar. 1828 Macintyre, 1 W. I. R.

Ord, h.p. Havre de Grace 20 Jan. Jacks, h. p. 21 F. London

4 April 1828

Medical Dep.

Surg. Gen. Insp. of R. Art. Dr. Irwin, Woolwich Brotheridge, 18 F. New South Wales 26 Oct. 1827

21 April 1828 M'Kedy, 12 F.

Surg. Erskine, h. p. Staff, London 14 do. Beckwith, Rifle Brig. Gibraltar 21 March 1828 Edon, h. p. 8 W. I. R.

March Knox, Sub-Insp. of Mil. in Ion. Isles

Assist. Surg. Bush, 46 F. Madras 6 Dec. 1827 A. M'Farlane, h. p. Unat. late of 31 F.

Birmingham, 87 F. India

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22 Sept.


R.H.Gds. Lt. Shelley, Adj. vice Hill, res. Adj. only

22 Mar. 1828 3Dr.Gds. Cornet Dyson, from 14 Dr. Cor. vice Innes, ret.

17 April 6 Dr. Capt. Warrand, Maj. by purch. vice Whichcote, ret.

24 do. Lt. White, Capt.

do. Cor. Hon. C. W.S. Jerningham, Lt. do. T. D. Buckeridge, Cor.

do. 8

J. King. Cor. by purch. vice Sharpe,

do. 14 Gent. Cadet E. S. Curwen, from Roy.

Mil. Col. Cor. by purch. vice Dyson,
3 Dr. Gds.

17 do, 15 Cor. Wood, Lt. by purch. vice Hall, ret.

do. T. H. C. Terry, Cor.

do. 3 F. Serg. G. Edwards, Qua. Mast. vice Coulson, dead

25 Oct. 1827 6

Lt. Holyoake, Capt. by purch. vice Ir-
win, ret.

17 Apr. 1828
Capt. Dawson, from h. p. 3 Gn. Bne

Capt. vice Cheape, 96 F. 24 Jo. Ens. Johnstone, Lt. by purch. vice Holyoake

17 do. J. B. Home, Ens.

do. 20

Ens. Horn, Lt. by purch. vice O'Con

nor, ret.
G. Hutchinson, Ens.

do. 21 C. H. Edmonstone, 2d Lt. by purch. vice Leahy, ret:

23 do. F. G. Ainslie, 2d Lt. by purch. vice Gregory, ret.

24 do. 26 R. Chearnley, Ensign by purch, vice Bathe, 30 É.

do. 30 Lt. Light, Capt. by purch. vice Powell, prom.

17 do. Ens. Bathe, from 26 F. Lt. 24 do. 58 Assist. Surg. Hughes, M.D. from 14 Dr. Assist. Surg.

17 do. 71 Lt. Cuming, Adj. vice Jones, res. Adj. only

do. 85

T. M. M'Neill, Ens. by purch. vice
Ward, prom.

24 do. VOL. XXIV.

Ens. Watt, Lt. vice Smith, dead

22 Feb. 1828 J. M. Brown, Ens.

17 Apr. Qua. Mas. Serg. Gordon, Qua. Mast. vice Christian, eanc.

24 do. 96 Capt. Cheape, from 6 F. Capt. vice Drummond, canc.

24 do. Rifle Brig. Lt. Simmons, Capt. vice Beckwith, dead

17 do. 20 Lt. Napier 1st Lt.

do. Rifle Brig. S. Beckwith, 2d Lieut.

17 April R. Staff Corps, Qua. Mast. Serg. W. Clarke, Qua.

Mast. vice Heatly, full p.. 24 do. 1 W. I. R. Capt. Mills, Maj. vice Macintire, dead

do. Lt. Mackenzie, Capt.

do. Ens. Robeson, Lt. vice Walton, dead

17 do. Pole, Lt. vice Mackenzie

24 do. W. H. Mechan, Ens. vice Robeson

17 do. H. C. Donavan, Ens. vice Pole 24 do. Ceyl. Regt. Lt. Jefferson, Adj. vice Rogers, prom.

10 Dec. 1827 R. Engineers, W. Yolland, 2d Lieut. 12 Apr. 1828

Maj. Turner, 16 F. with Maj. A. G. Campbell, h.p.
Capt. Ross, 8 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Cochran, h.p.

Popham, 29 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Dalyell,
Parker, 46 F. With Capt. St John, h. p. Cape

Mallett, 61 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Wallett, h. p.

60 F. Stuart, 90 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Hon. F. G. Howard, h. p.

Ashe, 93 F. with Capt. Spiers, h. p. 39 F.

Dickens, 95 F. rec. diff. with Capt. J. T.
Foord Bowes, h. p.
Ens. and Lieut. Hon. W. H. Drummond, 3 F. G.

with Lieut. Gambier, 36 F.
Lieut. Binney, 31 F. with Lieut. Vallancey, 74 F.
Lane, 65 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Rowley, h.p.



h. p.


Hayes, h. p. 8 W. I. R.

16 Sept. 1827 Resignations and Retirements.

Morrison, h. p. Unatt. late of Roy. Wagg, Train,

Compton, Hants

13 March 1828 Whichcote, 6 Dr.

Richard Kelly, h. p. Unatt.

30 do.
J. S. Smith, do.

25 Nov. 1827 O'Connor, 20 F.

John Grant, Invalids, Forres, N, B. 24 Jan. 1828
Cornets, and 2d Lieuts.

Innes, 3 Dr. Gds.

Gray, h. p. 3 Dr. Gds.

8 Mar. 1828 Sharpe, 8 Dr.

Sword, h. p. 14 F.

21 April Leahy, 21 F.

Pooler, h. p. 17 F.

23 do. Gregory, 21 F.

Boyton, h. p. 30 F. Pondicherry 18 Oct. 1827
White, h. p. 90 F. Thornhill, Dundrum, Ireland

1 May 1828
Pollock, h. p. 115 F.

25 Feb.
Drummond, 96 F.
Usher, h. p. 5 W. I. R.

24 July 1827


p. Unatt. Fort Clarence, Chatham Bayly, 34 F.

26 April 1828 Qua. Master.

Drew, late 1 R. Vet. Br. Cradley, near StoneChristian, 93 F.


27 Feb Deaths.



p. 3 Gar. Bn. Bristol Lieutenant-Generals.

Ensigns. Backhouse, London 22 May 1828 Henley, h. p. 44 F.

4 Jan. 1828 Hon. S. Mahon, London, 7 Dr. Gds. 27 do. Allan Grant, h. p. 108 F. Aberlour, N.B. 15 May Major-Generals.

Chambers, late 3 R. Vet. Bn. London Streicher, Strasburgh

8 May 1828

Adjutant. L. Davies, Aberystwith

10 do.

Warrington, h. p. 15 F. Edinburgh 26 Apr. 1828

Qaa. Masters.
Williamson, h. p. 85 F.

Pulsford, h. p. Surrey Feuc. Cav, 18 Apr. 1828
Brown, h. p. Ayrshire Fenc. Cav.

10 do. Kysh, Paym. 86 F. London

Humphreys, h. p. Unatt. Cape of Good Hope Conolly, h. p. 81 F.

9 Febe Captains.

Medical Dep. Hay, 73 F. Madras

18 Nov. 1827 Dr Nooth, late Superintendent Gen. of Hospitals, Arrow, 89 F. Ellichpoor, Madras

28 do.

1828 Pemberton, Rifle Brigade

As. Surg. Arundel, h. p. 36 F. Finsbury 16 May Maclean, h. p. 27 F.

21 Feb. 1828 Purveyor Innes, h. p. Taunton, Somerset 13 do. Grant, h. p. 37 F. Edinburgh

20 April
Chief Vet. Surg. Harrison, h. p.

24 Jan. Young, h. p. 60 F.

24 Jan.

25 Apr.

26 Apr.

ALPHABETICAL List of English BANKRUPTS, from 220 April to 23d

May, 1828. Burke, P. Haymarket, victualler.

Hooper, T. St Phillip and Jacob, Gloucester,' Bakewell, J. Manchester, glue manufacturer.

maltster. Bowman, E. Penrith, Cumberland, timber-met Holt, C. Coventry, baker. chant.

Hunter, R. Aldgate, oilman. Bedford, J. and T. Croose, Wood Street, ware Hockin, P. C. Launceston, money-scrivener. housemen.

Hobbins, R. Cheltenham, innkeeper.
Butts, T. jun. Crayford, Kent, mill-sawyer. Harker, W. Cropton, York, schoolmaster.
Bevill, J. W. Cheltenham, tobacconist.

Handcock, J. Exeter, victualler.
C. F. Ripley, Derby, dealer.

Holdich, T. Spalding, grocer.
Bryant, W. H. Mile-end-road, coal-merchant. Hodson, G. Sheffield, bone-merchant.
Brown, J. Adam's Court, Broad Street, auctioneer. Haigh, J. Milnsbridge, York, scribbling-miller.
Buck, W. Queen Anne Street, Cavendish square, Hopkins, M. E. St Peter's Alley, merchant.

James, N. Bristol, wine-merchant.
Brook, J. L. Okehampton, druggist.

Johnson, S. Margate, coachmaster.
Browne, J. Kidderminster, silversmith.

Jenkinson, T. Manchester, calenderer.
Bramley, H. Throgmorton Street, bill-broker. Kelley, J. Leeds, bricklayer.
Back, R. and J. Bateman, Compton Street, Clerk Kingsbury, H. Broad Street, Radcliffe, builder.
enwell, malt-roasters.

Llewellyn, T. Bridgend, Glamorgan, innkeeper. Bevan, J. and J. Rigby, St Helen's, Lancashire, Longbottom, T. Keighley, York, machine-maker. soap-boilers.

Laporte, D. Portland Street, tailor. Clough, J. Addingham, York, cotton-manufac Levy, L. Birmingham, slopseller. turer.

Mortimer, J. and W. Rawfolds, Yorkshire, ma Clayton, J. Mottram-in-Longendale, Chester,

chine-makers. flour-dealer.

Mitchell, J. Robert Street, Southwark, victualler. Chittenden, J. Dover, chemist.

Maybruch, F. Old Cavendish Street, tailor. Clarke, T. Marlborough, woollen-draper.

Masson, W. Queen Street, Cheapside, merchant. Davies, W. Camberwell, coal-merchiant.

Mills, G. St James's Street, bookseller.
Darby, J. Rood-lane, perfumer.

Moorhouse, J. L. and J. Hebden Bridge, Halifax,
Emmerson, R, Aldermanbury, warehouseman. cotton-spinners.
Ensor, T. Long Malford, tallow-chandler.

Marsden, J. Sowerby Bridge, York, corn-mer-
Freeman, E. Cheltenham, lodging-house keeper.

chant. Fountain, J. St Neot's, draper.

Menzies, J. Charles Street, Manchester Square, Fisk, W. Gate Street, dealer.

tailor. Frame, W. Jones Street, Berkeley Square, boot Nicholls, J. Kidderminster, innkeeper, maker.

Pearson, T. and W. Reeves, Savoy Street, wineFitch, C. A. Allen Street, Goswell Street, bacon merchants.

Pratt, S. Crispin Street, Spitalfields, drysalter. Gallemore, J. sen. J. and J. Gallernore, and T. Powell, W. Wetherby, York, ham factor. Liddell, Manchester, calico-printers.

Pinder, T. Halifax, porter-merchadt.
Germain, T. Drury-lane, baker.

Parsons, J. Fulham Road, upholsterer.
Gelder, B. North and South Cliff, East Riding, Parsey, 1. Brighton, haberdasher.
York, farmer,

Powell, J. Bishopsgate Street, grocer.
Gamble, C. Shottlegate, Derby, joiner.

Parsons, J. Standon, Herts, horse-dealer. Gains, T. Loughborough, corn-factor.

Phillips, J: Tavistock Street, linen-draper. Gibbon, J. sen. Canton Place, Commercial Road, Pennell, J. D. Exeter, picture-dealer. blockmaker.

Pate, M. Bennett Street, tailor.


Pringle, W. H. London Road, St George's Fields, Swann, W. Bungay, linen-draper. victualler.

Swalwell, M. Kennington Gravel Pits, school-misPrior, J. Worksworth, Derby, small-ware-manu tress. facturer.

Torry, J. Little Union Street, Hoxton, builder.. Pilcher, S. Ramsgate, baker.

Tolson, M. Regent Street, milliner. Rock, P. Wollastone, Stafford, farmer.

Valerio, D. Crown Court, Threadneedle Street, Robinson, J. Clare Street, Clare Market, lipen wine-merchant. draper.

Wisedill, W. Friday Street, ironmonger. Rashleigh, W. Falmouth, grocer.

Williams, H. St George's Circus, Southwark, Rumney, T. Gough Square, furrier.

wine-merchant. Read, A. Lower Grosvenor Street, hotel-keeper. Warrington, H. W. Johnson Street, Shadwell, Roper, W. T. Houndsditch, carpenter.

brewer. Rhodes, J. Gomersal, York, maltster.

Wells, T. W. High Street, Shadwell, tobacconist. Revans, J. junior, and H. S. Chapman, London Woodhead, B. Thongsbridge, York, scribblingand Quebec, merchants.

miller. Smith, T. High Street, Lambeth, smith.

Williams, R. Cheltenham, builder. Shore, T. B. Kidderminster, victualler.

Wilson, J. Wigton, draper. Stevens, J. Deveral Street, Great Dover Road, Ward, G. A. Birmingham, cabinet-maker. builder.

Walker, R. Manchester, woollen-shawl-manufac. Sunderland, J. Leeds, woolstapler.

turer Sugden, T. Haworth, York, worsted-manufac


ALPHABETICAL LIST OF Scottish BANKRUPTS, from 1st April to 31st

May, 1828. Ballingall, Robert, residing in Balmacom, a part Moncrieff, Thomas and James, merchants and ner in the Fife Banking Company;

victual dealers, Glasgow, and millers and grain Barclay, Robert, horse and cattle dealer, sometime dealers at Duntiblae, near Kirkintulloch.

at Southsidebank, near Edinburgh, now at Robertson, Alexander, maltster, Damhead, near Bankrigg, near Edinburgh.

Denny. Bartie, Thomas, jeweller, Glasgow.

Robertson, Peter, coal broker and ship owner, St Bell, Robert and William, manufacturers in Ceres,

Andrews. Fife.

Robertson, John, and Co. merchants in Perth. Crichton, David, spirit dealer, Watergate, Edin Smith, Andrew, maltster, grain dealer, and baker,

burgh, and Robert Moffat, gardener and spirit at Carron, near Falkirk. dealer, Comely Bank, near Edinburgh.

Thomson and Hill, storekeepers at Calder iron-
Davie, James, and Co. music sellers, Aberdeen. works.
Drummond, George, and Co. clothiers, Glasgow. Thomson, David, wine and spirit dealer in Castle
Fraser, Charles, vintner and innkeeper, Lanark. Douglas.
The Company carrying on business as distillers, at Waldie, Pringle, and Co. hosiers in Hawick.

Mains, near Linlithgow, under the firm of James Walker, John, merchant, Glasgow.

Walker, James, and Co. nursery and seedsmen, Hearn, William, spirit merchant, Leith.

Aberdeen. Hinshelwood, John, china and earthenware dealer Watt, James, tenant and cattle dealer in Orrock. in Glasgow.

Weddell, John, merchant and retail woollen draper Jackson, James, cloth merchant, Paisley.

and haberdasher, Kelso. Kirk, John, brewer in Aberdeen.

Whyte, James and William, merchants in Leith, Lyle, Charles, grocer, Glasgow. M'Leod, Norman, shipowner and merchant,



5. At Barnton, the lady of Lieut. Archibald Nov. 2, 1827. At Madras, the lady of Captain Dunbar, younger of Northfield, of a son. Archibald Inglis, of a daaghter.

6. At Cairnhill, Mrs Nisbett, of a son. 28. At Simla, the lady of George Govan, Esq. 7. Mrs Scott Moncrieff, 31, Howe Street, of a son. M.D. attached to the Himalaya Survey, of a son. 9. At Castlehill, near Ayr, the lady of the Rev.

Dec. 11. At Quillon, East Indies, the lady of A. Utterson, rector of Layer-Marney, county of Lieut. William Hope Smith, Hon. Company's Essex, of a son. service, of a daughter.

At 2, Roxburgh Street, Mrs William Reid, March 16, 1828. At Naples, Mrs William Scott, of a son. of a son.

10. At London, the lady of D. Charles Guthrie, 23. At St Marys, the lady of W. H. Dowbiggin, Esq. of a daughter. Esq. of a daughter.

11. At Blair Adam, the lady of Rear-Admiral 25. At his Lordship's house, Berkeley Square, Adam, of a daughter. London, the Countess of Jersey, of a daughter.

At Finlaystone House, Mrs Bontine of Ar. 26. At Dollar, Mrs Robert Haig, of a son. doch, of a son.

- At Aberdour Manse, Fife, Mrs Dr Bryce, of 12. At 8, George Square, Mrs Huie, of a son. a son and daughter.

At 3, Nicolson Square, Mrs D. Rymer, of a 27. At the Manse of Luss, Mrs Carr, of a daughter.

In Connaught Square, London, (the anniAt Edinburgh, the lady of William Ogilvie, versary of admiral Rodney's victory over the Esq. younger of Chesters, of a son.

French fleet,) the Hon. Mrs William Rodney, of a At Leckie, Mrs Moir of Leckie, of a daugh son and heir.

- At Cowes, Isle of Wight, the lady of Lieut. April 1. At Balbedie House, Lady Malcolm, of George Bisset, R. N. of a daughter. a son and heir.

13. At Ainslie Place, Mrs S. Buchanan of Cun- At Ingsdon House, Devonshire, the lady of ninghamhead, of a son. Charles Hale Monro, Esq. of a son and heir.

At Park House, the lady of Lieut.-Colonel 3. At Menie, the lady of Major Turner, of a Gordon, of a daughter. daughter.

14. At Edinburgh, the lady of Walter Campbell, 5. At Farme, the lady of Hugh Mosman, Esq. Esq. of Sunderland, of a daughter. younger of Auchtyfardle, of a daughter,

At Powderhall, Mrs Macdonald, of a daughter,



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