The works of Thomas Moore, comprehending all his melodies, ballads, etc, Volumen3


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Página 230 - Entellus vires in ventum effudit, et ultro Ipse gravis graviterque ad terram pondere vasto Concidit : ut quondam cava concidit aut Erymantho, Aut Ida in magna, radicibus eruta pinus.
Página 27 - Having quitted the Borders, to seek new renown, Is coming, by long Quarto stages to Town : And beginning with ROKEBY (the job's sure to pay.) Means to do all the Gentlemen's Seats on the way. Now, the Scheme is (though none of our Hackneys can beat him) To start a fresh Poet through Highgate to meet him ; ' , Who, by means of quick proofs— no revises— long coaches — May do a few Villas, before Sc — TT approaches.
Página cxciv - The sun had long since, in the lap Of Thetis, taken out his nap, And, like a lobster boil'd, the morn From black to red began to turn...
Página 116 - Which will take us all night to get through in this way,) From the Boulevards...
Página 229 - Stopp'd with a skill, and rallied with a fire The Immortal FANCY could alone inspire ! While DARES, shifting round, with looks of thought, An opening to the Cove's huge carcase sought Like General PRESTON...
Página 88 - Up he came, DOLL, to me, and, uncovering his head, (Rather bald, but so warlike ! ) in bad English said, " Ah ! my dear — if Ma'mselle vil be so very good — Just for von littel course" — though I scarce understood What he wish'd me to do, I said, thank him, I would.
Página 14 - To prove (what we've long proved perhaps) That, mad as Christians used to be About the Thirteenth Century, There's lots of Christians to be had In this, the Nineteenth, just as mad ! Farewell — I send with this, dear N — en — L ! A rod or two I've had in pickle Wherewith to trim old GR — TT — N'S jacket.
Página cciii - It isn't the stuff, but the patient that's shaken. FIFTH ROUND. GEORGY tried for his customer's head— (The part of LONG SANDY that's softest, 'tis said ; And the chat is that NAP, when he had him in tow, Found \iisknowledge-box* always the first thing to go)— Neat milling this Round—what with clouts on the nob, Home hits in the bread-basket, f clicks in the gob,§ And plumps in the daylights,** a prettier treat Between two Johnny flaw^ff 'tis not easy to meet.
Página 85 - Bias in Flora — dear creature ! • — you'd swear When her delicate feet in the dance twinkle round, That her steps are of light, that her home is the air, And she only par complaisance touches the ground.
Página 80 - twas an Irish head, an Irish heart, Made thee the fall'n and tarnish'd thing thou art ; That, as the centaur* gave th' infected vest In which he died, to rack his conqueror's breast, We sent thee C GH : — as heaps of dead Have slain their slayers by the pest they spread, So hath our land...

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