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The Marquis Grimaldi to the Count de Fuentes, March 5. —Steps

taken to sow the seeds of an alliance between Spain and France.

Importance of so doing before France makes peace with England.

Rumour of proposals to England for a congress


The Count de Fuentes to the Marquis Grimaldi, March 10. Ne-

cessity of a secret alliance between France and Spain against

England. Impatience of the English for peace. Embarrassments

of the ministry


The same to the same, March 17. - Rise of the English stocks

upon the reports of France being desirous to make peace. Ne-

cessity of France pretending that she will not agree to a

congress. Retirement of Lord Holdernesse. Ferment on the

appointment of a Scotch secretary of state. Prospect of reducing

England to proper


The Count de Fuentes to M. Wall, March 20. — Effects of the

rumours of peace on the English stocks. Necessity of defer-

ring it, in order to produce a civil war in England. The pre-

sent the moment for reducing her to due limits


M. De Bougainville to Mr. Pitt, March 25.-Soliciting permission

to send a monument to the memory of the Marquis de Mont-

calm to Quebec


Mr. Pitt to M. De Bougainville, April 10.- Expressing the King's

ready compliance with the request

- 104

The Count de Fuentes to M. Wall, March 27. Progress of the

secret expedition. Discontent occasioned by Lord Bute's ap-

pointment. Complains that Mr. Pitt avoids seeing him


The King of Prussia to Mr. Pitt. Instances the uniform fidelity

of Great Britain to her allies, and expresses confidence that his

interests will not be neglected in the approaching negotiations

for peace


Mr. Pitt to the King of Prussia, in reply


The Earl of Granville to Mr. Pitt, April 5. — Expresses his ap-

proval of the draughts of Mr. Pitt's letter and memorial to the

Duc de Choiscul


The Earl of Bute to Mr. Pitt, April 14. Nomination of plenipo-

tentiaries at the expected congress


Hans Stanley, Esq. to Mr. Pitt, April 18. Offering his services

in any negotiations for peace with France

- 116

Sir James Gray (British envoy at the court of Naples) to Mr. Pitt,

May 19. — Detailing a conversation with the Marquis Tenucci

concerning the matters in dispute between England and Spain 119

Mr. Pitt' to Sir Richard Lyttelton, May. – Announcing the

King's wish to appoint him envoy-extraordinary to the court of



Sir Richard Lyttelton to Mr. Pitt, in reply, June 17.

- 123

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Hans Stanley, Esq. to Mr. Pitt, June 9.- Detailing his conversa-

tions with the Duc de Choiseul


The Earl of Bute to Mr. Pitt, June 14.— Congratulations on the

taking of Belleisle


The Honourable Commodore Keppel to Mr. Pitt, June 15.-

Probable effects of the reduction of Belleisle upon France 129

Mr. Pitt to Lady Hester Pitt, July 2.-State of his health - 130

M. de Voltaire to Mr. Pitt, July 19. — Soliciting his subscription

to an edition of the Works of Corneille


Mr. Pitt to M. de Voltaire, in reply, September 4.

- 132

The Honourable Sir Edward Walpole to Mr. Pitt, August 4.

Asking him to make his son-in-law a bishop


The Earl of Bute to Mr. Pitt, August 14. — Expressing the

King's concern that Mr. Pitt's last letter to M. de Bussy was

carried in the council by a slender majority

- 136

M. Wall to the Count de Fuentes, August 17. — Complains of a

passage in Mr. Pitt's letter to Lord Bristol noticing the arma-

ments and preparations going on in the ports of Spain - 137

The Marquis Grimaldi to the Count de Fuentes, August 31.-

Announces the fears of the court of Spain for the fleet, the

desire to gain time till it reaches Cadiz, the privately sending

twelve ships by way of convoy, and the signing of the Family



The same to the same, September 13. Announces the ratifi-

cation of the Family Compact. [Steps taken by Mr. Pitt in

council, on the discovery of the existence of this Treaty. His

resignation on the 5th of October, note.]


General Count de Lally to Mr. Pitt, September 29.- Soliciting

permission to repair to France, upon his parole. [The Count's

trial and execution, note.]


The Earl of Bute to Mr. Pitt, October 6. — Announcing the

King's desire to bestow on him some mark of the royal favour;

and suggesting either the government of Canada, or the chan-

cellorship of the Duchy of Lancaster.


Mr. Pitt to the Earl of Bute, in reply, October 7.- Doubts the

propriety of his going into either of the offices, and expresses a

wish that his family may be comprehended in any monument

of royal approbation


The Earl of Bute to Mr. Pitt, October 8. — Announcing that the

King will confer the dignity of peerage on Lady Hester Pitt,

with a grant of three thousand pounds per annum


Mr. Pitt to the Earl of Bute, in reply, October 8. Expressions

of veneration and gratitude

• 152

The Earl of Bute to Mr. Pitt, in reply, October 9. Enquiring

what title he has chosen, and the names to be inserted in the



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The Bishop of Gloucester to Mr. Pitt, October 24. -- Abuses of

religious and literary liberty


Mr. Pitt to the Bishop of Gloucester, in reply, October. — Distinc-

tion between the errors of popery and of puritanism. Danger

of a general law for the prevention of abuses of the press · 186

The Bishop of Gloucester to Mr. Pitt, in reply, November 14. 189

Earl Temple to Lady Chatham, October 10. Duel between

Wilkes and Lord Talbot, at Bagshot

· 192

The same to the same, November. State of parties (Proceed-

ings in both Houses at the opening of the session, from the

Mitchell MSS, note.]


The Bishop of Gloucester to Mr. Pitt, December 3. - Conveying

a commission from the Duke of Newcastle. [Tottering state of

the ministry, note.]


The Honourable Thomas Hervey to Mr. Pitt, December 5. -

Invites him to testify his public opinion of the preliminaries

of peace. [Mr. Pitt's speech thereon, note.]

· 197

Thomas Hollis, Esq. to Mr. Pitt, December 21. - Enclosing

Count Algarotti's Dedication of his “ Essay on the Opera” to

Mr. Pitt

· 200

Mr. Pitt to Thomas Hollis, Esq., in reply, December


Bamber Gascoyne, Esq. to Mr. Pitt, December 22. — Soliciting

his opinion, whether he should accept a situation in the Board

of Trade


Mr. Pitt to Bamber Gascoyne, Esq., December 22. - Declines

giving his advice, in pursuance of an inviolable rule. [State of the

Duke of Newcastle's party, from the Mitchell MSS., note.] 205

Sir Richard Lyttelton to Mr. Pitt, December 23. - Speculations

on Mr. Pitt's domestic occupations. Appointment to the gover-

norship of Minorca

- 207

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- 210

The Bishop of Gloucester to Mr. Pitt, February 22.


William Taylor How, Esq. to Mr. Pitt, February 21. Count



Count Algarotti to Mr. Pitt, February 28.- Sending copies of

his “Essay on the Opera in Music


Mr. Pitt to Count Algarotti, in reply


The Earl of Bristol to Mr. Pitt, March 27.- Cider bill [Mr.

Pitt's speech against it, note.]

- 216


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