Blackwood's Magazine, Volumen212

W. Blackwood, 1922

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Página 395 - They go up by the mountains; They go down by the valleys Unto the place which thou hast founded for them. Thou hast set a bound that they may not pass over; That they turn not again to cover the earth.
Página 215 - The benign principles of the Alliance of the 26th of September, 1815," it ran, "may be considered as constituting the European system in matter of political conscience. It would, however, be derogatory to this solemn act of the sovereigns to mix its discussion with the ordinary diplomatic obligations which bind State to State, and which are to be looked for alone in the treaties which have been concluded in the accustomed form.
Página 190 - ... guile seduced, no force could violate ; And, when she took unto herself a Mate, She must espouse the everlasting Sea. And what if she had seen those glories fade, Those titles vanish, and that strength decay; Yet shall some tribute of regret be paid When her long life hath reached its final day: Men are we, and must grieve when even the Shade Of that which once was great is passed away.
Página 137 - Ther saugh I first the derke imagining Of felonye, and al the compassing ; The cruel ire, reed as any glede ; The pykepurs, and eek the pale drede ; 1140 The smyler with the knyf under the cloke ; The shepne brenning with the blake smoke ; The treson of the mordring in the bedde ; The open werre, with woundes al bi-bledde ; Contek, with blody knyf and sharp manace ; Al ful of chirking was that sory place.
Página 211 - Commons. It seemed almost as though Lord Londonderry's accession to an English peerage would involve a national crisis. Mr. Pitt's secretary wrote to Castlereagh in grave insistent terms. ' I am almost persuaded,' said he, ' that you will be obliged to postpone your father's peerage. No man was ever so flatteringly pressed to decline honours. The real fact is that they hope you will make the same figure and take the same lead which you have done in Ireland, and they sadly want some character on whom...
Página 422 - York Saint Mary's School Mount Saint Gabriel PEEKSKILL-ON-THE-HUDSON, NY Boarding School for Girls Under the charge of the Sisters of St. Mary. New fireproof building beautifully situated. For catalogues address The Sister Superior.
Página 629 - Now you know my rank. I am twenty-four years old. Now you know my age. Sixteen months ago I left Great Britain a completely insular being, knowing hardly a word of French. I have been in Holland and in Germany, but not yet in France. You will therefore excuse my handling of the language. I am travelling with a genuine desire to improve myself. I have come here in the hope of seeing you. I have heard, Sir, that...
Página 632 - to my country, and he fetched me some letter of recommending him; but I was of the belief he might be an imposter, and I supposed, in my minte, he was an espy; for I look away from him, and in a moment I look to him again, and I behold his tablets. Oh ! he was to the work of writing down all I say! Indeed I was angry.
Página 264 - Ireland ; but the general conclusion that we draw from the evidence before us is that the main cause of the rebellion appears to be that lawlessness was allowed to grow up unchecked, and that Ireland for several years past has been administered on the principle that it was safer and more expedient to leave law in abeyance if collision with any faction of the Irish people could thereby be avoided.
Página 207 - I consider the rebels as now in your power, and I feel assured that your treatment of them will be such as shall make them sensible of their crimes, as well as of the authority of Government. It would be unwise, and contrary, I know, to your own feelings, to drive the wretched people, who are mere instruments in the hands of the more wicked, to despair. The leaders are just objects of punishment...

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