Two Lives: Or, To Seem and to be

Appleton, 1853 - 262 páginas

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Página 19 - Or fill the fixed mind with all your toys! Dwell in some idle brain, And fancies fond with gaudy shapes possess, As thick and numberless As the gay motes that people the sun-beams, Or likest hovering dreams, The fickle pensioners of Morpheus
Página 42 - Mortals, that would follow me, Love virtue; she alone is free. She can teach ye how to climb Higher than the sphery chime; Or, if Virtue feeble were, Heaven itself would stoop to her.
Página 207 - A perfect Woman, nobly planned, To warn, to comfort, and command ; And yet a Spirit still, and bright With something of an angel 13 light. XV.— I WANDERED LONELY. 1804. I WANDERED lonely as a cloud...
Página 239 - There is a calm for those who weep, A rest for weary pilgrims found ; And while the mouldering ashes sleep Low in the ground...
Página 207 - I'm in the world alone, Upon the wide, wide sea : But why should I for others groan, When none will sigh for me ? Perchance my dog will whine in vain, Till fed by stranger hands ; But long ere I come back again He'd tear me where he stands. " With thee, my bark, I'll swiftly go Athwart the foaming brine ; Nor care what land thou bear'st me to, So not again to mine. Welcome, welcome, ye dark blue waves ! And when you fail my sight, Welcome, ye deserts, and ye caves ! My native land— Good Night !
Página 84 - Thus Love repays to Hope what Hope first gave to Love Yet haply there will come a weary day, When overtasked at length Both Love and Hope beneath the load give way. Then with a statue's smile, a statue's strength, Stands the mute sister, Patience, nothing loth, And both supporting does the work of both.
Página 155 - Be hush'd, my dark spirit ! for wisdom condemns When the faint and the feeble deplore ; Be strong as the rock of the ocean that stems A thousand wild waves on the shore ! Through the perils of chance, and the scowl of disdain, May thy front be unalter'd, thy courage elate ! Yea ! even the name I have worshipp'd in vain Shall awake not the sigh of remembrance again : To bear is to conquer our fate.
Página 101 - And so be set down as a disappointed young lady, acting from pique." Grace was silent for a moment, and when she spoke again, it was no longer in such light accents as she had hitherto done. " It seems I am to be equally blamed, whether I receive or decline his attentions ; I am sure I do not see what people would have me to do." " You have been very imprudent, certainly, Grace, in going so far with one whom you never intended to marry. To retreat now is impossible.
Página 218 - That, pledged on earth and seal'd above, Grows in the world's approving eyes, In friendship's smile and home's caress, Collecting all the heart's sweet ties Into one knot of happiness ! No, HINDA, no — thy fatal flame Is nursed in silence, sorrow, shame.
Página 189 - I'm weary of the crowded ball: I'm weary of the mirth, Which never lifts itself above the grosser things of earth: I'm weary of the flatterer's tone; its music is no more, And eye and lip may answer not its meaning as before : I'm weary of the heartless throng, of being deemed as one Whose spirit kindles only in the blaze of fashion's sun. I speak in very bitterness, for I have deeply felt The mockery of the hollow shrine at which my spirit knelt...

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