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Sir Henry Nelthorpe, Bart. Scawby, Lincolnshire.

Dowager Lady Nelthorpe, Lincoln.

A. Nicholls, Esq. D. A. C. G.


James Ogilvie, Esq. D. C. G.


Sir Charles Palmer, Bart. Wanlip, Leicestershire.
Captain Pipon, R. N.

Rev. W. Philpot, Everdon, Northamptonshire.
Rev. Herbert Phillips, Clarence House, Chelsea.
William Percival, Esq. Northampton.

William Pott, Esq.

Mr. Thomas Parsons, Long Lawford, Warwickshire.
Mr. Preston.

Mr. Payne, Fawsley, Northamptonshire

Mr. Parks, Sittingbourne, Kent.


Commissary-General Sir Wm. H. Robinson, Thornbury,


Hon. Mortimer Rodney, D. A. C. G.

Mrs. Rose, Whilton, Northamptonshire.

Rev. John Rose, ditto, ditto.

Rev. Henry Rose, ditto, ditto.

Miss Rose, ditto, ditto.

Miss Harriet Rose, ditto, ditto.

Miss Caroline Rose, Whilton, Northamptonshire.
Charles Rattray, Esq M. D. Daventry.
Edward Robinson, Esq. D. C. G.

Thomas Rayner, Esq. D. A. C. G.

Thomas Wharton Ramsay, Esq. ditto.

Mr. T. Ravenhill, London.

Mr. Rogers, Lawford, Warwickshire (2 copies).


Right Hon. Earl Spencer, K. G.

Major-General Lord R. E. H. Somerset, K. C. B. M. P.
Mr. Sabin, Welton, Northamptonshire.

Hon. John Simpson, Babworth Hall, Nottinghamshire.
T. S. W. Samwell, Esq. Upton Hall, Northamptonshire.
Rev. Dr. Smith, Daventry, ditto.

Rev. James Saumarez, Staverton, ditto.

Major Shuldham, 1st Batt. 7th Reg. Native Infan. Bombay. John Shuckburgh, Esq. Bourton, Warwickshire.

William Sikes, Esq. London (2 copies).

Henry Sikes, Esq. ditto (2 copies).

Rev. James Slade, Dodford, Northamptonshire.
Sev. S. Slade, Staverton, Northamptonshire.
Rev. W. Stonehouse, Messingham, Lincolnshire.
Thomas Spencer, Esq. London.

Mr. Shipham, Kingston-upon-Hull.
Mr. R. Smith, Gainsboro', Lincolnshire.
Mr. George Smith, Bristol (2 copies).
Mrs. Stanley, Rugby, Warwickshire.
Miss Stanton, Bilton, ditto.

Mr. Swannell, Filgrove, Bucks.

Mr. William Sedgley, Dunchurch, Warwickshire.


T. R. Thornton, Esq. Brockhall, Northamptonshire.

Rev. K. M. R. Tarpley, Floore, ditto.

Thomas Trueman, Esq. Polygon, near Manchester (2 cop.)

Joseph Trueman, Esq. London.

William Townend, Esq.Cottage, Manchester.

Samuel Tubby, Esq. D. A. C. G.

Keating Trenor, Esq. ditto.

Mr. Thompson, Oxford Street, London.


Edward Vernon, Esq. Bilton Hall, Warwickshire.


R M. Wynne, Esq. Eyarth House, Denbighshire.
John Watson, Esq. London (2 copies).
Thomas Wilkinson, Esq. ditto (2 copies).
George Wall, Esq. Bilton, Warwickshire.
Rev. Corbett Wilson, Priors Hardwick, ditto.
Rev. John Williams, Daventry, Northamptonshire.
Rev. Amos Westoby, Emberton, Bucks.
William Wemyss, Esq. Deputy Commissary-General.
G. W. Wilgress, Esq. Assistant Commissary-General.
John Wood, Esq. ditto.

Robert Wildegose, Esq. Daventry.

Thomas Waterfield, Esq.

Augustus Wathen, Esq. D. A. C. G.

E. Westoby, Esq. (2 copies).

Mr. A. Westoby, Winterton, Lincolnshire.
T. Wheeler, Esq. Weedon Barracks.

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AS an Introduction to the ensuing Narrative, it may be useful here to give a brief outline of what occurred in the War of the Peninsula, prior to the arrival of the author in that country; not so much with the view of affording fresh information, as to enable the reader to contemplate the grand chain of events which led to the glorious and happy results narrated.

In the autumn of 1808, Buonaparte (then in the zenith of his power as Emperor of France, King of Italy, Protector of the Confederation of the Rhine, &c. and at peace (if not in alliance) with all the northern powers of Europe) passed the Pyrenees with his army, and after beating in succession all the B

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