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Several key statements in the book are misleading and inaccurate. For example: (1) "Palestine initially fell to the Ptolemies (whose main region was Egypt) and, in 200 BC, it was transferred to the control of the Seleucids of Syria." (2) "The Hasmoneans, was responsible for Rome's intervention in Palestine, a relationship that would lead ultimately to its inclusion in the empire"
It is a well documented historical fact that the term "Palestina" was first used almost 300 years AFTER those events. The aforementioned sentences fly in the face of historical facts: only after they suppressed the Bar Kokhba rebellion in the 2nd century CE, the Roman authorities renamed "Provincia Judea" (derived from the name "Judah") to "Syria Palaestina".
The book's aforementioned gross inaccuracies reflect negatively on the quality of the book. It begs to ask if its author has not bend the truth to align it with her political views, making a mockery of the scientific method she claims to have used. According to her own biography, the author is an archeologist whose expertise is the Celtic culture. These credentials do not suffice to make her an authority on the entire history of the Roman empire, let alone the near East.

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