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Communion with the Church of Rome, vii. with, 295; on Intimacy with, 533, 686;

Funerals, 653
Companion to the Newspaper, one-sided view Dissenting Dishonesty, viii. 535; Papers, Spe-
taken by it, vii, 703

cimens of the Spirit of, 562; Ministers, on
Confirmation, what does the church hold re- Right of, to perform the Burial Service in
specting, viii. 533

the Churchyard, 568
Congregational Magazine, Specimens of its District Visiting Society, Objects and Rules,

Spirit and Feeling towards the Church, vii. 297
vii. 72

Doors of Ringwood Church, similar worthy of
Consecration Fees, Rev. A. Clive on, with adoption, viii. 232
also the Editor's Remarks, vii. 283

Dublin, Chaplin

to the Roman Archbishop of,
Convert, an Old, vii. 371

Letter on the Priest's Directory, viii. 203
Convocation, vii. 359, 426, 682; viii. 67; of Dukenfield, Rev. Mr., Protest at the Vestry

the Province of Canterbury, vii. 33, 145, 259 Meeting held at St. Martin's-in-the-fields
Cost of Church Building, St. Mary's Church, to nominate a Lay Clerk, vii. 360
Greenwich, vii. 483

Durbam School, Half-yearly Examination, vii.
Cottage Lectures, vii. 680

358; University, amount applied by the Dean
Coverdale's Bible, viii. 597

and Chapter in support of, viii. 352; Uni-
Cranmer and Latimer's Expenses in Confine- versity, Gifts to, 721; University, Regula-
ment, viii. 179

tions for the better establishment of, 451
Creation, Mr. Winning, on the Days of, viii. Duties of the Rich, vii. 559
165, 284, 672

Dutton, Rev. H., Sentence upon, for preaching
Cure of Souls, Limitation of the, viii. 299 the Doctrines of the late Mr. Irving, viii.




Dark Ages, the, vii. 239, 385, 489, 633; viii.

19, 122, 248, 387, 497, 627; the Editor's Ecclesiastical Courts, vii. 467; History, Leslie
Recommendation of particular Attention to on the Use of, viï. 663; Knowledge Society,
this series of Papers, vii. 717

Sixth Grievance, vii. 704; Revenues Bill,
Deacon, Duties of, in the Ancient Church, vii. viii. 330

Edgeworth, Miss, Novel of Helen, reprobation
Deluge, the, if Universal in the Mosaic Narra- of, vii. 291
tive, viii. 48

Education, Resolutions respecting, presented
Democratic Tyranny, the Spirit of Exempli- to the House of Lords by Lord Brougham,

fied by Two Bills brought into Parliament with Remarks on, viii. 99

by Lord Brougham and Mr. Hume, viii. 107 Egremont, Earl of, Contradiction that he had
Dens' Theology, viii. 329; Documents regard- ever given anything towards Catholic Cha-

ing, 205, 233 ; Mr. O'Sullivan and Dr. Mur. pels, viii, 116
ray, 574; and Dr. Murray, 201; and Dr. Emigration, Extract of a Letter from Bishop
Murray's Second Letter, 447

Chace, vii. 445; to Canada, Outline of a
Devotional Composition, Care in, viii. 681; Plan, 330

Specimen of a Commentary on the Book of Endowments of the Parish Churches in Eng-
Common Prayer, vii. 130; from the Pari- land, on, vü. 701
sian Breviary, 252, 401, 654; vü. 34, 150, England, Church Matters in, vii. 340
406, 516

Events of each Month throughout the King-
Dinnington New Church, viii. 723

dom, vii. 102, 218, 357, 480, 614, 731 ;
Dissent, Suggestions on the Place and Manner viii. 112, 231, 351, 470, 596, 719

of condemning on insufficient grounds, vii. Exclusive Dealing, vii. 585
50; Views respecting subjects connected Exeter, Bishop of, Answer to the Address of
with, 154; on the Time and Manner of no- the Clergy of his Diocese, vii. 102, 358 ;
ticing, 268 ; Political, 326; in Essex, Refu- Exposure of the Morning Chronicle's dis-
tation of a Statement in the “Congregational graceful Attack upon, 732
Magazine," from authentic returns, 595; in Exeter Hall, Robbery at, vii. 737

Wales, Voluntary System, 589
Dissenters, on the Deficiency in Candour mani-

fested by, vii. 158; Speaking out, 161 ; Sub-
scription to Charities, 194; Disgraceful Con-

duct of, at Trowbridge, 227; at a Meeting
presided over by Earl Durham, 416; Mar-
riage Bill, 465; the Political, and Wesleyan Fasting, vii. 427, 524
Methodists, 732; Important to, 740; Feel Ferns, Bishop of, (Dr. Elrington) Biographi-
ings of respectable, 333; Subscriptions to cal Sketch of the late, viii. 507
Charities at Chichester, 336; and Lord | Funds, Stocks, Shares, &c., Prices of, vii. 111,
Brougham, 707; Grievances, 720; viii. 93; 231, 367, 488, 623, 743; viii. 119, 239,
Illiberality of, at Halifax, 237; on Connexion 359, 479, 607, 727



General's misstatement of facts respecting,

viii. 87; Subscription for, 724; fleeting
Gaol Chaplains---Mr. Seymour, &c. vii. 549 for the Relief of, at Cambridge, 720
George IV. vindicated, vii. 54

Irish Society, Devizes, viii. 725; Lay Asso-
Gin-shops, Important Decision regarding, vii. ciations, 704

Isaiah liji. 9, the Prophecy in, vin. 53
Gin Palaces, vii. 475

Jews, Disturbances of the, under the Roman
Glover's, Archdeacon, Letter to the Dean of Empire, viii. 28, 437

Norwich, Remarks on, vii,
Grammar School, Opening of the Helleston,
viii. 230

Gresford Church, Derbyshire, Descriptive
Sketch of, viii. 381

King's School Society, Canterbury, Anniver-

sary of, viii, 599
Knox's Remains, Observations on, vii. 668
Knox, Alexander, viii. 309, 637, 687; and

Milner, 173; Doctrine of Justification, and
Hamburgh, Decree detailing the Privileges to answer to Mr. Scott, 689

which the English Episcopal Congregation

are entitled, vii. 224
Hampden's, Dr., Bampton Lecture, vii. 179

Hardy, Rev. R. S., Sketches of the Holy
Land, vii. 701

Langdon Hills Church, Essex, Descriptive
Heavenly Witnesses, vii. 60

Sketch of, viji. 256
Hereford Cathedral, Description of a curious Lang's, Dr., Australia, Remarks on some Pas-

Manuscript recovered belonging to, vii. 221 sages in, vii. 586
Herrnhuters, on the Episcopacy of, vii. 449, Lay Association of the Church of England,

Bath, vii. 109
Hewley's, Lady, Charity, vii. 557

Lay Benefactors towards the Church :-John
Home Missionary Society Facts, viï. 188, 300; Buller, Esq., vii. 220; J. C. Strode, Esq.,
Tactics, 176

ib. ; Sir G. T. Staunton, Bart., 221; Hugh
Hosea, ver. 7, viii. 315, 437, 530, 531

Hoare, Esq. and the late Mr. Gosling, 225;
Huyshe, Rev. Mr., on the Greek Text of the the late F. Anderson, 226; J. Tomlinson,
New Testament, vii, 544, 561

Esq., ib.; Dowager Countess of Beauchamp
and Joshua Watson, Esq., 228; Marquis of

Bute, 229; the late Alex. Maclean, Esq.,

ib.; Earl of Tankerville, 361 ; Duke of

Leinster and Lord G. Egerton, 481 ; Lady
Infant School, Examination of, at Bury, vii. C. Greenly, 482 ; Sir J. B. Y. Buller and
733; Clerkenwell, 487

Col. H. Baillie, 614; the late H. Cock,
Interruption of the Morning Service by the Esq., 615, 621; Earl of Devon, 732; Lords

Performance of the Marriage Ceremony, vii. Fortescue and Rolle, and Charles Roberts,

Esq., ib. ; J. B. Chichester, Esq., M.P.,
Ireland, viii. 237; Addresses to the Primate ib.; G. B. Simpson, Esq., ib.; the Ladies

of, 562 ; Church of, 477 ; Church Matters of Bristol, ib. ; Sir T. Acland, 219; Pre-
in, vii. 338-viii. 725; Lord Lieutenant of, sented by His Majesty, 731; Earl Howe,
Answer to the Addresses from Dublin Uni- 735; Denison, Esq., M.P., and — Bar-
versity, vii. 230; Increase of Protestantism clay, Esq., M.P., 740; Sir R. Peel, ib.;
in, vii. 742-viii. 199; First Report of the Earl of Delawar, viii. 116; Clark Powell,
Commissioners of Public Instruction, viji. Esq., 117; W. Appletree, Esq., 232 ; Lord
89; Cruelty in, 564 ; Language of the Ro- Bolton, ib.; R. T. Parker, Esq., 234;
man Bishops in, 326 ; Observations on Bolton King, Esq., M.P. and Miss Ingram,
Moore's History of, 651 ; Return from the

Sidebotham, Esq., 351; Countess
Ecclesiastical Commissioners for, 453; State of Bridgewater, 355 ; Col. Wynne, 357;
of the Congregations of the Established Earl of Devon and others, 597; Terrett,
Church in, 191 ; Dissenters in, 192

Esq., 598; Sir P.P. F. Acland, Bart., 603;
Irish Church, State of the, a few Facts in J. Neeld, Esq., M.P., 604; Dowager Coun-

answer to an article in the Edinburgh Re- tess of Rosse, 606
view, entitled, viï. 217; Extracts from Leighton's Latin Works, viii. 690
Mr. Shaw's Speech respecting, 88; Bill Lessons, on the Change of, vui. 655
respecting, considered, 216 ; Hampstead Letters of L. S. E., vii. 417
Petition against the Bill, 354; Results of Letters on the Church of the Fathers, vii,519,
the Ministerial Measure, if passed into a vüi. 277
Law, 359

Liberality, Modern Notions of, vii. 281
Irish Clergy, Refutation of Mr. O'Connell's Lincoln, Bishop of, Extracts from the Charge

Statement that Roman Catholics pay or of-Reform of the Formularies — Church
maintain the, proved by the Returns from Revenues - Pluralities - Tenths and First
241 Parishes, vii. 43; the Irish Attorney- Fruits, Taxation of Benefices—Cathedrals

365 ;

and Bishopricks as Sources of Augmentation, New Books, in the press and published, vii.
vii. 76

111, 230, 367, 487, 622, 742; viii. 118,
Liberalism, viii. 299

239, 358, 478, 607, 727
Literary Institutions, vii. 552; Particulars Noachic Creation, Rev. W. B. Winning on
respecting, viï. 56

the, vü. 415
Liturgy, on reading the, viii. 315

Noah's Vineyard, on, by Rev. W. B. Winning,
Liverpool, Protestant Meeting at, vii. 106; viii. 419
Schools, 439

Notices to Correspondents, vii. 111, 232, 368,
Loan Funds, vii. 220; Society, Tunbridge 488, 624, 744; viii. 112, 239, 360, 480,
Wells, 222

608, 728
London University, vii. 589
Lushington, Dr., Inconsistent Conduct of, vii.

Lyra Apostolica :-Nabad and Abihu, vii. 30; Obituary, vii. 101, 110; viii. 231

the Burning at Taberah -- Dathan and October Festival, viii. 683
Abiram, 31; Korah-Elijah and the Mes- Office of Private Baptism, vii. 183
sengers of Ahaziah, 32; the Samaritans Old Divines, Republication of, viii. 542
spared, 136; Julian, 137; Fall of Babylon, One Catholic and Apostolic Church, a Scottish
ib. ; the Jews, 406; Wrath to come, 407; Catholic Deacon's Letter to the Editor on,
Heathen, 408; Watch by Night, 517; the vii. 177
Exchange, 518; Samuel, 660; Martha, St. Orange Lodges in Ireland, Report, viii. 341
Paul, James, and John, 157, 661; Abject, Ordination Service, vii. 189, 230, 424; viii.
the, Distrustful, Restless, Ambitious, 258; 655
Subscription to Articles, viii. 39; Spolia- Ordinations, vii. 90, 209, 340, 473, 607, 723;
tion, 40; Church and King, ib. ; Idolatry viii. 103, 222, 345, 467, 590, 711
and Dissent, 275 ; Jeremiah, 276, 523; Oriental account of the Jewish Captivity, vii.
Eremites, 276, 413; Angel of the Church, 233

Oxford Declaration, on the, vii. 719

Oxlee, J., Vindication of himself against Mr.

Huyshe's statement, vü. 60; Reply to Mr.

Huyshe on Stephen's Text, 299; Heavenly
Mackintosh, Sir James, and his Tutor, viïi. Witnesses, 545

Mammon, Lord of Earth, viii. 139
Manor House, the, vii. 5

Marriage Act, viii. 600
Marriage in the Primitive Church, vii. 277 Padan Aram, on the Position of, by the Rev.
Matrimony, Solemnization of, vii. 431

C. T. Beke, viii. 665
Maynooth College, Return, viii. 451

Papal Oaths, viï. 356
Melchisedeck, the Christian Ministry truly a Parisian Greek Press, vii. 59; Mr. Huyshe's
Priesthood after the Order of, vii. 290

Vindication of, from the Charges of Mr.
Memorials of the Inquisition, vii. 626; viii. Oxlee, vii. 302
13, 489, 622

Parish Clerks, Decision of Dr. Lushington
M'Ghee, Rev. R., Extracts from his Speech respecting, viii, 570

at Exeter Hall, respecting the Tenets of the Parish Officers, Election of, St. Botolph,
Church of Rome, viü. 79; Letter to Pro- Bishopsgate, vii. 618; Kensington, 619
testants, 328; Extract from his Speech at Parish Shop-keeping made easy, viii. 57;
Hereford, 445

Plan of, 552
Methodists, Schism among, vii. 357

Parish Churches :-Account of the Parish
Milner's Church History, Call on the Eulogist Church of Ashby-de-la-Zouch, of the Cha-

of, to answer Mr. Maitland, vii. 702; Mr. pel at Blackfordby, and of the Chapel in the
King's Letter to the Editor, in defence of, ruins of Ashby Castle, vii. 8; St. Martin's,
viii. 70

Canterbury, 7, 125
Morning Chronicle, Falsehoods of, refuted, vii. Parochial Psalmody, viii. 679

Patriot, some Specimen's of the, vii. 193 ; viii.
Morpeth's, Lord, Irish Church Bill, viii, 194 695
Morals in France, vii. 187

Patriot and Christian Advocate Newspapers,
Musical Festivals in Cathedrals, viii. 677 how maintained, vii. 328

Patrons of Benefices, Documents respecting,

vii. 335

Peel, Rev. Mr., Munificent Bequest to the

Church, vii. 106
National School, Testimonial presented to a Peel's, Sir R., Speech on the Irish Church

Master of, vii. 619; Anniversary of the Bill, viï, 198
Canterbury, 732

Pews, on the Laws of, viii. 600
National Schools, Benefits expected not realized Pitt Prize, Resolution to appropriate 20001. to
from, vii. 168; viii. 115

establish a, in Edinburgh University, viii.
Nebuchadnezzar, vii. 543

VOL. VIII.Dec. 1835.

5 B




Pontius Pilate, the Character and Conduct of,

Reviews :
vii. 142, 415
Poor, Regard for the Spiritual Instruction of Abel David's Journal of a Residence in China,

Abbotsford and Newstead Abbey, vii. 697
the, felt by the Radical party, as exemplified

vii. 690
in St. Pancras, vii. 75; Education of the, Abbot, Jacob: Pastor's Daughter, viii. 553
from the Report of the National Society, Address to the Curates of the Church of Eng-

land, on Church Reform, vii. 319
Popery, viii. 92, 603, 604; in England, 654
Prayer-Books, Omissions in, vii. 680

Alford, Rev. H. : School of the Heart, and
Prayers and Sermon, 7, 540

other poems, viii. 326

Allen, Rev. S. J.: Lectures in defence of the
Preaching, on Extempore, vii. 421
Preferments, vii. 92, 210, 351, 475, 725 ; viii. Anderson, Rev. M. : 'Ten Discourses, vii. 314

Church of England, vii. 68
106, 223, 347, 468, 592, 712
Priesthood after the Order of Melchisedeck, Anderson, Rev. J. S. M. : Discourses, vii. 314

vii. 169; the Oblation of, and his History, Anderson, Rev. R. : Discourses on the Com-
viii. 170

munion of the Church of England, viii. 184
Primogeniture, vii. 719

Anecdotes illustrative of the Catechism of the
Protestants, an Appeal to, viii. 703

Church of England, vii. 554
Protestant Meetings: -Liverpool, vii. 106, viii. Annales Antiquatis, viii

. 73
721; Birmingham, vii. 110, viii. 724; Ports- Autobiography of a Dissenting Minister, vii.
mouth, vii. 310; Beverley, viii. 237; Here-
ford, 472; Worcester, 476 ; Brighton, 724 Bagster, S., Jun. : Management of Bees, vü.

Provident Society, Fakenham, vii. 731
Psalm Singing, viii. 299

Bailey, H. J.: Liturgy compared with the
Psalmody, viii. 423

Bible, viii. 322
Public Schools, recent Attacks on, vii. 141

Barrow, J., Jun. : Visit to Iceland, vii. 581
Publication of Lectures, viji. 543

Beattie's Views in Switzerland, vii. 72
Pulpit Oratory in the Reigns of James I. and Beckford's Italy, vii. 315
Charles I., viii. 482

Bertrand, A. Revolutions of the Globe, viii.
Punishment of Death in Belgium, Returns of,

Billington's Architectural Director, vii. 72
Birkett, Rev. G. : Voice from the Dormitory,

viii. 73

Bissland, Rev. T.: Sermons, vii. 449
Blackburn, J.: Salvation of Britain, viii. 323

Book of Family Worship, viii. 549
Queen, Visit of Her Majesty the, to the Uni- Bowles, Rev. W. L.: Annals and Antiquities
versity of Oxford, viii. 601

of Laycock Abbey, viii. 74
Queen Anne's Bounty, Benefit from, to Lay Bowring, J.: Minor-Morals for Young Peo-

Patrons, vii. 590 ; Statement of the whole ple : viii. 317
Effects of, 466 ; Summary of Benefactions Bramston, Rev. J.: Charity, vui. 73
towards Augmentations of poor Livings, Brayley, E. W.: edition of De Foe's Journal
yüï. 331

of the Plague Year, viï. 184
Bread of the First Fruits, vii. 447

Britton and Brayley's History and Descriptioa

of the late Houses of Parliament, vii. 192
Brydone, J. M. : Narrative of a Voyage to

Upper Canada, vii. 191
Rabbinical Writers, Thoughts on the Utility of Calder, Frederick: Memoirs of Simon Epis-
studying the, viii. l; on the Mode of

copus, viii. 326
studying the, 133

Cary, Rev. H.: Testimonies of the Fathers,
Rabbinism, considered as a Religious System,

vili. 183
vii. 114

Caul, Rev. M. A. : New Testament Evidenor,
Reed, Dr., on the State of Religion in Ame- vij. 553
rica, viji. 77

Cave's Primitive Christianity, vü. 72
Religious Destitution of great Cities, vii. 713; Chambers, R. : Geographical and Biographi-
ditto, with Documents, vüi. 707

cal Compendium, viii. 443
Religious Instruction of Children in the MidChurch of England defended, viï. 693

dling and Upper Classes, vii. 285; for the Clarke, C. C. : Riches of Chaucer, vii. ?!
Staffordshire County General Infirmary, viii. Clarke, Rev. W. B. : History and Practice of

Psalmody, vü, 554
Religious Meetings, as described by the Chris- Coleridge, Bishop : Charges, vii. 317
tian Advocate Newspaper, vii. 705

Coleridge, H. N.: Introduction to the Study
Religious Press in America, vii. 327

of the Greek Classic Poets, vii. 69
Remarks on Acts xxi, and Gal. i., vii. 172 Condensed Commentary and Family Exposition
Re-ordination, vii. 671

on the Bible, vii. 192
Restoration of the Church of Yarmouth, Isle | Cooke, Rev. J.: Sermons, viii. 443

of Wight, vii. 193 ; of the Nave of St. Cookesley, H. P. : Birds of Aristophanes, vii.
Saviour's, Southwark, 510


REVIEWS continued.

Copley, Esther : Scripture Biography, viii. 556 Grimshawe, Rev. T.: Edition of Cowper's
Cox, Rev. J. S. : Two Sermons, with notes, Works, vii. 584
viii. 185

Gurney, J. J.: Essay on the Habitual Exer-
Crosthwaite, Rev. J. C. : Christian Ministry cise of Love to God, vii. 191
and the Establishment, viii. 326

Hall, Rev. P.: Summary View, vii. 314
Daily Readings, vii. 698

Hanmer, Von: History of the Assassins, viii.73
Dalby, Rev. W.: Lectures on the Life of Hart, Rev. R.: Materialism brought to the
Samuel, vii, 71

Test of Reason, vii. 583
Dale, Rev. T.: Young Pastor's Guide, viii. 73 Harvey, Rev. W. W.: Sermons, viii. 441
Dansey, Rev. W. : Horæ de Decaniæ Rurales, Hatherell

, Rev. J. W.; Nine Sermons on the
viii. 693

Catechism, vii. 191
Davies, Rev. J. : First Impressions, viii. Haverfield, Rev. T. T.: Twelve Sermons, vii,

Dealtry, Dr.: Charge, vii. 191

Heath's Gallery of Engravings, vii. 700
Dillon, Rev. R. C.. Lectures on some of the Holden, Rev. $. : Christian Expositor, vii. 70

Articles of the Church of England, viii. 185 Horne, Rev. T. H. : Protestant Memorial for
Dodsley's Economy of Human Life, illustrated, the Commemoration of October 4, 1835,
vii. 71

viii. 326
Dowling, Rev. J. G. : Letter to the Rev. R. Howard's, Rachel : Lessons on Scripture His-
S. Maitland, viii. 183

tory, vii. 191
Draper, B. H.: Art of being Happy, viii. Hull, Rev. W.: Consolations of Christianity,

viii. 557
Duncombe, Rev. E.: The present a Religious Hull, Rev. P. : Congregational Reform, vii,
Crisis, &c., vii. 448

Edmonds, C. R. : Life of Gen. Washington, Hutchinson, Rev. W.: Sermons, vii. 445
viii. 443

Hymns for Young Persons, viii. 693; and
Ellis, Rev. W.: Memoir of Mary M. Ellis, Prayers for Young Christians, 443
viii. 555

Irving's, Washington : Tour on the Prairies,
Essay on Church Patronage, vii. 317

vii. 445
Evans, Rev. R. W.; Scripture Biography, Jackson, T. : Exposition of Romans IX., vii.
viii. 186

Eyre, Rev. D. J. : Nature of Confirmation Jelf, Rev. R. W.: Sermons, viii. 441
explained, viii. 74

Jerusalem and its Environs, a Chart, vii. 191
Family Prayers, vii. 698

Jones, Rev. Jas.: Book of the Heart, vii. 318
Fisher's Views in India, vii. 72

Jones, Rev. T. : Sober Views of the Millenium,
Flowers of Poetry, viii. 441

vii. 581
Forbes, Dr.: Translation of J. H. Pareau, Jowett, Rev. W.: Manual of Instruction, vii.

Principles of Interpretation of the Old Tes- 447
tament, vii. 444

Keightley, Thos.: History of Greece, vii. 582
Fowle, Rev. F. W. : Ten plain Sermons, viii. Kempthorne, Rev. J.: the Church's Self-regu-

lating Privilege, viii. 185
Gallaudet, Rev. J. H.: Child's Book of Bible Kemp, Rev. E. C. : Course of Christian Obe-
Stories, viii. 183

dience, vii. 700
Gathercole, Rev. M. : Letter to C. Lushing- Kidd, Rev. W. J.: Reflections on Unitarian-
ton, Esq., vii.584

ism, vii. 583
Gauntlett, Rev. H. : Sermons, vii. 318 Kirby, Rev. W.: on the Power, Wisdom, and
Gilly, Rev. W.: Our Protestant Forefathers, Goodness of God, viii. 325
viii. 555

Labourers' Friend, vii. 449
Gibson, T. : Reasons for Conformity to the Lamb), Dr. : Hebrew Characters derived from
Church, vii. 700

Hieroglyphics, vii. 449
Girdlestone, Rev. C. : Devotions for Private Land of Vision, viii. 441
Use, viii. 322

Latrobe, C. J. : Rambler in North America,
Girdlestone, Rev. C. : Course of Sermons for viii. 186
the Year, vii. 67

Law's Three Letters to Bp. Hoadley, vii. 696
Glasgow Infant School Magazine, viii. 443 Lawson, Rev. C. : Four Sermons, viii, 442
Gleig, Rev. G. R.: Guide to the Holy Sacra- Lawson, Rev. J. P. : Roman Catholic Church,
ment of the Lord's Supper, vii.


viii. 692
Gobat, Rev. S. : Journal of a Three Years' Le Bas, Rev. C. W.: Life of Bishop Jewel, vii.
Residence in Abyssinia, vii. 450

Gray's Elegy in a Country Churchyard Illus- Leifchild, J.:. Memoir of the Rev. Joseph
trated, vii. 71

Hughes, viii. 325
Grey, W. H. C.: Lords and the People, viii. Le Roy and Laradoux’s Le Gil Blas de la

Jeunesse, viii. 442
Gresley, Rev. W.: Ecclesiasticus Anglicanus, Letters on the Nature and Duration of Future
vii. 439

Punishinents, vii. 700
Griffith, Rev. T. : Lectures, viii. 438 ; Spiri- Letters to the Poor on Religious Subjects
tual Life, vii. 68

vili. 73

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