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Lincoln, Bishop: Account of the Writings and Reed, R. T.: Narrative of a Six Months' Re-

Opinions of Clement of Alexandria, viii. 555 sidence in a Convent, viii. 442
Little Arthur's History of England, viii. 324 Reed and Matheson, Dr. : Narrative, vii. 69)
London in May, vii. 701

Riddle, Rev. J. E.: Scriptural Commentary
Maitland, S. R. : Letter to the Rev. J. King, on First Epistle of St. Peter, vii. 69
viii. 691

Roberts, J.: Oriental Illustrations, vii. 445
Maitland, J. R.: Second Letter to the Rev. Roscoe, T.: Wanderings through North Wales,

H.J. Rose, containing Strictures on Milner's vii. 700
Church History, vii. 315

Rose, Rev. Henry John: Law of Moses viewed
Mandeville's, Visc., Horze Hebraicæ, vii. 581 in connexion with the History of the Jews,
Marriott, Rev. W. H.: Sermons by the late, vii. 70
viii. 443

Rose, Thomas : Historia Technica Anglicana,
Martine, Alphonse de la: Pilgrimage to the vii. 192
Holy Land, vii. 698

Russell, Rev. M.: History and Present Con-
Medley, Rev.John : Episcopal Form of Church dition of the Barbary States, vii. 697
Government, vii. 449

Russell's History of the Church in Scotland,
Meek, Rev. R. : Passion Week, vii. 444 vii. 314
Memoirs of a Sergeant in the Forty-third, vii. Selections from the American Poets, vii. 71

Shirreff, P.: Tour through North America,
Memorials of a Departed Friend, vii. 584

vii. 450
Memorials of Oxford, vii. 71

Sibthorp, Rev. R. M.: Observations on the
M'Ghee, Rev, R. J.: Real Principles of the Book of Genesis, vii. 447
Roman Catholic Bishops, viii. 72

Sibthorp, Rev. R. W.: Pulpit Recollections,
Milton, M. S.: Songs of the Prophecies, vii.

vii. 582

Sidebottom, Rev. F. H. : Plain Sermons, vii.
Mimpriss, R. : Chronological and Geographical 583

Chart of the Gospels, with a Key, vii. 315. Smedley, Rev. E.: History of the Reformed
Mitchell, T.: Acharienses of Aristophanes, Religion in France, vii. 313
vii. 70

Snow, Rev. T.: Life of the Rev. G. T. Be-
Montgomery, Jas. : Poet's Portfolio, vii. 585 dell, vii. 443
Morning and Evening Prayers of the Church Songs of La Colonna, viii. 327
of England, in Hebrew, vii. 320

Speeches at a Meeting held to present a Bible
Mountain, J. H. B.: Twenty-one Sermons, to the Rev. H. Roberson, vii. 320
viii, 72

Spiritual Despotism, vii. 445
Mudie, R. : The Heavens, viii. 72; Air, 694 Stephen, Thomas : Guide to the Morning and
Murray, Dr.: Catechism of Political Economy, Evening Service of the Church of England,
vii. 583

viii. 323
Natural History of Man, viii. 553

Stewart, Rev. Alexander : Compendium of
Neglect of the Sabbath,-Wages of Incen Modern Geography, viii. 323

diarism,--Cobbett's Legacies, viii. 556 Storer, J. and H. Š.: Fountain Abbey, vi.
New England and her Institutions, vii. 318 318
Newman, Rev. J. H. : Parochial Sermons, Strong, Rev. C.: Sonnets, viii. 184
vii. 582

Taylor, T. : Memoir of Bishop Heber, vii. 3:20
Newman, Selig: Hebrew and English Lexicon, Tempora Subseciva, viii. 442
vii. 584

Thelwall, Rev. A. S. : Letters to a Friead,
Nine Sermons on the Lord's Prayer, vii. 581 vii. 444
Noble Deeds of Woman, viii. 184

Theron's Examination of Dissent, viii. 693
Osler, Edw.: Life of Lord Exmouth, viii. 441 Thornton, Henry: Family Commentary, viii.
Osburn, W.: Doctrinal Errors of the Aposto 551
lical and Early Fathers, vii. 577

Todd, Rev. J. H. : Authentic Account of our
Owen, Joseph: Six plain Sermons on the Authorized Translation of the Holy Bible,
Sabbath, viii. 72

&c., vii. 447
Pinkerton, Dr. : Russia, vii. 67

Todd, Rev. F. F. : Baptism and Regeneration,
Plank's Introduction to Sacred Philology, (Bib viii. 553
lical Cabinet, Vol. VIII.) vii. 316

Tomline, Bishop : Exposition of the Thirty-
Porter, Rev. E.: Lectures, viii, 439

nine Articles, vii. 444
Pratt, Rev. J.: Life of the Rev. D. Brainerd, Trench, R. C.? Story of Justin Martyr, viii.
vii. 67

Pringle, Thomas: Narrative of a Residence in Turton, Dr.: Review of the principal Dis-
South Africa, vii. 701

senting Colleges in England during the last
Pullen, Rev. W.: Vindication of the Church Century, viii. 325
of England, viii. 553

Vaughan, Rev. Robert : Causes of the Cor-
Purchas, Samuel: Spiritual Honey, vii. 69 ruption of Christianity, vii. 189
Rabett, Rev. R. : Name and Number of the Voluntary System, Parts III. IV. and V.,

Beast, viii. 182
Rasselas, Second Part of the History of, viii. Warc, Rev. H. : Scenes and Characters, viii.




Church Psalmody and Village Music, 660;
Warren, Dr. : Digest of the Laws and Regu Augustin's City of God, viii. 156; Church

lations of the Wesleyan Methodists, vii. 581 in Trouble, ib.; the Comet, 273; Au-
Wemyss, Thomas : Key to the Symbolical Lan tumnal Hymn, ib. ; Psalm iv. ib.; Excerpta
guage of Scripture, vii. 582

Ecclesiastica, 274; Country Pastor, 411,
Wheeler, Rev. James : Sermons on the Gos 644; Sabbath Bell, 411 ; Sonnets, 521;
pels, vii. 319

Evening Star, ib. ; Early Prayer, 522;
White, Charles : Belgic Revolution, viii. 72 Christian Year, ib. ; the Advent, 645
White, Rev. H. : Meditations and Addresses, Saints' Days, vii. 425
vii. 697

Salisbury's, Bishop of, Introduction to the
Wills, Rev. J.. Letters on the Philosophy of Controversy on the Disputed Verse of St.
Unbelief, viii. 74

John, as revived by Mr. Gibbon, &c., viii.
Williams, R. F. : Historical Sketch of the Art

of Sculpture in Wood, viii. 184

Savings Bank, vii. 482
Wilson, E.: Constitution of Society, as de- Schismatics, vii. 551
signed by God, viii. 183

School Society, British and Foreign, on the
Winkle's Cathedrals, vii. 191

Number of Schools in union with, and on
Woodward, Rev. Henry: Essays, Thoughts, the extent of Popular Ignorance as stated by
and Reflections, viii. 551

that Society, viii. 424
Works on Episcopacy, vii. 582

Schools, Parliamentary Grant to the National
Yarker, Rev. R.: Help to Self-examination, Society in aid of, vii, 711
viii. 71

School at Liverpool, Number of Children, vii.
Yate, Rev. W.: Account of New Zealand, viii. 145

Scotch Church, Number of Petitions against
Zornlin, R. M.: What is a Comet, Papa? viii. Grant to or for, viii. 118

Scotland, Church of, Address to the House of

Commons, vii. 741; Episcopal Church in,
Roman Catholic Controversy, on the Im 94; Special Meeting of the General Assem-
portance of the terms “'Material” and

bly, to take into Consideration the Commis-
i Formal" in the, viii. 647

sion issued by Government, viii. 605 ;
Roman Catholic Oath, vii. 714; Errors, So State of Religious Politics in, vii. 713

ciety to resist the spread of, viii. 722 Scott's Force of Truth, on, viii. 543
Roman Catholics, disgraceful Interruption of a Scottish Episcopal Church, viii. 605

Public Meeting by, viii. 112; Priests and Septuagint, the, vii. 683
their Theology, 696

Shoe Club for Sunday School Children, vii.
Romanism, viii. 563; in England and Ireland, 358
Books on the History of, 445

Sick, my First Visitation of the, viii. 617
Romanists, Account of Writers against, viii. Societies for Building Churches and Chapels,

430, 545; Use of the Bible among, 188 Views of, explained, vii. 321
Romanist Toleration, a Practical Specimen of, Socinianism, the Anatomy of, viii. 242, 375
viii. 202

Rome, on arguing with the Church of, viii. Promoting Christian Knowledge—General

528; on Communion with, 59; Church of, Meeting of the Manchester and Salford Dis-
Historical Notices of the, concerning some trict, vii. 222; Worcester Quarterly Meet-
of the peculiar Tenets of, useful at the pre ing, 227; Letter from Rev. L. Sharpe,
sent time, 637

respecting the General Meeting for pub-
Royal Bibles, vii. 329

lishing, their own Works, 457; Ripon,
Rubric, in Communion Service, vii. 142, 542 Aldbro', and Masham District Meeting,

486; Grantham, 617, 736 ; on the Policy

of Preaching Sermons for the Benefit of,

138 ; Special Meeting of, 108; Summary

of the Report for 1834, 195 ; Bedfordshire
Sabhath, the, in great Cities, viii. 94; on the District Committee, 218; Nottingham ditto,
Religious Observance of, vii. 296

226; Chichester, ib. ; Worcester, 621;
Sacred History, Antiquity of the, viii. 416 Lampeter, 622; Peterborough, 357; Pres-
Sacred Poetry :-Sonnets from Filicaja- Ash ton, viii. 238; Bath and Wells, 235; Not-

Wednesday, to Sinners, the Advent, vii. tingham, District Meeting, 116; Faversham,
29; Hymn for Trinity Sunday, 135 ; 473 ; Report of, for 1834, 722. Church
Church Reform, 256; Bishop Bedell, 257; Missionary, Banbury, vii. 361. Promoting
Foreign Churches and Breviary Services, the Enlargement, Building, and Repairing
ib. ; Scotch Episcopal Church, ib. ; Ex of Churches and Chapels, vii. 194; Shrews-
cerpta Ecclesiastica, 404, 658; from the bury, 226; Birmingham, ib., 467, 3:36.
Parisian Breviary, 405; Disciplina Arcana, Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts,
406; Disciplina Externa, ib. ; Churches viii. 661 ; Letter from a Subscriber to the,
and Churchmen, 515; Consolations of Bap vii. 64; Bishop of Gloucester's Speech at
tism, 516 ; on Viewing St. Paul's from the Cheltenham Meeting, 81; Bath, 362;
Blackfriars Bridge, ib. ; Imitation of Sir Worcester, 365; Croydon, viii. 603; Bir-
Edward Coke, 517; Prayer Book, 659; mingham, 603

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Son of Man, on the Application of the Words, S. vii. 483; Nance, Dr. viii. 353; Nelson,
vii. 61, 683

(late) Wm. Earl, viii. 474; Nevill, C. vii.
Sponsors at Baptism, vii. 429

740; Newberry, Henry James, 756 ; Nex.
Spooner, Archdeacon, Reply respecting the man, H. B. 109; Nicholson, C. viii. 113 ;

Right of a Parishioner paying Church or Norris, H. H. vii. 736; Oldham, J. R.
Vicar Rates to be furnished with a Seat 624: Owen, J. B. 619; Parsons, E. F.
without Rent, viii. 117

viii. 113; Phillips, W. S. vii. 221 ; Plim-
St. Bees' Clerical College, Cumberland, vii. ley, Henry, viii. 115; Plucknett, Wm.

352; Plumtree, S. H. vii. 2; Pools
St. George the Martyr, Southwark, indecent Henry, 221 ; Price, J. vii. 113 ; Raves,
squabble at, viii. 660

Wm. 352; Richards, Dr. 114; Rowland-
St. James's, Westminster, Meeting of Rate son, T. 353; Round, T. B. vii. 100;
payers on Emigration, viii. 354

Scard, T. 105; Scholefield, J. viii. 51;
St. John's New Church, Potters Bar, near Sowerby, Wm. 596 ; Spenser, Thomas, vii.
Barpet, Consecration of, viii. 722

739; Symons, J. 481; Scott, J. (the late)
St. Neot's, Inhabitants' Appreciation of their viii. 237; Tuck, J. J. viii. 723; Vicary,
Clergyman, vii. 106

A. T. N. 596; Waite, Dr. vii. 618;
St. Patrick, on the Writings of, viii. 399, 543, Wakefield, H. R. 481 ; Watson, T. 224 ;

656 ; on the Introduction of Christianity Wilcocks, E. J. 481; Wilkinson, W. C.
into Ireland, and on the Life of, 259

734; Williams, Mr. 481 ; Williamson, T.
St. Saviour's, the Ladye Chapel, Renovation P. viii. 604; Yates, S. W. 351

of, viii. 600; Grammar School Examina- Thirty-nine Articles Bill, viii. 189; Radnor,
tion, 722

Lord, Bill respecting, 89
Stewart's Geography, Misstatement in, viii. | Tithes, an Act for the more easy Recovery of,

viii. 450
Sunday Clothing Clubs, viii. 658

Tithing of Turnips, an Act for the Amendment
Sunday Schools, Remarks on, vii. 441 ; of the Law as to, viii, 450

Teacher, 377 ; School, Maenturog, 366 Townsend, Rev. G., speech at Durham, ex-
Surrogates, Imposition practised on, vii. 617 tract from, vii. 329
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Trials.-Carter v. the Dean and Chapter of

Ely, vii. 225 ; Attorney General e. Bishop

of Llandaff, 467 ; King r. Fossett, 467;

Bird v. for dilapidations, 469; Bail Court,
Testimonials of Respect to the Clergy Sims, 469

Allen, J. viii. 116; Alt, J. H. vii. 487; Tribute, the-Pure Patriotism, viii. 452
Baker, - 614; Bennett, E. L. viii. 113;
Blenkarne, J. 114; Brassey, W. 597 ; Bull,
G. S. 237; Burn, E. 476; Butcher, M.

G. (the late) 236 ; Cary, J. W. vii. 482 ;
Carr, James, 358; Carus, Wm. 219; Ca University, Library at Cambridge, Appeal to,
wood, J. viii. 724; Clayton, J. vii. 483;

in behalf of the, vii. 454
Collyns, Dr. viii. 720; Colbeck, T. vii. Universities, Lord Radnor's Bill respecting the,
365; Comins, W. 481 ; Crowdy, A. viii.

viii. 96
232; Dallas, J. vii. 483; Dawson, F. A. University of London, Mr. Tooke, vii. 456
485 ; Dell, J. viii. 719; Dew, John W.(the University News (Oxford )-vii.95, 212, 374,
late) 357; Dod, J. Y. vii. 357, 481; Dun 477, 610, 726; viii. 108, 225, 349, 594,
ning, R. viii. 595; Eade, J. D. vii. 228 ; 714; Cambridge, vii. 97, 21:3, 3315, 478,
Fanshawe, C. R. viii. 721; Faulkner, W. 611, 728; viii. 110, 226, 349, 594, 716 ;
E. L. 114; Fielding, Allen, vii. 483; Fisk, Durham, vii. 99, 479, 613; Dublin, vii.
G. 731; Fisk, George, viii. 231; Freer, 99, 216, 355, 479 ; viii. III, 225, 717;
R. 236 ; Furness, I. R. vii, 485; Ginger, Wales, vii. 216; King's College, viii. 28
T. S. 105; Gowring, J. W. 102; Graham,
J. viii. 725; Greensall, J. 724; Greswell,
W. 232; Grove, W. F. vii. 104; Hadley,

George, viii. 357; Hankinson, J. vii. 739; Vaudois, Report of the Committee for the Reliet
Hankinson, T. viii. 235; Hardwicke, T.

of, viii. 331
vii. 736; Heap, H. viii. 725 ; Hodgson, J. Victoria. National_Tunbridge Wells, vii 616
vii. 615 ; Hook, W. F. viii. 3561

, 603 ; Voluntary System, vii. 704; vi. 33. 47..
Hose, F. vii. 102; James, J. B. 110;

477, 557, 581; specimeu of the working of,
James, Thomas, 104; James, W. B. viii.

vč. 324; new plan of performing Divine
235; Jennings, J.353; Jennings, John, 352;

Service at Chorley, 734 ; Schism in the
Jones, H. 113; Kennedy, Samuel, vii.

congregation of Mr. Harnes, 74
226; Kerr, M. 481; Kilvington, E. (the
late) viii. 477 ; Kirkbank, W. vii. 624 ;
Knipe, J. viii. 719; Langley, J. 598 ;

Lawson, H. vi. 104; Luney, Rich. 614;
Marriner, John, vini. 3.5%; Maule, J. vii. Want of Church Room, vii. 677
359; Jattison, John, viii. 473; Mills, T. | Waterland, Testimony to, vii. 165

Weekly Communion, viii. 422 ; Police Ga- | Wickliffe, remarks on Mr. Vaughan's Life of,

zette, extract from, as a specimen of, vii. vii. 185; on the Last Age of the Church,

267; the, Manuscripts in Trinity College,
Wesleyan Methodists, liberality of, at Winborne, Dublin, 409, 412, 533, 690 ; Rev. T. P.

viii. 352; Minister, Observations of, re Pantin, on Vaughan's Life of, 684; viii.
garding the Church, 472

61; the Tract Society, viii. 304; on the
West Indies, Church Intelligence, viii. 477 Last Age of the Church, 412; Monument
West Wickham Church, Kent, descriptive to, 474

Sketch of, viii. 141
Winchilsea, Earl of, Letters to Protestants,
vii. 736

Winchester, Bishop of, Letter refuting a para-
graph in the newspapers, vii. 229

Xavier's Miracles, vii, I

Savill, Printer, (late Harjette & Savill,) 107, St. Martin's Lane.

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