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arrived, they were ordered to pay " for their parish churches as were destroyed by O'Connell and their country ;' if they re a burricane on the 11th of August, 1831, fused, they were grossly abused and brutal- the inbabitants having been unable to rely forced out of the chapel-yard. Every build them, from the great losses they susspecies of intimidation was used to extract tained :their pence ; a female, large in the family “ The majority of the vestry of any parish way, was struck a severe blow on the side, may, on or before the 1st of January, 1836, and is much injured, because sbe refused make an application to the treasurer of the complying with the demands of those pa- island for a loan out of the public treasury triotic plunderers. The same description not exceeding 20001. current. The vestry of wholesale plunder was carried on in of every parish applying for a loan, within Cashel, Fetbard, and Clonmel, and other one month after, to submit to the bishop of places, in which the priests are the princi- tbe diocese a plan of the church proposed pal demagogues. (Nr. Inglis says he saw to be built, for his approval : the loan to be ibe same sort of scene himself.)

appropriated in no manner otherwise than DARING ATTEMPT TO ASSASSINATE A according to a plan so approved. The PROTESTANT CLERGYMAN.-About half. vestry, with the consent of the bishop, may past seven o'clock on Thursday evening, change the site of any church, and purchase an attempt was made to assassinate our for, or take a gift of, any land more conveesteemed and worthy clergyman, the Rev. nient; the land so acquired to be conveyed Mr. Banner, Rector of Bansha; the particu to the rector of the parish and his successors, lars are as follow :-As Mr. Banner and his to be devoted, when consecrated, to eccle. servant were returning from the stables, besiastical purposes for ever. Every parish was attacked by five armed men, two of to which such loan sball be made, to be wbom broke in over a wall eight feet in subject to a tax of sixpence per acre annu. height, which they levelled in two places; ally on all land in such parish, until the and the other two effected an entrance by sum lent be repaid, but not to extend to forcing in an iron gate. They knocked down crown lands. the rev. gentleman, and beat him with the

To encourage the building of such butt ends of their guns in a desperate and churches, all parisbioners wbo shall contribarbarous manner; they also succeeded in bute by subscription towards the re-building wresting a pistol from him; his skull was of any of the aforesaid churches, to bave the fractured, and his arms and body severely choice of pews, at such rent as may be fixed bruised. They took the handle of a shovel by the vestry, subject to the approval of the from the servant, with which he gallantly rector and bishop, and in the order of their defended his master, and broke it on his amount of subscription. The vestry and head. The tumult and confusion were

churchwarden of any parish, with the sancheard by Mrs. Banner, and the females of tion of the rector and bishop, may discharge the house, whose screams caused the assas

any subscribers to the re-building of any such sins to retire without baving effected their church, wholly or in part, from the pay; purpose. —About half-past eleven o'clock

ment of pew-rents therein, for a limited ibe same night, two men, one named Ryan, time or for life, in such proportion to the and the other Burke, both of Ballinlough, amount of their respective subscription as near Golden, were arrested by constable they sball think fit, and may allow any Lalor, of Golden, and constable Nowlan, of such subscriber, on removal from tbe parish, Bansha, who went in pursuit of the assas to assign the remainder of bis time to any sins. Á black silk handkerchief, with five other parishioner and inhabitant. And as boles to serve as a mask, was found in the the grant of a certain sum of money to some bat of Ryan, who had been a servant to of the parishes may be more acceptable to Mr. Banner about twelve months ago, and them than a loan, should the vestry prefer was discbarged for bad conduct. Clonmel

a grant to the extent of 5001., sucb vestry Advertiser. The Irish Government have issued a cir. before the treasurer of the island shall be

may elect to take such grant, provided that, cular, informing the clergy, in answer to authorized to pay such grant, be shall be their application for the aid of the military satisfied, by proper certificates to be furnish. and police, that such assistance cannot be ed by the vestry requiring the grant, that granted.

5001. will complete the building of such COLONIAL.

church for which the grant shall be asked. BARBADOES.-The following is a brief And the vestry of such parish shall also abstract (abridged from the Barbadian) of furnish the treasurer with a certificate, unan Act passed in September last, by the der the band of the bishop of the diocese, Council and General Assembly, to assist signifying that the erection of such church such of the parishes in the re-building of is according to a plan approved by bim.”

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FROM Oct. 24, to Nov. 24, 1835.

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At the Office of R. W. Moore, 5, Bank Chambers, Lothbury.

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NOTICES TO CORRESPONDENTS. “W. D.” (in the November Number) might do well to refer to a tract on Confirmation, by the Rev. D. I. Eyre, published by J. W. Parker. “W. D.,” by sending to the publishers, may also have a tract which will, perhaps, answer his purpose.

The paper from Barbadoes, respecting the Moravians, has been received with sincere thanks. It shall be sent to the author of the papers in question, who may perhaps make some few remarks on it.

“ Presbyter," "M. F.," " I. H. B. M.,"" Tyro,”". Iota," and " A Curate," are received,

“ Juvenis," in p. 534, asks—"Where is the American Prayer Book to be procured?" An edition was published by John Miller, Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, 1833, from the Philadelphia authorized edition.

Will « T. K. A.” send a copy of the Lincolnshire Chronicle to the office when there are any such meetings as he mentions noticed ?

“E. T." and A are received with thanks.

Many thanks to the gentlemen who have kindly sent drawings of Whitwick and Stourton churches, which shall be used immediately. The continuation of the “Memoir of the Bishop of Ferns” came too late for this Number.

Nottingham Church Rates," and " Meeting of the Staffordshire Potteries' Association, are in type, and will be given in the next Number.

“Sir,- In my letter in your last Number there is an unfortunate mistake, which it would be as well to notice in your December Number. In the fourth line of the letter, . all that is subjective,' should be all that is objective.'. I intended to quote your own words in your September Number,--not October Number, as it would appear from my letter. The brackets, too, in page 587, ought to be erased.”

“ Your faithful servant, CATHOLICUS." The following copy of a circular, to complete the series, should have been given some time back:

Pennsylvania, near Exeter, May , 1835. “My Lorn,- If the duties of your station, in these awful times, have not completely engrossed your attention, but you should be aware of Mr. Oxlee's second attack on the early Parisian Greek Press, (British Magazine, March, p. 298,) you must have been struck with the heavy charges which he there brings against it. These involve not merely your Lordship's personal character, but, what I am certain must be much dearer to you, that of the church in which you have been ordained to " have the rule,” for having enjoined, and still persevering to enjoin, a version to be read in her sacred ordinances, as the word of God, formed from a text wilfully corrupted against all its authorities. As I had undertaken to vindicate Stephanus and his collations, I thought it my bounden duty not to let this escape without the rebuke which appears in the British Magazine for May; and I again send your Lordship a copy of my paper without offering any apology. If I have not sadly deceived myself, Mr. Oxlee's arguments, upon which he founds his accusations, are there confuted. At all events your Lordship will have the high satisfaction of observing, that the three testimonies to which I have appealed that of Henry, who had so large a share in the collations posterior to the O mirificam; that of Beza, who had the book of collations; and that of Robert himself—all pass without an attempt on the part of Mr. O. to grapple with either of them; and that the facts brought from all parts of the works of the Docti et Prudentes in refuta. tion of their assertions, and in support of my three vouchers, are noticed only by him under the description of " such passages of their works as may seem to involve a contradiction or an inconsistency.". But above all-in respect to the passage of the Heavenly Witnesses, the expulsion of which he avows to be the sole object of his rancour against the received text and the authorized version-Mr. O. is obliged to admit, that the ground on which the Docti et Prudentes have, for more than a century, with one voice pronounced Stephanus guilty, is swept away from under them; and he has to take totally different, for the purpose. "I am, your Lordship’s humble servant,

Francis HUYSHE.”



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5 A


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