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any church rate, this year, for that parish. 159; Braintree, 266; Kelvedon, 421; The consequence has been, that no less Colchester, 1,081; Great Bromley, 359; than seventy-two citations have been Thorpe, 451 ; Earl's Colne, 63: Halstead, issued against the parties.-- Western Lumi- 396; Great Yeldham, 324 ; Saffron Walnary.

den, 508; Thaxted, 220; Dunmow, 325 ; DURHAM.

Stortford, 357; Harlow, 231 ; Fifield, 237; Durnam UNIVERSITY.-The Bishop of Essex Standard.

Heydon Garnon, 202.—Total, 8,569.Durbam bas presented the Mirror of Parliament, in 26 folio volumes, and the works

LANCASHIRE. of De Rossi, in 33 volumes, to the library Church Building Society. - The of the Durham University. The Rev. friends of the Established Church will Charles Simeon, of Cambridge ; Mrs. An- be gratified to learn that at length there is drew Sharp, of Clare Hall, Barnet; the a prospect of church accommodation being Rev. Archdeacon Thorp; F. Carr, Esq., quickly provided for a portion of that of Hampton, and Dr, Radcliffe's Trustees, dense population in New Cross District, Oxford, have also made handsome presen- at Ancoats, Manchester. A commodious tations of books to the same institution. chapel, originally built for the Tent His lordship bas also, in addition to his Methodists, has been purchased by auction, gift of the ground for building the church by Robert Gardiner, Esq., for the purpose at Stockton, and for the burial-ground of being converted into a place of worship and vicarage, transmitted the sum of 2001. connected with the Established Church. to the committee in aid of building the The property, besides the chapel, comchurch. This beautiful building will be prises a house and garden for the officiating opened for divine service the beginning ot minister, a commodious school-room, and next month.-Durham Advertiser,

four cottages; the purchase-money, we

hear, was 3,2001. The importance of the ESSEX.

object in view may be estimated when we On Friday, 6th November, a handsome state that the district contains a population and chaste piece of plate, bearing the of 36,000 souls, and has no place of worship borough arms, and an inscription, was under the Establishment. The building presented to the Rev. C. R. Fanshawe, just purchased contains about 1,200 late curate of the united parishes of All sittings.--Cambridge Chrmicle. Saints and St. Peter, Maldon, by the A great Protestant meeting took place parisbioners, in token of the bigh esti

at Liverpool on Oct. 29. The attendance mation in wbich they hold him.--Chelms

was most numerous, consisting of the prinford Paper.

cipal members of the clerical profession, On Friday, October 30th, the new together with the leading merchants, bankEpiscopal Chapel at Brightlingsea, Essex, ers, and traders of Liverpool and its viciwas opened for public worship, by licence nity. Mr. W. Hulton was in the chair, from the Lord Bishop of London. The and powerful and eloquent speeches were day was extremely cold; notwithstanding, delivered by him, as well as by the the number of persons present on this Reverend Messrs. M'Ghee, Pope, and occasion was computed at 700, among Buddecombe, and the Rev. Dr. Ralph, whom were several of the neighbouring clergy. Prayers were read by the Rev.

LEICESTERSHIRE. R. Duffield, rector of Frating; and the The ancient church at Old Dalby, Leisermon was preached by the Venerable cestershire, is in the course of re-construcArchdeacon Lyall, from the 84th Psalm, 1st tion, at the sole cost and charge of the and 2nd verses.-Old England.

much-esteemed rector, the Rev. Mr. The Bishop of London has just com- Sawyer, who, on the death of Sir Herbert pleted his circuit in Essex, and it is a gra- Sawyer, succeeded to the principal estate tifying circumstance to record, that up- at that place.-St. James's Chronicle, wards of 8,500 of the rising generation At a numerous and highly respectable have, in the boly rite of confirmation, meeting of the inhabitants of Lough. written themselves among the defenders of borough and Ashby, and the vicinity, held our church. The following is the list of at the King's Head Inn, Loughborough, the members confirmed at each place :- on Monday, October 26th, 1835, G. J. D. Romford, 267 ; Brentwood, 450 ; Orsett, Butler Danvers, Esq. was called to the 212;

Great Wakering, 84; Rochford, chair, on the motion of W. Herrick, Esq. 267 ; Rayleigh,176; Great Burstead, 233; the High Sheriff, seconded by W. W, Great Baddow, 73; Chelmsford, 727; Abney, Esq ; and the following resolution Maldon, 325 ; Southminster, 155; Witham, (moved by R. Jacomb Hood, Esq. and

VOL. VIII.- Dec, 1835.


seconded by C. Allsop, Esq.) was passed and tower at the south-west angle, preunanimously:-" That a Society be now senting a handsome western facade to the formed to resist the spread of Roman great north road. The material conCatholic errors;"—that for this purpose sists of Ranger's patent stone, and the it shall be their business to circulate effect altogether is a happy adaptation of throughout the neighbourhood tracts ex- the solid, substantial style of the Normans posing the errors of the Romish Church, to the more modern notions of comfort and vindicating the truth against her cor- and convenience. It is due to the liberuptions. But that no tracts shall issue rality and good taste, and good feeling, from the repositories of the society which of Mr. Byng, of Wrotham Park, the Membave not received the sanction of the ber for Middlesex, to state, that the enmanaging committee. The Rev. M. D. pense of the erection of this beautiful Babington and Beauvoir Brock, Esq. were specimen of modern Norman, amounting appointed secretaries to this society. to nearly three thousand pounds, has been

[The list of subscribers comprebends principally defrayed by himself; add to almost all the first persons in that part of which, he has settled a bandsome endox. Leicestershire. The society has been ment on it, for the support of the incummade necessary by the outrageous and bent, and given the right of presentation to indecent proceedings of the persons con

the Bishop of London and his successors nected with, and encouraged by, Mr. for ever. The Rev. Henry George WatAmbrose Phillips, who have been preach- kins, jun. M. A. of Worcester College, bas ing in the streets and church-yards, and been fixed upon by the Bishop for the first almost insulting the clergy in their own incumbent.—Morning Herald. churches. Mr. Phillips is here asked, At a meeting of the rate-payers of St. Can be vouch for the moral character of Mary's, Kensington, on Saturday, the 14th all the persons whom he has brought as November, the Venerable Archdeacon the only true moral and religious teachers ? Potts presiding, an old church rate of 2d. He will probably understand the question. in the pound was carried by 110 to 35, Will he answer it ?]

and also a new church rate of 6d, in the

pound.-Ibid. LINCOLNSHIRE.

The Bishop of Chichester, the present Some circumstances respecting the preacher at Lincoln's Inn, bas addressed a arrangements, as to the lectureship, at letter to the benchers of that society, esMelton Church, deserve to be recorded. pressing bis intention of resigning the So soon

as the rector (the Rov. Mr. preachership on the last day of the present Halifax,) was acquainted with the wish of Michaelmas term.- Oxford Paper. the inbabitants for an evening lecturesbip, Dr. Paris has accepted the Professorship he gave his assent, put his name down for of Materia Medica at King's College, Lonan annual subscription of 501., and, in the don, vacant by the resignation of Dr. Bisset most liberal manner, desired the parish. Hawkins, of Exeter College. ioners would appoint whoever they deemed Richard Higgs, Esq., Student in Civil most worthy to fill the situation, which Law, and Fellow of St. John's College, bas they did, by electing Mr. Kelley; and been appointed to the Classical Lectureship Mr. Halifax confirmed the same instanter, and office of Librarian of King's College, expressing strong satisfaction that the London.-Morning Herald. choice of the town had fallen on so zealous The Commissioners of Church Inquiry a member of the church.-Boston Herald. have resumed their sittings in Great George

Street. Nearly all the members of the comMIDDLESEX.

mission were iq close consultation during The examination and orations of the the greater part of Friday, November 13, scholars of St. Saviour's Grammar School, and Saturday, 14. The Bishop of Lincola (Head Master the Rev. L. Sharpe,) took has placed at the disposal of the complace on Tuesday, November 17th, 1835. missioners the prebends of Carlton-cumMessrs. Tagg, Hannah, Wheeler, Timms, Thurlby and Empingham, in the cathedral and Sharpe, delivered Greek, Latin, and church of Lincoln, which have fallen in. English orations.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, the MarThe new church and burial-ground of quis of Lansdowne, Viscount Melbourne, St. Jobn's, at Potter's Bar, near Barnet, Lord John Russell, the Right Hon. T. was consecrated on Wednesday, the 4th Spring Rice, and other members of the November, by the Bishop of London. It commission, were present. The meeting was built after a design, and under the broke up at four.—Morning Herald. superintendence, of Edward Blore, Esq. SOCIETY FOR PROMOTING CHRISTIAN D. C. L., and consists of a nave, chancel, Knowledge.—The Report of “The Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge" Scholar of Merton College, Oxford, to the for ihe past year has just been distributed vicarage of the new parish. to the subscribing members; from wbich

OXFORDSHIRE. it appears that the extent to which its

It is rumoured tbat the heads of the beneficent operations have been carried far exceeds that of any other period of its meeting, for the purpose of considering of

University of Oxford are about to bold a history. " The circulation of books and tracts, late visit to that place.- Oxford Paper.

some permanent memorial of the Queen's since the last report, bas amounted to two millions two hundred und seventy-eight thou

SOMERSETSHIRE. sand and forty-eight, being an increase of A vestry was held in the parish of Lyn116,855 upon the circulation of the year combe and Widcombe, Bath, on the oth of preceding.

November, for the purpose of figuring a “ This amount does not include the pub- church rate. A rate of 3d. in the pound lications of the Committee of General Li

was required by the churchwardens, and terature and Education. The number of

was proposed to the vestry; whereupon, a publications circulated by that committee quaker, named Arthur West, moved an during the year, including the Saturday amendment, to postpone the question for Magazine, is 4,747,187.

twelve months. The rate was, however, " The general receipts of the society upon a division, carried by a considerable during the year have amounted to 72,6301. majority, 45 of the parishioners, possessing 148. 11d., to which must be added the sums

60 votes, having signed the parish vestry received on account of the special fund book in favour of the rate, and only one for the Foreign Translation Committee, vote heing recorded against it.-Salisbury amounting to 6051. 17s. 3d., making a total Herald. of 73,2361. 12s. 2d.


Sedgley Church Rates.—Her Majesty The parishioners of Waxbam and Palling, has been graciously pleased to patronize being desirous of expressing their feeling with her subscription a publication of the of regard for the curate, the Rev. John Bible, with a commentary, by the Rev. Johnson Tuck, entered into a subscription, Mr. Girdlestone, (late Fellow of Balliol and purchased a piece of plate, which has College,) wbich is undertaken in the view been presented to the rev.

gentleman. The of paying off the debt on Sedgley church inscription is—" To the Rev. John Jobn.

Mr. Girdlestone is also authorized son Tuck; presented by the parishioners of

to dedicate the publication to Her Majesty. Waxham and Palling, in Norfolk, 1835.”

-Worcester Guardian. Norfolk Chronicle.

There is at present no religious instruc


tion provided for the numerous patients at NORTDUMBERLAND.

the Staffordshire County General Infirmary, On Friday, the 23d of October, the new beyond what is administered by the volun church of Dinnington was consecrated, by tary exertions of the neighbouring clergy, the Bishop of Carlisle, officiating for the with some inconvenience to themselves, Bishop of Durham, in the presence of a though at irregular periods. In most other numerous congregation. Prayers were read populous counties there is a regular chap. on the occasion by the Rev. John Reed, lain to the infirmary. The projected erecVicar of Newburn, after wbich an excel- tion of a new church, nearly opposite the lent and appropriate sermon was preached infirmary in question, led to a proposition, by the Rev. J. R. Furness. The clergy, coming from numbers of the most liberal &c., after the ceremony,

supporters of the charity, including the tained at Woolsington, the residence of bishop of the diocese, to connect a regular Matthew Bell, Esq., M.P. The en. infirmary service on the Sunday, as well as dowers of the new church are, the Warden at other necessary periods, by the minister and Fellows of Merton College, as rectors of the new church, with the allowance of of the parish; the Rev. J. Lightfoot, Vicar 50l. per annum. This truly Christian proof Ponteland; and Matthew Bell, Esq., position was objected to by Sir John WrotM.P. The new church was consecrated tesley, one of the Whig county members, by the name of the Vicarage of St. Matthew, at the last sessions, and the subject has Dinnington, and is now separated from been taken up in the rudest spirit of perPonteland, and made parochial with a con- sonal virulence by others. The further siderable district. The Rev. J. Lightfoot, consideration of the question is adjourned ; B.D., Vicar of Ponteland, bas presented but when the figure which these men cut the Rer. J. R. Furness, M.A., and late in the infii maru subscriptions is seen and



made known, they must, from very shame, the Town-ball, Birmingbam, on Wednes. abandon their opposition. — From a Cor- day, Nov. 18th, for the purpose of bearing respondent of the Albion.

the statements of the Rev. Messrs. M'Gbee SUSSEX

and O'Sullivan with respect to the doctrines Wednesday, the 14th Oct., an examina- and practice of the Roman Catholic church tion of the school for educating young

in Ireland. There were at least 3,500 per. chimney-sweepers in Brighton, took place

sons present, and among others there were in the National School Room, Warwick.

on the platform the Rev. W. Marsb, the street. There were sixteen boys, who

Rev. J. Garbett, the Rev. Mr. Alfort, and were strictly examined respecting their

the Rev. Mr. Foye; Lord Viscount Lorton, knowledge of Scripture, the Church Cate

Mr. Richard Spooner, Mr. J. Taylor, &c. chism, and the principles of religion.

The Rev. J. Greensall, M.A., on reThey answered in a manner highly gratify. tiring

from the curacy of St. Paul's Chapel, ing to many respectable persons present ; in Birmingham, has been presented with a several of them repeated select portions of silver tea-service, and an elegantly chased scripture, hymns, &c.; many read remark

silver waiter, bearing a suitable inscription, ably well, and have made considerable pro- by numerous members of the congregation, gress in learning to write. They are all

as a mark of their respect and friendsbip well-conducted boys, and it was evident for that gentleman, and in acknowledgment that every one of them had benefited by of the able and zealous manner in whicb, the zealous exertions of Mr. Bannister, during a period of six years, he discharged their instructor. We cannot too strongly bis clerical duties among them. — Birmingexpress our approbation of this charitable ham Journal. institution ; its effects must be gratifying

WILTSHIRE. to all who have contributed to its support,

On Friday, the 30th of Oct., a meeting or interested themselves in the welfare of was held at Devizes, in behalf of the Irish this formerly neglected class of their fel. Society, the object of wbicb is to teach the low-creatures. We trust that similar in- peasantry of Ireland to read the Scriptures stitutions have been, or soon will be, esta- in their native language. The Rev. Edward blished in different parts of the United King. Phipps being called to the chair, a series dom.-Brighton Gaz.

of resolutions were then proposed and sePROTESTANT MEETING AT BRIGHTON.- conded by the Rev. S. Littlewood, PerMeetings of the most influential gentry and petual Curate of Edington; the Rev. F. clergy of the town were held on Wednes. Bayley, Curate of Devizes; the Rev. S. day, Nov. 11th, and Saturday the 14th, at Barnett, Curate of Bromham ; and Thomas the Old Ship Rooms, to adopt measures

Cook, Esq., secretary to the society. A for making collections on behalf of the dis- liberal collection was made at the doors. tressed clergy in Ireland, The Earl of -Salisbury Herald. Chichester, Lord Clanmorris, Sir P. Mait

WORCESTERSHIRE. land, Sir T. Blomefield, Sir David Scott, The rector of Hartlebury, tbe Rer. S. Mr. L. Peel, &c. &c., were present. The Picart, has bequeathed 1,0001. towards reRev. Vicar presided, and C. Thornton, building the parish church of Hartlebury, Esq., secretary to the London committee, provided the work be commenced within stated, among other important facts, that two years from his death.Old England. the Lord Primate had recently enclosed The Irish CLERGY.-Worcester. Nov. him an order for 2001, as his contribution 14th.—The good work of benevolence in on behalf of the above object. The Rev. aid of the suffering Irish Clergy goes on H. V. Elliott reported tbat be liad received as we could wish. The sum received up information from Ireland of the most ap- to last night was 1,2201. 14s., and we trust palling kind. In some parishes, the daugh- that it will yet be greatly augmented. We ters of clergymen had neither shoes nor rejoice to hear that a similar subscription stockings; and in others the sons were bas been opened in Cornwall.-- Worcesteractually obliged to till the land themselves shire Guardian. to preserve their families from starvation,

An elegant silver tea-service has been It should be mentioned, that application presented to the Rev. J. Cawood, M. A., having been made, at the request of the of St. Edmund Hall, Oxford, by the ladies gentlemen present, to the Bishop of London, of Bewdley and its vicinity. - Orford his lordsbip stated that there were 15,0001. Paper. now in the treasurer's hand, as yet unap

YORKSHIRE. propriated.-Ibid.

We have great pleasure in noticing a WARWICKSHIRE.

token of respect recently paid to a clergyA great Protestant meeting was beld at man in this city. On the 21st October,

the Rev. John Graham attained the age of since considerably decreased; and yet, as 70 years, during 39 of which he has been far as I can learn, the amount for Dublin rector of St. Saviour's Cburcb. A few this year will be wearly 20001., or almost friends, unknown to the reverend gentle- double. The “tribute" in Dublin is conmen, bad determined on this occasion to sidered a pretty fair criterion for the rest of present bim with a token of their affec- the country. tionate esteem for his labours; and, ac- The managers of the tribute, it is said, cordingly, be was agreeably surprised by calculate upon 25,0001.-a good round sum receiving from them a bandsome pulpit. from the “ poorest and most impoverished gown and cassock, wbich were presented country in the world." at his own residence.--York Chronicle. Dr. Kinsella, Roman-catholic Bishop

The Rev. Henry Heap, B.D., vicar of of Ossory, bas subscribed 5l. ; Dr. MurBradford, has presented to the Rev. J. ray, the Roman-catholic Archbishop, who Fennel, of Cross Stones, in the parish of has hitherto opposed it, bas subscribed Halifax, for the use of the new church at 101. ; and Dr. Abrabam, the Roman-catbolic tbat place, an elegant folio Bible and Book Archbishop of Waterford, 201., with the use of Common Prayer.— Ibid.

of his chapels.--Camb. Chron. It being apprehended, that the Church RESISTANCE TO

TITHES. COUNTER Commissioners mean to take away part of Lay Fund.—There was an immense asthe income of cathedrals, uod curtail semblage of the peasantry of the Queen's their services, particularly the week-day County, on Sunday, Nov. 7th, in the services, -a petition to the commissioners chapel-yard of Rabeen, for the purpose, as against such innovation has been this week the Leinster Independent, a radical journal, most numerously and respectably signed. describes it, "of marking, by strong and Ibid.

energetic resolutions, the unabated hatred WALES.

of the people of this large and influential The Merthyr Guardian states, that on

district to the odious tithe system, and Sunday, the i8th of October, two gentle- their fixed determination to resist, by every men, tbe one pastor of an Independent legal means, any attempt by the reverend congregation, the other a Baptist minister, vultures of the law church to enforce the having become converted to the doctrines payment of tithes.” The following resoof the church, were ordained by the Bishop


was agreed to :of Llandaff to cures in that diocese.

“ That we are determined to raise a fund SCOTLAND.

in this parish for the purpose of remuneratOn Thursday, Nov. 5th, Dr. Abercrombie ing all who may sufter by legal persecution was installed in his office as Lord Rector of and that we earnestly recommend the adop

for the recovery of tithe within this parish, Marischal College, in presence of the Pro

tion of a similar mode to all the other fessors, the Dean of Faculty, and the Assessors. The Rector then proceeded to

parishes in Ireland.”

Diocese of LIMERICK.--A meeting of the hall, wbere the students were

the clergy of this diocese took place on sembled. After prayer by the Very Rev. Saturday, Nov. 14th, at the Cathedral, for Principal Dewar, the Lord Rector ad. dressed the students from the rostrum.

the purpose of receiving a communication

from the Lay Association in Dublin, for Viscount Arbuthnot has been re-elected

aiding the clergy in obtaining their titbes, Lord Rector of Aberdeen.

and for which purpose a liberal fund is now IRELAND.

at the disposal of a committee, to be alloThe O'Connell TRIBUTE.-(From the cated to the suffering clergy of the different Correspondence of the Times.") - Dublin, dioceses, to enable them, by legal means, Nov. 15th.—This being “ Tribute Sunday," to recover their property.-Old England, the annual collection was made in front of On a recent sabbath, fifty Roman catbothe Roman catbolic chapels, which were, lics embraced the protestant faith in the I think, even more numerously attended church of King's Court, county Cavan, and than upon ordinary occasions. You will received the sacrament.— Ibid. be astonished to hear that, although the A scene of the most disgraceful nature agitation is not in active operation, the was exhibited, says a correspondent of the

contributed have been actually Dublin Evening Mail, at the chapel of Cahir, doubled at some of the chapels, and at on Sunday, Nov. 15th, wben the O'Connell others increased from 20 to 60 per cent, as tribute was enforced in the most savage compared with the last year!

The gate was occupied by a gang chapel, the amount last year was 1701., it of ruffians, armed with bludgeons, some deis now 4101. The Dublin coutribution last cently dressed, and headed by two coadyear was 11501. The price of corn has jutor priests. As the unfortunate peasants



In one


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