The Bible, Why God Had Nothing to Do with It: And what it Really Says, in Case He Did Have Something to Do with It, Especially as it Regards the Way of Salvation

Ultimate Books, 2006 - 224 páginas
The Bible is without question one of the primary pillars of Western civilization. It is a compelling literary accomplishment to say the least. But thanks to the Church (with a capital 'C') it has - regretfully - become something much more. As the result of centuries of brainwashing and propaganda, motivated no doubt by interests at least somewhat pecuniary, that rather beautiful collection of ancient stories, genealogies, poems and fables has been transformed into a work of art that bears an aspect almost sinister. It has become THE word of God. It is understandable that such a thing could happen in an undereducated barbaric world, but that the masses (the technologically affluent masses, mind you) continues to embrace such a primitive notion is nothing less than astounding. Even a novice philosopher understands that a real God, i.e., a perfect and complete Being, would very likely have little, if anything, to do with mere mortals. And if there were such interaction, it is unlikely in the extreme that a truly pristine Deity would publicize it, or posture with the crass familiarity so evident in the Old Testament.

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