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Acknowledgment of Errors, Seed on, 56
Addison, extract from, 47
Affecting Incident. IS
Aix-la-Chapelie, anecdote of a Bell at

Alce*te. Shipwreck of the, 218
A \v xaailrij, the Pestilence at, 95
Alison, extract from, 248
All Foois" Day. Notice of. 111
Almanack, lines presented with ODe,

on New Year's Day, 33 American Chief and Scotch Highlander,

auVciing anecdote of, 133 American Steam-vessel, 231 Amsterdam, some account of, 34— Pnblie Buildings, 35 — Births, Marriages, and Burials in, 38— Charitable Institutions, 39— Dress of Inhabitants 39— Government, 39—Dykes, 40 Amusement. Diversion. Recreation, and Rrlnxation, definition of, by Jones of Nay land, 107 Anchovy Fishery, 226 Aogelo, Michael, Anecdote of, 173 Animals, on the Structure of, 32 Aphorisms. 115, 132, 15?. 159, 179, 230,

247 Appointments by Will, 227 Arab, ludicrous mistake of one respecting the telescope, 149 Arabian Proverbs, 27. 56 Arabs, on the abundance of metaphors

in their language. 181 Atsaye, Battle of, its cause and con

sequence*, 100 Atmosphere, its changes illustrated, 11 Avalanches in Switzerland, 118 Augustine, St.. 237

Augustus, the Roman Emperor, anecdote of, 179

Bad Example, effects of. 150

Bacon, extract from, 237

HaiUjoz. Assault ami Capture of, 188

Barometer, on the Use of, 63

Barrow, ■elections from, 232, 233

Jfasire, Isaac, aphorism of, 107

Bath, the Serpents', a Legend of Nas

san, 64 Bees, Superstitions relating to, 203 Bells, their origin and use, 147 Berkeley, Bishop, remarks by. 91, 159 Birds, maternal care and intelligence

of, 224 Birds' Nests, Pensile, notice of, 116 Birmingham, some account of, 10 Blair, extracts from, 55, 200 blind, power of the Senses of Hearing

and Feeling in the, 206 Blood, on the quantity or, in Animals, 23 Boat and Ass, a strange case, 91 Bootan, Rajah of, his mode of teadrinking, 171 Bowie*. Rev. W. L.. Verses by, 27 llritish India, its importance to the

Merchants and Manufacturers of

Great Britain, 242 British Officer, his wife, and baggage

asa, 19 Britons, ancient, and Saxons, their

Ships described, 73 Brock, village of, 39 Bruce and tlte Spider, 158 BudgelL selection from, 237 Banal, Mode of, in different ages and

countries, 21 Bnrke. extracts from, 23, 32, 243 Burleigh, Lord, remark by, 16

Cariabrooke Castle, description of, 191

Lines on, 192

Carlyle. Mr., lines by, 207

Carrier Pigeons, 200

Cellim'*, Beovenuto, amusing history

of his cast of Perseus, 179 Cevlon Leeches, 159 ChVtodon Rostrntus, 56 Charade, by W. M. Praed. Esq., 48 Chatham, Ills Majesty's Dockyard at,

50 Childhood, Recollections of, 173 Christian Parents, duty of, 195 Christiau Pilgrimage, the, 208 Chriatiauitv and False Philosophy con

trmsted", 195 Cleanliuesa, remarks on, 95 CiirT Waggon, 92 Clothing Clubs, 58 Coait*, or Spider-Monkey, 56 Coleridge, extract from, 143 Conscience, Remark on, by South, 107 — Lines on, 80

Content, lines to, 20
Cornwall, the Copper-mines of, 43
Coverdale, Miles, remark by, 159
Coulacanara Snake and Daddy Quashi,

96 Cow-tree of South America, 131 creator, works of. Remarks on their

- immensity, 140
Croker, Mr., anecdote by, 231
Curiosity, right employment of, 232

Date-tree and the Arabs. 109
Dead, treatment of, in Thibet, 46"
Death, Lines on, by Sir Walter Scott,

De la Bruyere, remark by, 20
Dew, Illustration of, 117
Dirk, extract from, 23
Difficulty of making a Will, 181
Dijon, the Church of Notre Dame at. 42
Discontent, remark on, by Iiaak Wal-
ton, 23

remarks on its absurdity,

135 Dispensaries, Self-supporting, their beneficial effects, 87 Domestic Peace, remark on, 132 Dorado (or Dolphin) and Flying-flsh,

a description of, 103 Douro, Passage of, by the British, 150 Dwight, extracts from, 83.150

Eccentricity of Genius, 191
Edinburgh, Trade nnd Manners of,

seventy years ago. 250 Edward the Confessor's Chapel, 212 Egglestone Priory, its Ruins described,

Egyptian Antiquities, I. 154;—II. 185.

Electrical Eels, curions mode of fishing for, with horses, 144

Elmo. St., Castle of, at Naples, 106

Eminence from humble life, 5

Emulation, its effect, 91

Eufleld, extract from, 8

Epictetus, quotation from, 69

Epitaph, old, 207

Elawah, East India Station, described, 28

Evening Thought, 47

Experimental Science, Familiar Illustrations of, 246

Fame, Remark on, by Fuller, 58

Female Virtues, Remarks on, by Mrs. King, 55, 135, 159

Ferguson the Astronomer, account of, 5

Fidelity and Sagacity of a Dog, 199

Filial Respect. 159

Finding a Guinea, 159

Floods, great, in the North of Scotland, 59

Florence, Ducal Palace of, 2

Flowers, remarks on the love of, 102; —on their Cultivation, 132

Flying-flsh and Dolphin, 103

Foreigners encouraged by Henry the Eighth, 202

Forest Scenery of South America, 173

Freshwater Bay and Cavern, 160

Freya, or Friga, the Saxon Idol, de. scribed, 135

Gigantic Trees, 248

Gilpin, interesting story from, 30

Gloucester Cathedral, account of. 66

Verses on the

Chimes of, 67 Glow-worm, the, 220 Goat, singular Dexterity of, 133 Golden Kxample, 99 Good Wives, three things which they

should and should not resemble. 200 Gossip. Description of, by Mrs. Upie,

132 Gratitude, pleasing instance of, 69 Gray's Elegy, supplement to, 5 Guernsey, the Island of, 234 Gymnotus, or Electrical Eel of South

America, 144

Hall, Bishop, selections from, 27, 49, 110,112.207,243,247

Hall, visit to the Suit Mines of, 156

Hackluyt, extract from, 173

Halvstotie, account of our Lady's Well at. 20

Hand and Eye, Illustrations of, 56

Hatton, Viscount, wonderful preservation of, 54

Heber, Bishop, apologue by, 174;— Lines by. 148,158

Hcmry the Seventh's Chapel, 213

Herbarium," Hints for the Formation

of, 107 Herbert, -aphorism of, 107;—Lines

by, 207 Hermit, reply of, to a Profligate, 67 Heme's Oak, in Windsor Park, 181 Herrivs, John, remark by, 27 Herring-fishery, at Tarbert, 254 Hieroglyphics, Egyptian, 155 Highlander, anecdote of, 48 House Sparrow, Notice of, 26 Home, Bishop, Remarks by, 32,107,237 Hull, in Yorkshire, 146 Human Voice, on the variety of tones

in, 54 Humble Life, a Tale of, 94 Humility, lines on, by Beattie, 115 Hvmn, paraphrastic of the Lord's

Prayer, 102 ,

Indestructibility of Matter, 246 Industry another word for Happiness, 24

remarkable instance of, 114

Inscription to the Memory of shipwrecked Seamen, 93

on a Bell, 131

Irish Medical Manuscripts, 143
Islands of Ireland, notice of, 133

Jesse, extracts from, 5.180, 203

Jews, modern, description of their Funeral Ceremonies, 22

Job, Book of, Remarks on, bv Townson, 142

Johnson, Dr., Anecdotes of, 46,136

Selections from, 26, 54, 62,

64. 67, 94, 107, 135, 148, 153. 159, 207, 230, 231, 238, 243. 247 Johnston, Sir Alexander, his Evidence relative to Colonel Mackenzie's Oriental collections, 242 Jones of Nayland, selections from, 56, 69,95

Sir William, lines by, 207

Jonson, Ben, extract from, 248 Juvenile Vagrancy, Success of Experiments for its Prevention, 7

Rente, lines on Westminster Abbey, by. 216

Keith, remark on Religion, by, 230

King, Mrs. on the blessing of FamilyAffection, 110

on Female Tenderness, 135, 159

—— remark by, 173

Kioum, Birmese, or Royal Convent, 58

Knnresborough Castle, 25

Knots, various kinds of, remarks on, 236

Knowledge, remark on, by Dwight, 88 thirst of the Irish for, 149

Koordistan and its inhabitants, 63

Labour, it* division, 14

Lady Jane Grey, anecdote of, 191

La Meduse (French frigate), account

of the wreck of, 138 Larch, Cultivation of, in Scotland, 251 Leeds, 196

Light, illustrations of, 148
Lightning, illustration of, 198
Lime Kiln, accident at a, 143
Lines to a Friend on his Birth-day, 207
Llanthony Abbey, 928
Loan-funds, Remarks on, 98
Locke, Remarks by, 173
London, the Port of, some account of,

161;—its Docks, 166;— its Steam

Navigation, 167 Lotus-tree, description of, 157 Luther, Martin, 194

Mackenzie, Colonel, his Oriental collections, 242

Madagascar, the Island of, 203

Madrid, Charitable Institutions in, 173

Malayan Forests, grandeur of their vegetation, 118

Maimers, their influence on Society, 23

Mason, e&tract from, 54

Maternal Affection, remarks on, 150

Maternal Courage, 46

May Day, verses on, by Bishop Heber, 158

Maxims, 190

Meerschaum Pipes, Manufacture of, 47

Metal, the Art of casting Figures in 178

Mines of Great Britain, 43

Mirage of the East, optical illusions produced by, 143

Misery and Happiness, 191

Modesty and Arrogance, 207'

Mohurrum, Ceremonies of, 53

Money, remarks on its origin, 91

Monitory Lines, 95

Monkey Trick, 231

Moon, the Idol of, 15

More, Sir Thomas, and his Residences,

220 Moore, remark by, 173 Moths aud Butterflies, 248 Mummies, Egyptian, 186 Mummy, an Egyptian, address to, by Horace Smith, Esq., 72

auswor to i he

address, 165 used as a Drug, 237

National Statues, 114, 178

Natural Phenomena, Familiar Illus-
trations of,—
VII. The Trade Winds, 6
VIII. Changes in the Atmosphere, 11
IX. On theUseofthcBaronicter,63
X. Dew, 117
XI. Lightning, 198

Naval Power of England, progress of, from Alfred to Henry VII., 73, 74; —from Henry VIII. to George II., 74, 76; —during the reigns of George III. and IV., 76, 80

Navy, Royal, of Great Britain, soma account of, 73

Neff, Felix, Biographical Notice of. 69

Negroes, their thirst for learning, 54

New Dye. 197

Newspaper, the first English, 231

New /ealanders, account of their reception of a British Resident, 134

Notes from a Traveller's Scrap Book,
No. 1., 183; No. II., 244

Oaths, reflections on, by Tyler, 174
Obelisks, remarkable, near Borough-
bridge, Yorkshire, 141
Oriental Apologue, 173
O spare my Flower, 231
Ostend, the Bells of, 27

Painting, curious Anecdote of a, 197

Palazzo Pitti. description of, 2

Papyrus Plnnt, 208

Patna, description of, 52

Persian Story, 206

Personal Property, who may make

Wills of, 226 * Peterborough Cathedral, 130 Plane-tree, remarkable, 51 Poet, the Duty of, Walter's opiuion

concerning, 56 Poet's Corner, 245 Poetry, on the beneficial effects result

ing from, 20 PolypC description of, 84 Porteu«. Bishop, on Christianity, 159 on Patriotism, 237

Pratt, extract from, 243

Prejudice, anecdote concerning, 143

Preservation, extraordinary instance

of. 238 Property, its division, 14 ■ explanation of the difference

between personal and real, 182 Proverbs, alphabetical Collection of,

31,83.199 Providence, Divine, remark o.i, 30 Punctuality, amusing anecdote of, 87

Quarlcs, extract from, 47

Quiet Rebuke from a Superior, 136

Raffles, Sir Stamford, extracts from his Life and Correspondence, 85

Rainbow, double, 88

Reading and Writing, remarks on, 55

Religious Duties, remark on, 71

Remark on Friendship, by Dr. Johnson, 64

Rlnkenfoss Waterfall, 88

Rokeby, in Yorkshire, Account of, 89

Sabbath Bell, 3nes on, 148
Sacred Poetry, on the difficulty of, 55
Salt, its properties and uses, 223
—• Lake at Loonar. account of, 221
Sanderson, Dr., humility of, 191
Saturday Night, lines on, by a Jcuruvv-

man Mechanic, 136
Savings* Banks, their advantages, HI
Saxon Idols, 8, 15. 24, 47, 71,135. 239
Seotlaud, great Flood* in the North of.

59 — Sketches oi the Highlands

and Islands of, 250

Scott, Sir Walter, aphorism of, 182
Screen, new, at Westminster Abbey, 09
Sculpture, Egyptian, remarks on, Ijj
Sea, Signs of the, verses on, 107
Skater, the Saxon Idol, described, 230
Secrecy, remark on, 200
Setting Sun, lines on, 51
Shea, or Butter Tree, of Africa, 156
Ship-launch, description of, 51
Shipwreck of the Medusa, 138

Aleeste, 218

Shipwreck, Preservation from, bv the

Cliff Waggon, 93
Shrew Mouse, the, 247
Silent Monitors, 246
Sin, Bishop Wilson on its first Begin-
nings, 58
Skelton, selections from, 143, 171, 182,

191, 19-2, 195, 247
Sn;ike, South American, 96
-Snow-storms on the Andes, 96
Society IV., on the various states of, 14
. V., Origin of Money; Effect of

Emulation, 91
■ VI., Desire of Gain; Employ-

ment of Gain; Capital, 187
South, remark by, 207
Southev, Selections from, 32, 55, 62, 94,

103*. 191,207
South-sea Islanders, their mode of se-
pulture, 21

Wandipore, in Thibet, its Bridge and

Castle, 88
Wellington, Duke of, auecdote of, 15S
-- 'Shield, description of, 81,

100, 118,150, 174,188
Westminster Abbey, account of, 210
— new Choir-screen

in, 98
———— Hospital, history and de-
scription of, t ,0
Whiltington and his Cat, 201
Wight, the Isle of, No. I., 160; No. II.

Wilberforcc, remark on Religion bv.

230 6'

Wilson, Bishop, remark by, 58
William III, Statue of in St. James's-

square, 114
William Rufus, his favourite Oath, 157
Wills, Directions for making, 181, 2i'G
Wisdom aud Integrity, 132
Witchcraft, Punishment of. 231
Woden, the Saxon Idol, account of, 47
Wonders out of Nothing, 54
Wotton, Sir Henry, his dying remarks,

Wykehnm, William of, biographical

notice of, 115

York, Duke of. Statue of, iu Carlton-
gardens, 178


Page 2, col. 1, line 14 from bottom, for Palazzo Pitti, read Palazzo Vecchio.

2, — 2, line 19 from bottom, for It is, &c. read The Palazzo Vecchio;

and line 13 from bottom, for the palace, read Palazzo Pitti.

72, — 2, line W.for Mr. Roscoe, read Mr. Horace Smith.

167. — 2, Article Stfam Navigation. We have received a pamphlet,

entitled A Brief Narrative, proving the Right of the late William
Sybiinotom, Civil Engineer, tooe considered the Inventor of Steam Land
Carriage Locomotion, and also of Steam Navigation. From the state-
ments of the author, Mr. Robert Bownc, and the documents he has pro-
duced, it is evident that Henry Bill availed himself of his knowledge

of Mr. Symington** pirns, aud of an unauthorized inspection of the
models of his apparatus, in constructing the boats upon which hia
unfair claims to tin* invention were founded.

Mr. John Kay, of Rochdale, has also written, under the impres-
sion that Mr. Bell was present when he, Mr. Kay, suggested the idea
of working small boats by hand-machinery, and larger vessels by
steam-engines. Mr. Kay is, however, evidently mistaken, as he states
the conversation to which he alludes to have taken place at Liverpool,
in 1796 or 1797, and Mr. Symington had actually worked u boat by
steam-machinery in 178S>


Spider, remarks on, 56
St. Bernard's, a Night at, 183
Steam-vessel, American, 231
Strawberries, the mode by which

London is supplied with, 323
Sumatra, Superstition of tho natives

of, 118
Sun, the Idol of, 8
Sunday Thought, 47
Superstitious relatiug to Bees, 80S

Talbot. Miss, extract from, 243

Tale, Arabian, 143

Taylor, Jeremy, selections from, 97,108,

136, 159, 246
Temple, Sir W., remark by, 64
Tertullian, selection from, 174
Thales of Miletus, Sentences of, 19
Thebes, ancient, aud its Temples, 154
Theories, Cuvier's opinion of, 51
Thibet, treatment of the Dead in, 46
Thor, the Saxon Idol, 73
Thoughts on a well-spent Life. 30
Tiberias, Sea of, description of, 171
Tiger, providential escape from, 13
Time, Remarks on, 143
Titus, memorable exclamatioti of, 247
Tivoli, Town and Cascade of, 18
Toubow, king of, unttedotr of, 118
Torres Vedras, the Lines of, 174
Tourists, Scottish, 253

Trade Winds, Illustration of, 6
Travelling in Switzerland, 244
Trees characterized, 53

remarks on their Renewal, 180

Trinity House, the, 167
True-friend, description of, 6
Truth, Divine, remark on, 62

adherence to, remark on, 94

Tuisco, the Saxon Idol, 24
Turkey-cock and Hen, ludicrous anec-
dote of, 112
Turkish Martyr, affecting story of, 42
Tynemouth Priory, 3

Via Mala. Alpine Road of. Account of
a visit to, 244

Victories, great Naval, 77. 60

Vienna, some account of, 128;—occu-
patic/a f by the French, 133;—
Public Buildings of, 124; — its
Chnrcnes, 125;—Trade and Manu-
factures of, 136;—Pilgrimages of
its Inhabitants to Mariazell, 128

Vimiera, Repulse of the French at, 118

Virtue and vice, 150

Uninterrupted Happiness, 207

Walton, Izaak. selections from, 14, 54,
95, 130, 1/4

Aleeste, shipwrecked Crew of the, 817
Amsterdam, City of, 33

Royal Palace at, 36

Exchange at, 37

Anchovies, method of curing, 325

Ralgownie, Brig of, Gl

Barometer, Illustrations of. 11,12, 63

Beaufort-House, Chelsea, 221

Betsy Cuius ashore, 168

Hirniese Ktoum, or Royal Convent, 57

Birmingham, Bnll-ring at. 9

. new Town Hall at, 16

Butler-tree, leaf and fruit of, 156

Carisbrooke Castle. Isle of Wight, 192
Ch&todon Kostratus, 56
Cliff Waggon, 93

a Ship in distress as-
sisted by, 93
Coaita. or Spider Monkey, 56
Cotton-grass, broad-leaved, 109
Crushing-mill, section of, 45
Custom-house, London, (the old,) 161

Devil's Arrows, 141
Dijon. Church of Notre Dame at, 41
Dorado, or Dolphin, 103
- pursuing tho Fly-

ing-Ash. 104
Dunolly Castle, 256

Edinburgh, view of, 249
Edward the Fourth, ships of, 77
Egglestone Ablwy, Ruins of, 96
Egyptian Mummy and Case, 153 Mummies, 185

Elephant, support of the head of, 33
Elk, Head and Neck of. 32
Elmo, St, Castle of at Naples, 105
Etawah, Ghaut or Lauding place of, 28

Florence, Old Ducal Palace nt, 1
Fowey Consols Copper-mine, Corn-
wall. 44
Freebum, Bridge of, Gl
Freshwater Cavern. Isle of Wight, 160
Fuuns and his family in the flood, 60

Gloucester Cathedral, 65
Glow-woim. Male and Female, 930
Goat, singular dexterity of, 133
Grosbeak, Peusile, Nests of, Hti
Guernsey, view of, ii33
Gym not us, or Electric Eel, 144

Hair-grass, Turfy, 108
Henry the Third, shipping of, 76
Heme's Oak, in Windsor Park, 181
Hospice on Mount St. Bernard, 184
Hull, in Yorkshire, 145

Idol of the Sun, 8

Moon. 16

... .- Tuisco, 24

Woden, 48

Thor. 72

— Friga. 136
Sealer, 240

luvernry Castle, 353

Jigging Machine used in Copper-
mines, 45

Kerr's House during the flood. 61

after the flood, 61

King William the Third, statue of, 113
Knaresl.H)Tough Castle, 35
Knots, "3f>, 337
Koords, Go-
Launch of His Majestv's ship Water-
loo, 49
I*eeds, Corn Exchange at, 196
Light, illustrations of, fig. 1, 148

fig. 3, 149

Ling, Common Heath, 108
Llanthony Abbey, distant view of, 338

Ruins or, 239

Loch Tarbert. 852

Luther's room, at Erfurt, 193

Mackenzie, Colonel, and the Brahmins,

Madagascar, Natives of, 305
Medusa, Crew of, on the Baft, 137
Metallic Veins, Course of, 44

Old Oak, in its decayed state, 180

the renewed Tree, 180

Papvrus riant, 208
Patua, View in the City of, 53
Peterborough Cathedral, 129
Polype, the fresh-water, 84
Polypody, lubed, 109

Rhamnus L<Hu«, 157
ttukeby. Abbey Brid^ at, 89

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