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come to the little chapel. A low arched brought him to this country to assist in doorway, some bits of roofless wall translating the New Testament into the enclosing the pure cold well of water language of Aneityum. While in Scotland, fringed with ferns and flowers.

in 1862, Williamu was asked to address The people of the early centuries felt it the Synod. He spoke in his own language, so dear a gift, they built this little chapel Mr Inglis translating as follows: over it for perpetual praise to God.

All you good men, you servants of Praise for His common gifts—for the Jesus, you who harp with the harps of God, pure water, for the dear constant flowers! and preach the gospel of Jesus our Lord, Let us not forget we owe praise to God for you whom He has chosen and appointed, every lovely thing—for His gifts of beauty you who are the pillars of His church on abundantly as well as His gifts of grace. earth, you who lead the praises of His

Never think in your holiest hours people—the saints. God has placed you in consecration means turning aside, and this land for the benefit of the whole world. slighting the loveliness of life which is The gospel is a spring of water which God God's mirror to us. Cultivate, rather, with | himself has opened, it flows like a river: he a deeper joy every perception of beauty has made a large and deep pool in this land, not alone in what are called sacred things, that from this pool it might be sent forth to but everything in art and life. All the every people, and flow into all lands. . .. more deep and delicate and full will be I wish to tell you a little about us who your praise to God. Will not your holy live on the other side of the world. harp sound with more varied strings ? Formerly, when we lived in heathenism, Will you not have the costlier offerings to when the Word of our Lord Jesus Christ lay on the altar of thanksgiving ?

had not come to us, we clave fast to the Do not forget this, little student of works of heathenism, works that brought art or science. In your child enthusiasm misery: we could not give them up nor for beauty or knowledge you are reaching forsake them, because we delighted in them; after God. He wills you should follow we took delight in vanity, till the gospel of Him thus as well as in love and faith. Jesus came to us through His servants. And if in the dark you should lose His The power of God came with His servants; hand, yet believe He is holding you still. it was like a hammer and a weapon made The mists only rise from the marshes. of iron; it opened a door and light shone Heaven above is clear.

in on us. They spake to us and said, Yet why should I say this, and the • This Jesus whom we preach to you is the sunny meadows all around, and two great Son of the one God; forsake your idols and lovely walnut trees shading our rest, and believe in Him, He only can save you.' rejoicing in the light of God?

But when we heard this we were Why, I cannot tell. Beautiful St Mary's surprised and afraid, and trembled and in the heart of Wales is flooded with said, "Who is this Jesus? and what is sweetness and joy. Adieu, dear little this God? we know them not, we cannot companion, let us sometime come again. receive the religion of another people. If

H. W. H. W.

we receive another Lord, our own gods will be envious, and will kill every one of us.'

We consulted among ourselves, and said, GLIMPSES OF THE NEW HEBRIDES. • Let us be strong, and carry on war, and WILLIAMU.

practise witchcraft, and sacrifice to the gods, W OULD you like to hear an account of and commit murder, and keep up all

e the great change wrought on the the customs of our own land, and put a island of Aneityum described by one of the stop to this new religion, that the missionnatives? This good man's name was aries may leave us and go away back to Williamu Mr Inglis, the missionary, | their own land.'


But the missionaries were not afraid of | one of the first Christian converts on our heathenism; they stood up boldly for Aneityum. When the first Samoan teachers God's word, and preached it to us, and were placed at Aname in 1841, Williamu, persuaded us to receive it. We gave up all then about fourteen years of age, with some our heathenism, and lived in peace, and other young lads, befriended the teachers rejoiced in the gospel, and were glad with a and listened to their instructions. great gladness. Yea, even last year, when For doing so, he suffered much perthe sickness came upon all the people of secution, but neither threats nor blows Aneityum, it was only one man, and he was could make him forsake the truth. When not a Christian, who rose up and burned Dr Geddie arrived, Williamu welcomed him the church. He did not consult with others; cordially and, though living at the other no one sent him. The great tempter alone side of the island, went to assist him entered his heart, and said to him, Go and whenever he was needed. Great was burn the church, hoping that all the people Williamu's joy when Mr and Mrs Inglis would go back to heathenism through his settled at Aname, his own side of the island, temptations. But all the chiefs were angry and, during all the twenty-five years they at him for his conduct, they banished laboured on Aneityum, Williamu continued him; they took away his land and all their faithful friend and helper. his goods. When they were trying him, He and another young man were baptised and thinking what punishment they would by Dr Geddie shortly after Mr Inglis' inflict on him, he trembled for his life, and arrival, and were the first on that side of the said he would be a Christian; but he was island who professed their faith in Christ. not sincere. . . . . . . . . Mr Inglis says of him:

I have lived here a long time with Mr Williamu was a striking example of the and Mrs Inglis, but I have not heard of | transforming power of the gospel, and even one of you who is willing to go back of what the Word and Spirit of God can with us three. I am ashes, dust, rubbish. effect in the heart and in the life of the I cannot speak any thing before you who lowest savage. He was an intelligent fear God, all of you; but I wish to ask you Christian; he had clear conceptions of the a little about one thing, will none of you | leading doctrines of the gospel. He was a come out to our dark islands—and they are consistent Christian, and had enlarged views many as well as dark—and teach us the way of Christian duties. He had an intelligent to heaven, deliver us from darkness, and understanding both of what man is to place us up beside you on the seat of God, I believe concerning God, and what duty that our rejoicing and gladness may be the God requires of man.' He was kind, same as yours, joy for eternal life? I unselfish, and generous. The first money know that it is very difficult for you to he ever owned—namely four dollars, which leave this fine country, where you enjoy he received from a trader for four rare every good thing, where every one is good shells, highly prized by the natives of to you, and every one praises you. But do Eromanga, and with one of which a trader not be afraid because our land is far away, could purchase a boat load of sandal-wooddo not be afraid to come, do not say us nay, he gave as his contribution to the Bible do not refuse us, do not leave us in Society. heathenism ; come to our islands, pray to Williamu was one of the first native God for us, preach His gospel in every teachers employed by Mr Inglis. He was island; be strong, be courageous; think of also for a long time precentor in the our many wicked lands, where they know congregation at Aname. The Sabbath nothing of the one true God and the way before he died he was in the church, prayed to heaven through His Son Jesus Christ. and led the singing of one of the hymns.

Williamu died in August 1878, after an On the following Thursday evening he fell illness of only twenty-four hours. He was asleep in Jesus.

M. T. S.

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DIVINE POWER AND PROVIDENCE. 'He commanded, and they were created.'—Psa. cxlviii. 5.

The Lord is good to all; and His tender mercies are over all His works.'--Psa. cxlv. 9.

Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? and one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Father. But the very hairs of your head are all numbered.'—Matt. x. 29, 30. THE sun, the moon, the earth, the stars,

The hills and rocks, their peaks and scars, Each wood and vale, with tree and flower,

Proclaim Almighty power. The day for work, the night for rest, The wealth of food from Nature's breast, The pouring shower, the warm sunshine,

Declare that power benign.
The beasts that roam with earthward gaze,
That have no soul for prayer or praise,
Down to the velvet mining mole, -

Know Mercy's sweet control.
The fish that swim in ocean vast,
And in the stream that wimples past,
The monster whale, the minnow small,

God owns and cares for all.
The happy birds that skim the air,
And pour their music everywhere,
No lifeless tit can touch the sod

Without the eye of God.

The gnat, the bee, the butterfly,
The worm, the newt, the polype,
Are objects of His ceaseless care

Who governs everywhere.
And shall a little child like me,
Who wonders what I am to be,
Doubt that I share the care and love

Of Him who reigns above?
No; for my Saviour one day said
That every hair upon my head
('Tis written in His blessed word)

Is counted by the Lord.
Then I shall try to do His will,
His holy purpose to fulfil;
For I desire to see His face

Within His holy place. D. ANDREW. PRIZE BIBLE QUESTIONS. Competition is limited to those under 14 years of age. The answers to be sent to the REV. JOHN KAY. 2 Cumin Place, Grange, Edinburgh, by the 25th of each month.

22 In one epistle the importance of good works is stated in four different passages. Give the verses.

23 From the same epistle give a verse which clearly states that salvation is not by works.

24 What believer did Jesus commend for having done a good work?

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