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A little infant's earnest prayer

The Lord delights to hear;
And to the faintest whisper lends

A willing, gracious ear. DIVERY day little Willie asks his mother u to tell him a story from the Bible. One day not long ago, he took his usual place by his mother's sick-bed, with this request, made in his childish voice,

Please, mother, tell me about little Samuel.'

His mother had been suffering from one of her bad headaches, ever since the morning; so that she was not able to kiss, or even to smile upon her dear little boy. She could only tell him in a faint voice, how badly her head ached, and beg him to go away.

Willie stood quite still for a few moments, and then said softly, “Is the pain away now, mother?'

His mother opened her eyes, and answered, Yes, Willie ; indeed the pain is quite away, but how came you to think it would be gone so soon?'.

Oh!' replied the dear child, smiling brightly, I was sure of it, because I asked God to take it away.'

•What did you say, Willie ? I didn't hear you speak.

I just put my hands together, this way,' he answered, suiting the action to the word,

and whispered as low as I could, “ Please, God, make my dear mother's head better, for Christ's sake." I said it twice over, and I knew God would hear me, the same as He heard Hannah, though she did not speak out loud,

Does any child think this story is too wonderful to be true?

To such I reply, it is quite true: the incident, just as I have related it, happened within the writer's own experience. And it is not at all wonderful; just look up your Bible (or if you are too young ask some one to do it for you). In its pages you will find many precious promises concerning prayer. I will write down a few of them here. This is what the apostle

James says: "And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up.' And God speaks the following words, by the mouth of the prophet Isaiah, And it shall come to pass that before they call, I will answer, and while they are yet speaking I will hear.' And now listen to the words of Jesus— Therefore I say unto you, what things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.' 'And besides these promises, the Bible contains many beautiful stories, proving God to be a hearer and answerer of prayer.

Dear readers of The Dayspring,' can you, like those faithful ones of old, or even like little Willie, take God at His word ? He bids us call upon Him in the day of trouble. We tell our griefs to earthly friends, and although they may be powerless to relieve us, yet we feel their sympathy to be precious. How much better then must it be to take them to that strong heavenly Friend, who is able both to sympathize with, and help us ! Jesus says

All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. And there is nothing pleases Him more than to be asked to help us.

Perhaps some little reader may say, • Ah! but I am not good like little Willie; I am afraid God would not listen to me.'

Take courage, dear child; Willie is not good; like other children he has many, many faults.

But I will tell you how to pray, so that God will hear and answer you. First, you must consider, if what you are about to ask will be for God's glory and your own good. Second, you must be very earnest. Only think how earnestly Willie would ask God to help his beloved mother. Third, you must believe that God hears, and is willing to help you. Willie's faith was very strong; he felt not the slightest doubt, he knew that God would make his mother better.

And last, though not least, let all your requests be made in the name of Jesus, who hath said — Verily, verily, I say unto you, whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name He will give it you.'

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Louder, sweeter singing

From the sea,
From the hills and valleys

Let there be !
Christ is born in Bethlehem,

Come and see.

Sing to Christ the Saviour

Thy best song;
Pray that if He tarry

Very long,
He will keep both faultless-
Life and song.

H. W. H. W.

One lays by His glory,

Stoops to die;
That is why the angels

Fill the sky
With their loud sweet singing;

Christ to die!

Nay, not tears, my darling,

Smile and pray!
'Twas the blessed Saviour

Came that day,
He who loves the children-

Smile and pray.
For He took them closely

In His arms;
Whom the dear Lord taketh

Know no harms; Press thou closer, dear heart,

To His arms.

PRIZE BIBLE QUESTIONS. TN the January number the result of this year's 1 Competition in the Dayspring Bible Questions will be given, with names of the successful competitors. The editor is encouraged by the large number in his Dayspring Bible Class ; and he trusts that those who have not been successful this year in obtaining a Prize will only be stimulated to greater diligence in the future. The study of God's Word is its own reward, and the persevering efforts of the boys and girls in searching the Scriptures will yet bear good fruit.

Arrangements are being made for a Com. petition during 1881, which will also be announced in the January Dayspring, and every effort will be made to render the magazine acceptable and useful to its many thousand readers.

Communications to be sent to the Rev. JOHN KAY, 2 Cumin Place, Grange, Edinburgh.

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