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.O send me down a draught of love,
Or take me hence to Heaven above;
Here Marah's water fills my cup,
But there all griefs are swallowed up.
Love here is scarce a faint desire,
But there the spark's a flaming fire;
Joys here are drops that passing flee
But there an overflowing sea.
My faith that sees so darkly here,
Will there resign to vision clear,-
My hope, that's here a weary groan
Will to fruition yield the throne.
My portion here's a crumb at hest,
But there the Lamb's eternal feast;
My praise is now a smothered fire,
But there I'll sing and never tire.
Now dusky shadows cloud my day,
But then the shades will flee away;
My Lord will break the dimming glass,
And show His glory face to face.
My numerous foes now beat me down-
But then I'll wear the victor's crown;
Yet all the revenues I'll bring
To Zion's everlasting King.' . V. H. 57

Listening till midnight, and then home under the stars, up the lovely Pittencrieff Glen, and under the old palace walls, or following the music of the Torryburn, or wending their late way along the weird sea-shore. But some have waited to tell the minister how God has comforted their hearts-as Ralph Erskine records in his diary, to comfort himself in future days.

And he had need of comfort, for strife came into the church-strife which you would not care to read of, nor even understand. Ralph Erskine and his brother Ebenezer, and one or two other ministers, thought it right to do what the General Assembly thought wrong. And so they were put out of the Church of Scotland; and the minister of Dunfermline had to leave the beautiful Abbey where he had preached so long. But he left his memory in it as an added precious thing.

All the sorrow of this strife, how deeply Ralph Erskine felt.

It is good,' he wrote to his son, our Lord and Master is always the same yesterday, to-day, and for ever. Let us bear His indignation, because we have sinned against Him, till He arise and plead our cause; and let us be confident in Him, and trust in Him, though He should slay us. God is trying us; but when He has tried, we shall come forth as gold. ... Let us hope that, in due time, He will lay the storm with a word, and make darkness light, and crooked things straight. . . . May the Lord be with you and us, and we shall fear no evil when going through this dark valley.'

But his people would not leave him. They built him a new church in another part of Dunfermline, and clung to him through good and ill, until his life closed. The end came in October, 1752. He was seized with fever, and died after eight days' illness.

Ralph Erskine's "Gospel Sonnets or Spiritual Songs,' are still to be found among the old religious books of Scotland. He wrote many other hymns. With one of these this shall close.

THE CONSOLATION OF ISRAEN. I AM weary! Israel's Shepherd,

Take me to thy fold of rest; I would fcel thy arm around me,

I would lean upon thy breast. I am helpless! Rock of Ages,

To Thy shelter I would flee,
That when howling tempest ragcs

I may refuge find in Thee.
I'm in trouble! Comfort-giver,

Sweetly consolation give;
Whisper words of loving-kindness,

Bid the fainting spirit live! Stained with travel, I have wandered

Far from Thec a weary way;
Lead me now, and leave me never

Leave me never more to stray!
I'm in darkness! Light of Heaven,

On tho pitfalls near me shine; Through the raven-wing of darkness,

Shine and guide me, Light Divine!


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THE RUDDER AND THE ROCK. ·DAPA, what does this mean: “He that Jesus is the pilot; but I don't know

I will not be ruled by the rudder, must what the helm is." be ruled by the rock”?'

You know what rule Jesus has given to That is a very expressive proverb. You direct us—to keep us in safety?' know the use of the rudder or helm of a The Bible is the rule.' ship, Harry?'

"God's Word is the helm by which Jesus The helm is what the pilot moves to guides His people into the haven of eternal guide the ship.'

rest. But what becomes of those who will Yes; you will find a verse about this not be turned by this helm ? in the Epistle of James. Read James iii. 4, They will be destroyed.' Harry.'

Paul tells us what became of Hymeneus Behold also the ships, which, though and Alexander. Having put away the helm they be so great, and are driven of fiercei of the Word, they made shipwreck of the winds, yet are they turned about with a faith. One of Solomon's proverbs teaches very small helm, whithersoever the governor the same truth. Read Proverbs xxix. 1.' listeth.'

He that, being often reproved, harden• But sometimes in a storm the ship will leth his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed, not obey the helm, and the pilot cannot and that without remedy.' steer it into port. What happens then?' Reproofs of instruction are the way of The ship is wrecked.'

life; and he that hardeneth his neck, that If the helm does not guide the vessel, it will not be ruled by this rudder, must be will soon be driven on the rocks. The ruled by the rock,-be suddenly destroyed. ship that is not ruled by the rudder, must Do you remember any sons who would be ruled by the rock. Can you tell me not have their fathers' reproofs, and were now who is the pilot, and what is the helm suddenly destroyed, and that without by which He guides us safely across life's remedy?' stormy sea ? '

"Absalom was one, papa. Eli's sons too.'

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prophets ?

• These young men thought they could guide their own vessels without the helm of God's Word, and their fathers' reproofs; but they made terrible shipwreck of their own souls. You know what became of them?'

• They were all killed in battle.' “Hophni and Phinehas were slain by the Philistines, and Absalom was killed while fighting against his own father. Thus they were suddenly destroyed, and that without remedy; and so will it be with all who fight against God.

"A wealthy gentleman, who lived in a quiet village on the shore of a beautiful lake in California, began to build a pleasure boat. The godly persons in the village feared that this boat would be used for pleasure excursions on the Sabbath, as the man was known to have little regard for that holy day. The village pastor called on the boat builder, and tried to dissuade him from placing before the villagers a temptation to Sabbath profanation.

""I am afraid,” he said, “ that your boat will prove a Sabbath-breaker.”

The man, looking at him, replied confidently: “ Yes, it will; and that's just what I'll name my boat. I've been thinking sometimes what to call her, and you have just hit it. I thank you for the suggestion. The boat shall be called THE SABBATHBREAKER.” Having said this, he bade the minister "good-day,”—only laughing at the sad expression of his countenance.

When the boat was ready, she was launched on the Sabbath, and named THE SABBATH-BREAKER, amid the cheers of some half intoxicated men. Her first excursion was on a Sabbath. A general invitation was given, and many crowded on board. Several, when they saw the name, THE SABBATH-BREAKER, in large letters, were seized with dread, and sprang ashore. For a time THE SABBATH-BREAKER sailed pleasantly along; but e'er four hours had passed, a sudden gale struck the vessel. All on board were in such consternation, that scarcely an effort was made. She overset, sank to the bottom, and forty persons, most of them youths, were drowned. Just above, on the surface of


Chapter VII. What reason is here given why we should not

judge others ? What metaphor describes the unreasonableness

of reproving others while we, ourselves,

may be worse than they? What is giving instruction to those who do not

value it compared to ? In the 7th and 8th verses, how many times are

we told that prayer will be answered ? By what argument are we assured that God

will give good things to them that ask Him? What rule is the sum of the law and the What is here said of the way of life, and of the

way of death? What comparison is used to describe false

teachers ? What question is put to shew how unreasonable

it is to expect unconverted men to do what

is right? By what simile is the end of wicked men

described ? Who are they who shall enter the kingdom

of heaven? What are hypocrites described as professing to

have done for Jesus ? What will Jesus say to those who falsely

profess that they are His servants ? To whom does Jesus liken one who hears His

sayings and does them? To whom does He liken one who hears His

sayings, but does not do them? [These are not Prize Questions ; but intended solely to encourage the study of the Scriptures at home.]

Prize Scripture Acrostics and Questions.

Competitors will please observe to address their answers to Reu. JOHN KAY, 11 Teviot Row, Edinburgh.

10 What legacy is promised to those who grieve their near relatives?

11 Give a verse to prove that thoughtless waste is often the cause of poverty?

12 Who was it that got intoxicated when preparing for battle?

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