Letters addressed to two young married ladies


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Página 163 - Delightful task! to rear the tender thought, To teach the young idea how to shoot...
Página 129 - Tell me what books a man reads, and what company he keeps, and I will tell you what manner of man he is.
Página 8 - ... him. He knows that his helper is at hand, and is always nearer to him than any thing else can be, which is capable of annoying or terrifying him.
Página 95 - I own, that our barbarous manners are fo well calculated for the eftabliihment of vice and mifery (which is infeparable from it) that they muft have hearts and heads infinitely above the common, to enjoy the felicity of a marriage fuch as I have defcribed. Nature is fo weak, and fo given to change, that it is difficult to fupport the belt - founded conftancy, amidft thofe many diffipations that our ridiculous cuftoms have rendered inevitable.
Página 106 - ... every excellence in its moft graceful form. It is of the utmoft confequence to have your amufements at home, and within yourfelves. It is imagined (I know not why) that when a woman is married...
Página 104 - ... with, a fmile) it is my hufband's favourite." He gave her a moft affectionate look of inexpreffible tendernefs. Of all the movements of a generous foul, thofe fecret emanations...
Página 130 - The fop has his folrtaire — the Quaker her pinched cap and little black hood — the courtezan is decked with every tawdry ornament to allure. The moft perfect . elegance of drefs appears always moft eafy, and the leail iiudied.
Página 108 - ... we hear a young married woman, when afked to> fing or play, exclaim,
Página 116 - Englifhwoman, cultivate her agreeable talents, in order to pleafe her future hufband, with as much care and affiduity as a young Circaffian cultivates her's,. to fit her for the Harem of an Eaftern bafhaw.
Página 54 - Tiis own hands, muft needs have an intire comprehenfion of all the intermediate ones, from the beginning to the end; and his power being not only the caufe of all...

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