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expectation from that protracted occupancy of the mind by this important theme, which varied, systematic, and lengthened illustrations would facilitate. Something will be gained, if continuous thought upon such a topic be produced. We are likely to act more to the glory of God, the more we think of it. The author knows of no treatise upon this subject. Should the reading of this volume give the topic of which it treats, a larger place and a more habitual presence in the mind, it cannot well fail of acquiring greater liveliness and efficiency.

Objection will perhaps be felt to the formality of scriptural quotation adopted in the following pages. The author has only to say in explanation, that he had greater confidence of a useful effect from the cited passages when given in their simple and unbroken form. He could not persuade himself to loosen and unravel the strong texture of inspired words in order to interweave their separated parts into the material of his own language. No advantage could compensate for any weakening of the “ true sayings of God.”

Many branches of practical religion are introduced in the volume. The reader will do well to remember that there was no intention to discuss these subjects. A complete view of any one of them is not attempted. It was meant to look at them only in one aspect—that of the glory of God. This indeed will help to contemplate them in every other light.

The writer has nothing more to say of his book or of himself, except that he shall esteem himself happy if it shall promote the glory of God; additionally happy if his own heart shall assure him that this is his end in issuing it into the world ; and thrice happy if this favourable judgment shall be sanctioned by the final decision of his Lord and Judge.

Halstead, April 12, 1836.



With special respect to that gracious relation in which God
stands to us- -From high value for the approbation of God
-Under the influence of entire preference for the excel-
lence of God-In devout and grateful attribution-In the
the exercise of dependence and confidence-In cordial
submission to Divine Supremacy-When we so act as to
show that we seek our chief happiness in God—When in
our actions we concur and co-operate in the divine designs
-When we act with a pure aim that God may be known,
enjoyed and served—When our actions express satisfaction
in the honour of God as the final result of all things.

[blocks in formation]

The glory of God the true aim in the exercise and cultivation

of christian dispositions—In our deportment-In our de-
meanour in circumstances of adversity and affliction—In
our general intercourse with others—By the manner in
which we sustain the common relations of society-Station
and office to be brought under this principle.

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